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! Description
! Description
! Developer
! Developer
| 14 Oct 2015
| [[Identity search fix]]
| New
| v10.0
| Fixes a bug in the pulldown search box when inputting an ID, where all strings starting with those characters are returned.
| [[User:Chris Moss|Chris Moss]]
| 11 Oct 2015
| 11 Oct 2015

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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v10 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V10.

With TNG V8 and above the preferred method for modifying TNG is to use the Mod Manager cfg files to install the Mods.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.

TNG 10.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 10.0
See TNG V10.1 Mods for mods that were changed for
TNG 10.1.0

The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v10 category: (Note that you can click on the Hide Details link below the table to hide this table)

<toggledisplay status="show" showtext="[Show Details]" hidetext="[Hide Details]" linkstyle="font-size:smaller">

Please add new mods and major revisions at the top of the table using a push down list.
Please mention each mod only once to avoid the list becoming too long.

Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

Date Added Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
14 Oct 2015 Identity search fix New v10.0 Fixes a bug in the pulldown search box when inputting an ID, where all strings starting with those characters are returned. Chris Moss
11 Oct 2015 Remove Modifier Name NEW v9.2.2.0 Disables display of the modifier name in the Last Modified column on the What's New page. Graham
25 Sep 2015 Collapse Family Children Update v10.0.0.1a This mod collapses the children section on a person's page.
  • I neglected to expand on the 'Print' page. (Fixed).
24 Sep 2015 Mobile Site Enhancements Update v10.1.0.4b Fixes the site title for templates that do not have a maintitle, like Template 8. Provided by Bryan Larson Ken
16 Sep 2015 Add Parents Children Row NEW v10.1.0.0 This mod adds a 'Children' row to the parent section on a person's page. Jeff
16 Sep 2015 Add Person Siblings Row Update v10.1.0.2 This mod NOW adds a 'Siblings' row to the info (top) section on a person's page.
  • Collapse option is available in Mod Manager after installing.
  • Include current individual option is available in Mod Manager after installing.
  • Will show a person preview if Family Preview Mod is installed.
  • Will show family indicators if Family Indicators Mod is installed.
14 Sep 2015 Newwindow Slideshow Bug NEW v9.2.0.1 Fixes a TNG bug that prevents the slideshow link associated with Person Profile media items from working if the first media item has its newwindow attribute set. Robin
14 Sep 2015 Deceased Indication Update v10.1.0.2 Now works with TNGv10.1 and above. Robin
14 Sep 2015 TextPlus Charts Update v10.0.2.10b & v10.1.0.10b
Languages v10.0.2.10c
Added annotation to make the Chart Formatting Form and help text easier to find and use, especially on the pretty-print page. Also fixed a bug that prevented non-English language installations from saving printer formatting settings to a cookie. Updated some German, Dutch, and Norwegian language strings. Robin
12 Sep 2015 Admin Languages Update v10.1.0.2 Pretty significant update. Combined the Edit Language form into the screen with Search and Add New Language. Added logic to come up with suggestions for the Language Display Name and Character Set when the user selects a language folder. Robin
6 Sep 2015 Admin Media Predefined Search Update v10.0.3.2 Added some search terms, and implemented special processing for "$" at the end of a search term to anchor that term to the end of a target string (which allows me to search for "will" without searching for "William"). Robin
6 Sep 2015 New Account Warning Update v9.2.2.3 Cleaned up and simplified the code so that it is less likely to run into conflicts. The mod parameter now controls whether the Comments field is required (as it does already with Phone, City, and State). Robin
04 Jul 2015 Family Edit Links Mod Update V10.1.0.2 Changed location modifications so there is no interference with Family Indicator icons. Jeff
5 Sep 2015 Submit Headstone Photo Mod Update v10.1.0.1 Fixed SMTP mail issue. Jeff
5 Sep 2015 Submit Photo/Document Form Mod Update v10.1.0.1 Fixed SMTP mail issue. Jeff
5 Sep 2015 Census Plus International Update v10.1.0.3f Updates were made
  • for the US Census Import for 1910 variations
  • for the UK Census Import for 1871 variations
  • for missing location in DOM source, Import screen now allow you to specify the location before doing the import
Note that updates were not retrofitted to the previous version of the mod for TNG 10 to 10.0.3
31 Aug 2015 No Headstone Photo Report UPDATE v10.1.0.4 Removed PHP function strstr() with 3rd parameter supported by PHP v5.3+ only. Jeff
31 Aug 2015 Drop Down Menu Tooltip Update v10.0.3.2 Corrects error that caused HTML validation to fail. Jeff
31 Aug 2015 Change Language Droplist Update v10.1.0.4a Corrects error that caused HTML validation to fail. Jeff
30 Aug 2015 Simple SEO Update v10.1.0.1 Corrected Simple SEO's behavior for living and private individuals so that it exactly mimics TNG's behavior with respect to names and other data (e.g., nicknames, aliases). This release is recommended for all users of this mod. Bill Herndon
28 August 2015 Cemeteries Columns Update
Adds an editable parameter for the percentage column width appropriate for the chosen number of columns Graham
12 Aug 2015 Census Plus International Update v10.1.0.3e Updated to fix several variations of US Census Imports for 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1940 census
Note that the changes have not been retrofitted to the previous version of the mod for TNG 10 through 10.0.3
9 Aug 2015 Open My Page New v10.0.0.0 If the logged in user is also registered in the database (i.e. has an individual-ID), the Info-menu will have a selection at the bottom: My Page. Selecting it will open the user's getperson.php. Erik Hoppe
9 Aug 2015 Simple SEO New v10.1.0.0 Simple search-engine optimization through creation of Meta keywords for names, aliases, and nicknames. Also supports page title simplification from Simple Titles Mod. v10.1.0.0 supports TNG releases 10.1.0 through 10.1.2. Bill Herndon
9 Aug 2015 Public Access Control Update v10.0.0.1 - v10.1.2.1 (all) The behaviour of collapsible standard events is now optional (see P.A.C. page: Edit Option) Erik Hoppe
9 Aug 2015 Show Siblings Update v10.1.0.3 Submit icon showed for users with submit rights. Not now.
German "siblings" and "children" now has first letter capitalized.
Erik Hoppe
25 Jul 2015 Media Preview Fixed Update V10.1.2.0 Updated for TNG v10.1.2
Title and Description are temporarily unavailable.
25 Jul 2015 Private Trees Update V10.1.0.1
Fixed issue where people count was doubled in search.php. Jeff
24 July 2015 Public Access Control New (upd) v10.0.0.0
Introduction. After extensive testing by Jay Wilpolt of the version, it is released.
V10.0.0.0 is looking for testers...
The mod is now available for all TNG v10.
Erik Hoppe
22 Jul 2015 Default Photo Preview Update V10.1.2.0 Updated for TNG v10.1.2 Jeff
22 July 2015 Similarity search mod Update v10.1.2.0
  • Tested for TNG v10.1.2
  • Minor error correction in css file: Mod was disabling the menu icon for sources
Carlos Heuser
12 July 2015 Restrict Image Preview Update v10.1.2.4 Updated for TNG 10.1.2. Graham
21 July 2015 Married Name in Search Mod Update v10.1.2.3 Correction to template 12 for 10.1.2. Also changed mod/cfg names to lc to conform with convention. Chris Moss
19 July 2015 User Footer Copyright Update v10.1.2.5a Updated for production version of TNG 10.1.2 which now shows The Next Generation link in a new window or tab Ken Roy
12 July 2015 Regroup Person Profile Update - Moved several events from the "Other Personal Information Block" to the main personal data block.
- Folded [Regroup Person-Other ID] back into this mod. The separate mod was pointless. People who don't use Regroup Person Profile should use [ID Prefix Format] to get Person ID's with serifs.
- This mod no longer conflicts with [Default Photo Preview]
12 July 2015 Hide Branch Names Update - Uses a more appropriate definition of "administrator"
- Adds the label "Branches: " in front of any branches listed in the person profile
- Optionally displays matching branches for users with a branch restriction
12 July 2015 Sources and Citations Mod Update Is now compatible with Regroup Person Profile. Robin
12 July 2015 Admin Media Search Update Is now compatible with Rick Bisbee's new Showfolio Mod. Robin
12 July 2015 Suppress csvReport Mod Update v10.1.2.4 Updated for TNG 10.1.2. Graham
11 July 2015 Icon Gravity New v10.1.0.0
Initial release - Icon clustering on the left-hand list to reduce visual clutter in TNGs templates. Bill Herndon
8 July 2015 CSV Reports for Admin only Update v10.1.2.2 Updated for TNG 10.1.2 Ken Roy
7 July 2015 Media - Census Plus International Update v10.1.2.4 Updated for TNG 10.1.2 Ken Roy
7 July 2015 Mobile Site Enhancements Update v10.1.2.4 Updated for TNG 10.1.2 Ken Roy
7 July 2015 Public Access Control New (upd) v10.1.0.0
Introduction / Production status. At the same time the name is changed from Access Panel (beta).
Dropdown menu selections are now protected.
Erik Hoppe
6 July 2015 Citation Master Update v10.1.0.4
Adds an administrator interface that supports creation and editing of Citation Master configuration files. A new example config has been added to the distribution, and help is integrated into the admin interface. The source display page now has a profile field that shows how the source is formatted. The mod has been renamed and there are many internal changes. This update is recommended for all users of TNG versions 10.0.2 and 10.1.0. Bill Herndon
6 July 2015 Maternal_And_Paternal_Lines Update V10.1.0.3 Family pages are now "Mobile friendly".
NOTE that all four pages have new code.
Erik Hoppe
29 Jun 2015 Family Preview Mod Update v10.1.0.3lb
Updated to be compatible with Collapse Family Children.
  • Update versions are family_preview_v10.1.0.3lb.zip and family_preview_v10.0.0.1lb.zip.
28 Jun 2015 Burial_Website_Media_Import Update V9.0.0.6
  • Added $BWMI_mod['update']. If 1 (default), it will update all entries. If 0, it will skip getting updated information from websites for existing citations. It will only do new citations.
  • Added $BWMI_mod['refresh']. If 0 (default), behaves as before. If provided number x>0, it will do an automatic "refresh" of the page after every x burial website inquiries.
  • Restructured code to accommodate the $BWMI_mod['refresh']. Makes use of TNG's "saveimport" table to hold data, so the process can be resumed.
28 Jun 2015 Place_Map Update V10.1.0.4
  • Added the ability to disable the Place location level pins.
  • Added a single pin name field to use if the Place location levels are disabled
  • Added mm_20_red.png file as a pin alternative when used above
27 Jun 2015 Family Chart Mod Update v10.1.0.3b Option to handle Mobile Site Enhancements. When you've installed it, set the option. Chris Moss
25 June 2015 Private Media Mod Update v10.0.3.2 Fixes a problem with Most Wanted. Works with 10.0.3 up to 10.1.1. Chris Moss
15 Jun 2015 Responsive Tables Update v10.1.0.2b Responsive Tables-2 - Browse Sources updated to remove comment being displayed on page were provided by Bill Herndon Ken
15 Jun 2015 Count Ancestors n Descendants Update v10.1.1.2c A change to avoid conflicts w/ other mods resulted in "Cannot install" for some. Repaired. Erik Hoppe
14 Jun 2015 User Footer Copyright Update v10.1.1.4
Reworked for new genlib.php code introduced in TNG 10.1.1 and for code that will be in the next upgrade to support the image preview jQuery scripts

Old version of the User Footer Copyright mod must be uninstalled to allow the Mobile Media mod to install.

14 Jun 2015 Mobile Media Update v10.1.1.4
Provides the Image Preview changes that will be in the next TNG upgrade

The slide show suppression code was moved to Mobile Site No Slideshow v10.1.0.3 and v10.1.1.3 were used for beta testing only. This mod impacts the User Footer Copyright mod which must be unintalled in order to allow this mod to be installed. After installing the Mobile Media mod you should then install the new version of the User Footer Copyright mod.

14 Jun 2015 Mobile Site No Slideshow New v10.1.0.3 Initial version of the mod. Code that was previously in the Mobile Media mod was split off to hopefully make it easier to get integrated into TNG Ken
14 Jun 2015 Mobile Site No Previews Update v10.1.0.3 The code that suppressed the Image Preview on getperson.php and whatsnew.php was removed since the code in Mobile Media is adjusted to display the Image Preview correctly based on screen widths and to bind the onmouseover to a touch event Ken
14 Jun 2015 Mobile Site Enhancements Update v10.1.0.3 Updated mod to
  • add changes to genlib.php that will be in the next TNG upgrade after TNG 10.1.1
  • relocate the code that creates the mobile site title so that it comes before the call to the tng_mobileicons function to avoid a blank site name
13 Jun 2015 Responsive Tables Update v10.1.0.2a Responsive Tables-2 - Browse Sources and Responsive Tables-2 - Showmap html updates for <thead><tr> were provided by Martin Pannier Ken
10 Jun 2015 Compact Person Media Update v10.1.0.2 Compact Person Media - Mobile version posted to be installed after Mobile Site Enhancements mod to resolve incompatibility. Ken
5 Jun 2015 Admin Users-More Update v10.0.0.3 Now compatible with Chris Moss's new Private Media Mod. No other functional changes. Robin


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