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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v10 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V10.

With TNG V8 and above the preferred method for modifying TNG is to use the Mod Manager cfg files to install the Mods.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.

TNG 10.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 10.0

The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v10 category: (Note that you can click on the Hide Details link below the table to hide this table)

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Please add new mods and major revisions at the top of the table using a push down list.
Please mention each mod only once to avoid the list becoming too long.

Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

Date Added Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
1 June 2014 Custom Counters Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.1
  • Paths problem reported by some users has been fixed.
  • Select a single page script to NOT show counters on (if required).
  • Minor changes to SQL.
Roger Mitchell
18 May 2014 Similarity search mod UPDATE v10.0.0.2
  • Previous versions allowed querying for max two words. In this version as many words as needed may be entered as a query.
  • The name of the tree is displayed in the result.
Carlos Heuser
09 May 2014 Admin Media Search NEW v9.0.0.0 Adds features such as a hyperlink to the related person & the filename extension, to the Admin Media Search form and results table. Robin
4 May 2014 Show Nicknames UPDATE v10.0.2.1 Adds nickname in parentheses between first name and surname in all TNG reports and charts. Separate versions of the mod for TNGv10.0.2 and v10.0.1. Now compatible with Living color mod. Niels
30 Apr 2014 New Account Warning NEW v9.2.2.0 Displays a warning on the Account Registration form about the absence of encryption on the login page. Also defines additional required fields and provides for other messages like Key Roy's New Account Form Mod Robin
30 Apr 2014 Regroup Person Profile UPDATE v10.0.1.7 Now supports TNGv10.0.2 as well as v10.0.1 Robin
28 Apr 2014 Same Person Link UPDATE v10.0.0.1 Updated to remove the hard-code tng_trees table and to provide values for Not Null fields required by MySQL 5.5

Changes were provided by Ian Fettes

27 April 2014 Private Trees UPDATE v9.2.2.1 Fixed issues where tree marked as 'Private' showed in Advanced Searches.
This mod allows Admin to designate trees as private.
  • Private designated trees are not displayed throughout TNG except for users with admin rights.
  • Adds a checkbox in Admin/Trees (New and Edit) to designate a tree as private.
  • Status column added to the Admin/Trees display to show Private/Not Private.

My situation is that I do everything within my production TNG site including testing.
I have test trees that do not need to be public so I need this mod.

27 April 2014 Add GOV-ID Mod UPDATE v10.0.2.3 Fix for v10.0.2 (gedimport_misc.php) Martin
27 April 2014 Admin Families Plus NEW v9.1..0.0 Adds checkboxes for 'Single parent' and 'Empty family' to Admin Families search. Jeff
25 Apr 2014 Branches Sort mod NEW v10.0.0.1 Displays Admin > Branches and browsebranches.php lists sorted by label instead of description. Graham
07 Apr 2014 Cemetery Edit UPDATE v9.2.0.3 Modifies the Cemetery Edit form & adds the Cemetery Add for directly in the Cemetery selection screen Robin
05 April 2014 Add Person Cremated Row UPDATE v10.0.0.1 This mod adds a 'Cremated' row to the event column if 'Cremated' is checked in person edit.
  • The row is added only if no info is entered in the 'Burial' fields.
05 April 2014 Person Preview Cremated Fix NEW v10.0.0.0 This mod fixes an oversight in TNG v10 where 'Cremated' is not displayed in person previews. Jeff
05 April 2014 Family Preview Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.0alb Revised mod version v10.0.0.0lb so 'Cremated' is displayed instead of 'Burial' where applicable. Jeff
04 April 2014 Family Preview Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.0 Revised mod version v9.0.0.2 so 'Cremated' is displayed instead of 'Burial' where applicable. Jeff
03 April 2014 Family Indicators Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.0 Revised mod version V9.0.0.8b (Preview popups) so 'Cremated' is displayed instead of 'Burial' where applicable. Jeff
30 March 2014 Customized Logs Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.1 This version fixes problem with logs being cleared when mod was removed and re-installed. Follow readme instructions carefully with this update. Bryan
26 March 2014 Show Person Headstone Status NEW v9.0.3.0 This mod adds status info to the headstone display on a person's page. Jeff
19 March 2014 Cemeteries Admin List NEW v9.2.0.1 Adds data columns to the Cemetery Selection list in the Admin Cemeteries Function. Robin
19 March 2014 Burials-More Details Mod NEW v9.2.0.3 Adds data columns to the All Burials list in the Cemetery / Headstones report. Robin
19 March 2014 Headstones-No Headstones Mod NEW v9.2.0.0 Removes headstone lists from the list of cemeteries for a town, county, or state, in the Cemeteries / Headstones Report. Robin
17 March 2014 World map mod UPDATE v10.0.0.1 First non-beta version:
  • Mod parameters can be changed using the Mod Manager (no need to change the config file).
  • PHP version 5.3 is not required anymore. Any PHP version that supports TNG should be OK.
  • Icon for death events was changed to the same icon TNG uses in the calendar pages (more "religion neutral" than the previous one). Thanks to Darrin for suggesting this change.
  • The height of the box that contains the map is now controlled by a parameter.
  • The user may choose between two sizes of place markers. The standard ones, used in previous versions of the Mod, are almost the same size of the cluster markers. The smaller icons depict better the idea that a place marker corresponds to a single place and that cluster markers correspond to a collection of places. Thanks to Olaf Teige for suggesting this change.
Carlos Heuser
15 March 2014 Show/Hide Standard Events NEW v10.0.0.0 This mod allows a user to collapse standard events on an individual's page. Jeff
09 March 2014 Email Sender's IP UPDATE v10.0.1.0 Updated for TNG v10.1. Will work with TNG v8.1+. Jeff
9 March 2014 Randomphoto for Templates mod UPDATE v10.0.1.1 Mod for template 4 updated to be compatible with TNG v10.0.1. Other template mods unchanged. Graham
5 March 2014 Places Subject to Deletion NEW v9.2.2.0 This mod is an implementation of the Maintenance - Pooled Places with no Events report in the Admin >> Places that allows you to select Places to be deleted.

Extensive help in developing this mod was provided by Mark Wonson and Warren S. Gilbert who also helped develop the report.
You may want to Merge places rather than delete them so that you do not lose geocoded places that have changed names.

3 March 2014 Adjust Date Column Width UPDATE v10.0.0.1 Updated to reduce the date column width for Mobile Mode Display Ken
3 March 2014 Signature Display UPDATE v10.0.0.2 Updated to reduce the signature image display for Mobile Mode Display Ken
28 February 2014 Randomphoto for Templates mod NEW v10.0.0.0 Replaces the fixed image with a random image on Home Page of those templates that do not have this functionality by default. Graham
27 February 2014 Media - Census Plus International UPDATE v10.0.0.0a Updated for Tablet and Mobile Mode Display in TNG V10 Ken
24 February 2014 User Footer Copyright UPDATE v10.0.0.1 Updated to display the Copyright symbol correctly in ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8

This mod was created to make it easier to enter a user site copyright line to the public page, print page, and PDF created pages.

22 February 2014 Tree ID Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.1 Updated to add the Tree ID to the pull down lists in the Admin Edit User screen Ken
21 February 2014 Highest Ancestors List Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.0 Updated for TNG V10 - NEW MOD NAME: TREETOPS LIST MOD! Martin
20 February 2014 Exclude Secret Notes NEW v10.0.0.0 This mod was created to exclude secret notes on an export Ken
17 February 2014 Search Form Help mod UPDATE v10.0.0.0 Update the three versions for TNG v10. Graham
11 February 2014 Surname Exclude 30/100 UPDATE v9.0.0.1 This mod excludes specified surname(s) from the surnames 30 and surnames 100 lists and the TNG v10 Surname Cloud if present.
  • Adds a field in Admin/Setup/General Settings/Names to enter the surname(s) you want excluded from these displays. Separate multiple surnames in this field with commas.
8 February 2014 Compact Person Media UPDATE v10.0.0.0 Updated for TNG V10 by Ken Roy to resolve issue with TNG V10 Custom Event collapse capability Bart
6 February 2014 Same Person Link UPDATE v10.0.0.0 Updated for TNG V10 table layout change in Admin >> Setup >> General Settings Ken
6 February 2014 Census Plus International UPDATE v10.0.0.0 The following updates were made:
  • updated for TNG V10 Admin menu change
  • dropped the mods to the template tngtabs1.css files since they are now part of TNG V10
  • updated the CP Make Tables for First Time installs to create the tables correctly
  • updated the CP Transcript included on the Individual page to display less data on mobile and tablet devices
  • updated the Import scripts for the Census of Canada, UK, US, and US veteran censuses to handle the latest changes to the DOM Source
  • fixed the Import scripts for the UK Census to find the field differences correctly
  • updated the import scripts for for the Census of Canada, UK, US, and US veteran censuses to find the Transcript ID in the DOM Source
  • updated the CP Transcript display to find the household that crosses a page boundary when the Transcript ID increments from 199 to 200 for example
  • added templatestyle.css for templates 13 and 14
  • updated templatestyle.css for templates 5, 11, 13, and 14 transcript displays fit on 1366 wide screen (laptop)
  • updated Admin General Settings for new table layout in TNG V10
  • updated the CP Transcript display to find the household that crosses a page boundary when the Transcript ID increments from 199 to 200 for example
6 February 2014 Persistent Bookmarks UPDATE v10.0.0.0 Updated by Ken Roy for TNG V10 table layout change in Admin >> Setup >> General Settings Bart
5 February 2014 Relationship to Site Owner Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.0 Updated for TNG V10 Roger


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