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| EN, DE
| EN, DE
| [https://www.gambrillfamilytree.com/genealogy/browse_dna_tests.php bobbyfamilytree]
| [https://www.gambrillfamilytree.com/genealogy/browse_dna_tests.php gambrillfamilytree]
| [[User:bobbyfamilytree|Bobby Gambrill]]
| [[User:bobbyfamilytree|Bobby Gambrill]]
| Public site  
| Public site  
| 11.0.2
| 11.0.2
| EN
| EN

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Add DNA Test Results
Summary This mod adds input fields for test results to the new DNA feature in TNG V11.
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TNG 11.0


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Author(s) Jeff Robison, Ken Roy
Homepage Robison and Blythe Genealogy
Mod Support TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer My Mod Support
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Min TNG V 11.0
Max TNG V 11.0.2
Files modified

getperson.php (v11.0.0.1 of mod)
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Purpose of the mod

This mod adds input fields for test results to the new DNA feature in TNG V11.

  • Tests displayed on a person's page are collapsed.
  • Create DNA test groups.
  • Select tests on the Y-DNA Tests page for comparison.

Be sure to back up ALL dna tables before clicking the 'Update DNA Tests Table' button.


This mod was developed by Jeff Robison and Ken Roy.
Credits also go to Darryl Brady, Leanne Chilver, LornaHen, and Roger Moffat for suggestions.
* View all mods by Jeff Robison


  • A working TNG V11 installation.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.

Automated Installation

  1. Download add_dna_test_results_v11.0.0.5.zip. Upload and Extract to the mods folder.
  2. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install Add DNA Test Results

In the event of a problem


If you install the Mobile Site Enhancements mod before you install this mod
After you install this mod, the Mobile Site Enhancements will show a Bad Target at line 383 in Mod Manager
Both mods are actually installed and show work correctly.

Revision History

Version Date Contents
v11.0.0.6 12 December 2016
  • Media Links field added. In this field you enter the media ID's separated with commas. (5228,5229)
  • You can now enter a family ID in the Most Recent Common Ancestor field.

Clicking the 'Update DNA Tests Table' button in Mod Manager for this mod is required after installation.

v11.0.0.5 30 October 2016 The following fields added
  • Most Distant Ancestor.
  • Most Recent Common Ancestor for all test types.
  • Administrator notes (Admin only) for all test types.
  • Show DNA Test Number Publicly option is available in Admin>>Setup>>General settings>>Privacy.
  • mtDNA Reference sequence selection (RSRS or rCRS).
  • mtDNA Coding region differences.
  • mtDNA Extra mutations.

Clicking the 'Update DNA Tests Table' button in Mod Manager for this mod is required after installation.

v11.0.0.4 18 September 2016 Following changes made
  • After suggestions by Darryl Brady:
    Added 'Ancestral surnames' field to atDNA tests.
    The field is auto-filled if a person ID is present and the field is empty.
    Added a parameter in Mod Manager after installation to exclude surnames in this 'Ancestral surnames' field, such as 'Unknown', when auto-filling.
  • Column headings were not displayed when only 1 test was attached to a person in getperson.php. Fixed.

Clicking the 'Update DNA Tests Table' button in Mod Manager for this mod is required after installation.

v11.0.0.3b 08 September 2016 With the introduction of Haplogoup in browse_dna_tests.php the displays for atDNA and X-DNA were misaligned. Fixed.
v11.0.0.3a 05 September 2016 Following changes made
  • Added Haplogroup to browse_dna_tests.php and to compare_selected_dna.php.
  • In compare_selected_dna.php the compound Y-DNA DYS value column headings are expanded.
  • With this version you can enter compound Y-DNA DYS values such as (DYS 464) as ,15-15-16-17,.
  • In my case, for example, I COULD enter
    OR I could enter all CSV
    There is no need to change your existing Y-DNA data entry for Y-DNA tests.
    Compound Y-DNA DYS values will still be hyphenated whichever way you choose for display.

Clicking the 'Update DNA Tests Table' button in Mod Manager for this mod is required after installation.

v11.0.0.3 06 August 2016 Following changes made
  • DNA display on a person's page is collapsed if there is more than 1 test.
  • Search by 'Test Type' and/or 'Test Group' added.

Clicking the 'Update DNA Tests Table' button in Mod Manager for this mod is required after installation.

v11.0.0.2 16 June 2016 Following changes made
  • Added the ability to create DNA groups and assign tests to a group (Admin>>DNA Tests>>'DNA Groups' tab).
  • Added test selection (check box) to DNA Tests page (For comparison).
  • Added a test result comparison page for selected tests.
  • Added a tab 'All DNA tests' (DNA Tests page) to the show_dna_test.php page.
v11.0.0.1 21 May 2016 Following changes made
  • Added DNA Test Results display to getperson.php for Y-DNA and mtDNA tests
  • Added a Person not in database field for test taker who is not in the TNG database (Ken Roy)
  • Added a Confirmed Haplogroup field that displays the results in green
  • Added new options that control what is displayed for the test on a person's page
  • Added a Keep Name Private option to protect the privacy of the test taker
v11.0.0.0 25 October 2015 Initial Release of the mod

Custom Text Additions

Note: The config file only includes the English language changes, so if you support multiple languages you can modify the config file to add the custom text for those other languages, or manually add the following custom text to each of your other languages with appropriate translations.

English custom text is included in the mod. This Is For Reference Only!

//added by Add DNA Test Results
$admtext['dnalater'] = "Note: More information may be added, and the test linked to more individuals, on the next screen.";
$admtext['markers'] = "Number of Markers";
$admtext['marker_values'] = "Marker Values";
$admtext['test_values'] = "Test Values";
$admtext['hvr_values'] = "HVR Differences";
$admtext['hvr1_values'] = "HVR1 Differences";
$admtext['hvr2_values'] = "HVR2 Differences";
$admtext['separate'] = "Separate values with commas";
$admtext['person_name'] = "Person not in database";
$admtext['text_and'] = "AND";
$admtext['privsection'] = "Privacy";
$admtext['text_private'] = "Private";
$admtext['configsettings'] = "General Settings";
$admtext['addtotestgroup'] = "Add Test To A Group";
$admtext['dna_group'] = "DNA Group";
$admtext['dna_groups'] = "DNA Groups";
$admtext['groupid'] = "Group ID";
$admtext['addgroup'] = "Add Group";
$admtext['entergroupid'] = "Please enter a group ID";
$admtext['entergroupdesc'] = "Please enter a group description";
$admtext['confgroupdelete'] = "Are you sure you want to delete this group?";
$admtext['modifygroup'] = "Edit Existing Group";
$admtext['ancestral_surnames'] = "Ancestral surnames";
$admtext['mda'] = "Most distant ancestor";
$admtext['mrca'] = "Most recent common ancestor";
$admtext['coding_reg'] = "Coding region differences";
$admtext['xtra_mut'] = "Extra mutations";
$admtext['admin_notes'] = "Administrator notes";
$admtext['ref_seq'] = "Reference sequence";
$admtext['rsrs'] = "RSRS (Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence)";
$admtext['rcrs'] = "rCRS (revised Cambridge Reference Sequence)";
$admtext['show_test_number'] = "Show DNA Test Number Publicly";
$admtext['medialinks'] = "Media links";
$text['test_number'] = "Test Number/Name";
$text['mode_values'] = "Mode Values";
$text['select'] = "Select";
$text['selectall'] = "Select All";
$text['clearall'] = "Clear All";
$text['compareselected'] = "Compare Selected";
$text['dnatestscompare'] = "Compare DNA Tests";
$text['test_type'] = "Test Type";
$text['taken_by'] = "Taken By";
$text['keep_name_private'] = "Keep Name Private";
$text['haplogroup'] = "Haplogroup";
$text['confirmed'] = "Confirmed";
$text['predicted'] = "Predicted";
$text['test_results'] = "Test Results";
$text['test_info'] = "Test Information";
$text['test_info_display'] = "Test Information To Display";
$text['relevant_links'] = "Relevant links";
$text['hvr1'] = "HVR1";
$text['hvr2'] = "HVR2";
$text['testgroup'] = "Test Group";
$text['dna_test'] = "DNA test";
$text['dna_tests'] = "DNA Tests";
$text['browsealltests'] = "Browse All Tests";
$text['all_dna_tests'] = "All DNA tests";
$text['fastmutating'] = "Fast Mutating";
$text['people_have'] = "people have linked a DNA test to";
$text['person_has'] = "person has linked a DNA test to";
$text['dna_info_head'] = "DNA Test Info";
$text['alltypes'] = "All Types";
$text['allgroups'] = "All Groups";
$text['Ydna_LITbox_info'] = "Test(s) linked to this person were not necessarily taken by this person.<br />The 'Haplogroup' column displays data in red if the result is 'Predicted' or green if the test is 'Confirmed'";

Norwegian/cust_text.php or the Norwegian-UTF8/cust_text.php

//Translation provided by Jan-Thore Solem for Add DNA Test Results
$admtext['dnalater'] = "NB: Mer informasjon kan legges til, og testen linkes til flere personer på neste skjermbilde.";
$admtext['markers'] = "Antall markører";
$admtext['marker_values'] = "Markørverdier";
$admtext['test_values'] = "Testverdier";
$admtext['hvr_values'] = "HVR Forskjeller";
$admtext['hvr1_values'] = "HVR1 Forskjeller";
$admtext['hvr2_values'] = "HVR2 Forskjeller";
$admtext['separate'] = "Skill verdier med komma";
$admtext['person_name'] = "Personen ikke i databasen";
$admtext['text_and'] = "OG";
$admtext['privsection'] = "Personvern";
$admtext['text_private'] = "Privat";
$admtext['configsettings'] = "Generelle";
$admtext['addtotestgroup'] = "Legg testen til i en gruppe";
$admtext['dna_group'] = "DNA gruppe";
$admtext['dna_groups'] = "DNA grupper";
$admtext['groupid'] = "Gruppe ID";
$admtext['addgroup'] = "Legg til gruppe";
$admtext['entergroupid'] = "Angi en gruppe ID";
$admtext['entergroupdesc'] = "Angi en gruppebeskrivelse";
$admtext['confgroupdelete'] = "Er du sikker på at du vil slette denne gruppen?";
$admtext['modifygroup'] = "Endre eksisterende gruppe";
$admtext['ancestral_surnames']= "Ancestral etternavn";
$admtext['mda'] = "Most distant ancestor";
$admtext['mrca'] = "Most recent common ancestor";
$admtext['coding_reg'] = "Coding region differences";
$admtext['xtra_mut'] = "Extra mutations";
$admtext['admin_notes'] = "Administrator notes";
$admtext['ref_seq'] = "Reference sequence";
$admtext['rsrs'] = "RSRS (Reconstructed Sapiens Reference Sequence)";
$admtext['rcrs'] = "rCRS (revised Cambridge Reference Sequence)";
$admtext['show_test_number'] = "Show DNA Test Number Publicly";
$admtext['medialinks'] = "Media links";
$text['test_number'] = "Test nummer/navn";
$text['mode_values'] = "Mode Verdier";
$text['select'] = "Velg";
$text['selectall'] = "Velg alle";
$text['clearall'] = "Velg ingen";
$text['compareselected'] = "Sammenlign valgte";
$text['dnatestscompare'] = "Sammenligne DNA tester";
$text['test_type'] = "Testtype";
$text['taken_by'] = "Tatt av";
$text['keep_name_private'] = "Hold navn Privat";
$text['haplogroup'] = "Haplogruppe";
$text['confirmed'] = "Bekreftet";
$text['predicted'] = "Forutsagt";
$text['test_results'] = "Testresultater";
$text['test_info'] = "Testinformasjon";
$text['test_info_display'] = "Testinformasjon som skal vises";
$text['relevant_links'] = "Relevante linker";
$text['hvr1'] = "HVR1";
$text['hvr2'] = "HVR2";
$text['testgroup'] = "Testgruppe";
$text['dna_test'] = "DNA test";
$text['dna_tests'] = "DNA tester";
$text['all_dna_tests'] = "Alle DNA tester";
$text['fastmutating'] = "Hurtigere&nbsp;mutasjonsrate";
$text['people_have'] = "personer har linket en DNA test til";
$text['person_has'] = "person har linket en DNA test til";
$text['dna_info_head'] = "DNA Test Info";
$text['alltypes'] = "Alle typer";
$text['allgroups'] = "Alle grupper";
$text['Ydna_LITbox_info'] = "Test(er) koblet til denne personen ble ikke nødvendigvis tatt av denne personen.<br />'Haplogruppe' kolonnen viser data i rødt hvis resultatet er 'Forutsagt' eller grønt hvis testen er 'Bekreftet'";

Visualization of this mod

Before V11.0.0.1

Before installing V11.0.0.1 version of this mod, the TNG V11 DNA Tests display does not show any test result information.

Add dna no results displayed.png

It also may not display the person who took the test because the person is not in the TNG database

Add dna no person displayed.png

After V11.0.0.1

After installing V11.0.0.1 version of the mod, Y-DNA and mtDNA test results will be displayed on the Individual getperson.php page. The test results will wrap as necessary based on the screen width.

Your can also select what to display for each test:

  • test results
  • notes
  • relevant links

Add dna results display.png

After V11.0.0.2

After installing V11.0.0.2 version of the mod, you can select Y-DNA tests for comparison

Add dna select tests-to-compare.png

which will return a test comparison screen

Add dna test comparison.png

Admin Fields Added

The Add DNA Test Results changed the add / edit screens to allow you to enter test results for the mtDNA and Y-DNA tests. V11.0.0.1 version further adds a Person not in the database input field, a Keep Name Private checkbox, and a Confirmed Haplogroup checkbox, and options on how you want to display the specific test record. A DNA Test Group and Common Ancestor fields were also added.

Add dna new fields.png

You can use the Person not in the database field for basically the following reasons:

  • you do not want to show any living individuals in your tree
  • You do not want to add 10 generations down from ancestor that is in your database but not a direct line
  • You could also use this field if you wanted to show your name as the test taker but not show any of your details

If the Keep Name Private is checked when adding or editing a test, 'Private' will be displayed overriding TNG privacy settings for 'Name'.

TNG User sites using this mod

Please add your site if you use this modification.

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Robison and Blythe Genealogy Jeff Robison Mod developer along with Ken Roy 11.0.2 English
Our Roy and Boucher Families Ken Roy Worked with Jeff to develop the v11.0.0.2 version and alpha test new changes. Media Links in v11.0.0.6 is a nice addition. 11.0.2 English, French
MOTYER Family Genealogy John Mark Motyer Public site see here see here EN, DE, RU
Brady Family Tree in Western Australia Darryl Brady Public site 11.0.1 EN, DE
gambrillfamilytree Bobby Gambrill Public site 11.0.2 EN
Kemp(e) Family History Andrew Kemp Public site see here see here EN

Related Links

DNA Tests article written by Tom Cloud that provides good explanation of DNA testing

Add DNA Test Results mod that allows adding Y-DNA and mtDNA test results to the TNG DNA test table

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