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Broad Search mod
Summary Allows quick search for a name using several extra fields
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TNG 10.0
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for Template 4
Version 4 all templates]
Author(s) Chris Moss
Homepage Broad Search mod (This page)
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Latest Mod V
Min TNG V 10.0.3
Max TNG V 11.0.1
Files modified
search.php, genlib.php, cust_text.php (supported languages), index.php (all templates), topmenu.php (some templates), templatestyle.css (template 4),
Related Mods

Broad Search mod adds an option button to the quick search which generalises the search to include:

  1. the married name of women
  2. nicknames
  3. the contents of NAME events (can be changed)
  4. the contents of ALIA events (can be changed)

This mod is an alternative and generalisation of Married Name in Search Mod and is incompatible with it. So you need to decide which one to use. If the button is not clicked, then the search is unaffected from normal.

An extra column marked "Other name" indicates the alternative string that has been used in the search. Because nicknames and aliases can include both first and last names, in some cases the string can be duplicated in this column.

Customisation is provided for all templates.