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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v10 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V10.

With TNG V8 and above the preferred method for modifying TNG is to use the Mod Manager cfg files to install the Mods.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.

TNG 10.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 10.0

The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v10 category: (Note that you can click on the Hide Details link below the table to hide this table)

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Please add new mods and major revisions at the top of the table using a push down list.
Please mention each mod only once to avoid the list becoming too long.

Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

Date Added Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
23 August 2014 Census Plus International UPDATE v10.0.0.2a Updated the US Census Import to handle new formats for the 1920 and 1940 censuses Ken
24 August 2014 Restrict Image Preview UPDATE v10.0.3.1 Compatible with TNG v10.0.3. Graham
23 August 2014 Persistent Bookmarks UPDATE v10.0.3.2 Updated for Mod Manager changes in TNG v10.0.3 by Ken Roy Bart
23 August 2014 Same Person Link UPDATE v10.0.3.3 Updated for Mod Manager changes in TNG v10.0.3. Ken
22 August 2014 Simple Titles Mod NEW v9.2.2.0 Simple Titles has been tested against TNG v10.0.2 and appears to be compatible. Bill Herndon
16 August 2014 Family Indicators Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.1 Mod Manager 'Edit' parameter added to allow disabling of preview popups. Jeff
13 Aug 2014 TextPlus Charts New v10.0.2.4 Creates two new HTML charts: The Text+ Descendant chart is a lot like the PDF Descendant chart. The Text+ Pedigree chart is new and different. Robin
13 Aug 2014 Regroup Person Profile UPDATE v10.0.1.11 Cleaned up some code, particularly to support internationalization. Added a parameter that allows the program to display parent, spouse, and child person ID's. Robin
09 August 2014 Submit Photo/Document Form Mod UPDATE v9.0.0.11 Allows multiple file attachments.

Note: If you use the Submit Photo Tab Mod you will need the latest version (v9.1.0.1a).

07 July 2014 NuCaptcha Add-on UPDATE v10.0.0.2 This version includes updates released by nuCaptcha and also add a feature to remember a visitor who has successfully completed a nuCaptcha challenge so that the visitor will not encounter multiple captcha pages during a visit. Thanks to Jeff Robison for this feature. Bryan
06 July 2014 Submit Headstone Photo Mod UPDATE v9.0..0.4a submit_headstone.php would not create - Fixed. Jeff
05 July 2014 Cemetery Session NEW v8.1.3.0 This mod creates a session cookie for the last cemetery selected when adding headstone media.

Very useful when adding multiple headstones to a single cemetery as the last cemetery is auto-selected.

05 July 2014 Family Search Form Mod UPDATE V9.0.1.1 Corrects %target error in v9.0.1.0. Graham
2 Jul 2014 Customized Logs Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.2 This version adds several improvements from previous versions of the mod:
  • Simplified installation procedure while still protecting existing logs and eliminates the customized_logs_readme.txt file. Now, there is a "Check Now" button that checks to see if the appropriate logs exist and if necessary, create those files.
  • Optional button to backup/clear the log files - there are buttons specific to each separate log. This is based on the backup/clear log mod that had been developed for older versions of TNG developed by Jim Graham.
  • Option to restrict all logs to admin only.
  • Cleaned up edit options screen for a more clean set of options for changing options.
29 Jun 2014 Life Dates Mod UPDATE V9.0.4.1 Minor Bug fix: When one parent was unknown (ie blank), age of unknown parent shown as aged ~0. Reported by Michael Hedeman. Roger Mitchell
27 June 2014 Mod User Support Form UPDATE v9.1.0.3a Updated to use TNG_captcha. Edit parameter after installation in Mod Manager. Jeff
27 June 2014 Randomphoto for Templates mod UPDATE v10.0.1.2 Mod for template 13 added. Other template mods unchanged. Graham
25 June 2014 FTM-to-TNG Gedcom Converter Mod UPDATE v9.2.2.4 Converts Family Tree Maker (FTM) 2012 GEDCOM files so that they can be uploaded correctly in TNG. Added a new optional feature to suppress secondary events, and fixed bugs. Robin
25 Jun 2014 Census Plus International UPDATE V10.0.0.2 The following updates were made in v10002 and v10001a:
  • updated all census imports to verify the interactive viewer differently
  • updated CP Import for US Census to handle different DOM source formats for 1860 census
  • added new messages on interactive viewer verification
  • updated all census imports to capture the Collection ID and Image ID differently
removing the restriction that Next and Prev buttons cannot be used to get the next or previous census page
  • updated CP Include to correctly display the Image link for 1851 Census of Canada
  • updated CP Import for UK Census to handle different DOM source formats for 1851 census
21 Jun 2014 Life Dates Mod NEW V9.0.4.0+ Separates Life Dates for Parents and Families onto separate lines on getperson pages. Suitable for TNG v9.0.4+ (Un-tested on earlier versions) Roger Mitchell
16 Jun 2014 Census Plus International UPDATE V10.0.0.1 The following updates were made:
  • updated all census imports to handled new Ancestry DOM source format
  • updated CP Display to correctly display Census of Canada columns
  • updated CP Update to allow update of Census of Canada columns
  • updated CP Import for Census of Canada to handle different DOM source formats for 1921 census
  • added a script to create indices to eliminate the Max_Join_Row error
3 June 2014 Mod User Support Form UPDATE v9.1.0.3 Updated to allow for TNG sites using SMTP email.
  • Thanks to Roger Mitchell for suggesting/testing.
1 June 2014 Default Photo Preview UPDATE v9.1.0.2 Fixed the preview position in family group sheet. Jeff
1 June 2014 Custom Counters Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.1
  • Paths problem reported by some users has been fixed.
  • Select a single page script to NOT show counters on (if required).
  • Minor changes to SQL.
Roger Mitchell
18 May 2014 Similarity search mod UPDATE v10.0.0.2
  • Previous versions allowed querying for max two words. In this version as many words as needed may be entered as a query.
  • The name of the tree is displayed in the result.
Carlos Heuser
09 May 2014 Admin Media Search NEW v9.0.0.0 Adds features such as a hyperlink to the related person & the filename extension, to the Admin Media Search form and results table. Robin
4 May 2014 Show Nicknames UPDATE v10.0.2.1 Adds nickname in parentheses between first name and surname in all TNG reports and charts. Separate versions of the mod for TNGv10.0.2 and v10.0.1. Now compatible with Living color mod. Niels


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