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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v10 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V10.

With TNG V8 and above the preferred method for modifying TNG is to use the Mod Manager cfg files to install the Mods.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.

TNG 10.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 10.0
See TNG V10.1 Mods for mods that were changed for
TNG 10.1.0

The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v10 category: (Note that you can click on the Hide Details link below the table to hide this table)

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Please add new mods and major revisions at the top of the table using a push down list.
Please mention each mod only once to avoid the list becoming too long.

Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

Date Added Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
9 May 2015 Census Plus International UPDATE v10.1.0.3d
The following updates were made:
  • updated US Census Import for 1910 variations
  • updated Census display on Individual page to check the treeID for persons linked to the census transcript
to fix links and/or census display not showing when linked to the wrong tree
  • updated Census Link to use the treeID when checking for existing census event links
so existing links are not overlaid with the same PersonID in a different tree
6 May 2015 Responsive Tables UPDATE v10.1.0.2a Updated the Responsive Tables - Tree ID mod to remove the updates to the search.php and famsearch.php scripts and created two versions of the Responsive Tables - Search mod:
  • Responsive Tables - Search if using only one tree
  • Responsive Tables - Search Tree ID if using multiple trees and the Responsive Tables - Tree ID mod
3 May 2015 No Headstone Photo Report UPDATE v10.1.0.3 Updated for sites with multiple trees. Jeff
1 May 2015 Count Descendants UPDATE v10.1.0.5 & v10.0.0.5 Separates new Danish, German, and Dutch translations into a separate config file, and fixes a couple of HTML typos that had positioned the footer incorrectly. Robin
30 April 2015 Admin Languages NEW v10.1.0.1 Simplifies entry of languages by combining the Search and Add New forms into one screen Robin
23 April 2015 Media display columns mod UPDATE v10.1.0.3a Version to use, if you are using the Responsive Tables mod Ken
23 April 2015 Citation Master Basic Mod UPDATE v10.1.0.3a Version to use, if you are using the Responsive Tables mod Ken
23 April 2015 Tree ID Mod UPDATE v10.1.0.2c Version to use, if you are using the Responsive Tables mod Ken
23 April 2015 Private Note Mod UPDATE v10.1.0.3b Version to use, if you are using the Responsive Tables mod Ken
23 April 2015 PersonID Note Mod UPDATE v10.1.0.3b Version to use, if you are using the Responsive Tables mod Ken
22 April 2015 Responsive Tables NEW v10.1.0.2 Provides several mods that adjust TNG table displays based on screen widths Gustave
22 April 2015 Mobile Site Enhancements NEW v10.1.0.2 Provides several adjustments for smart phones and tablets Ken
22 April 2015 Mobile Site No Previews NEW v10.1.0.2 Eliminates Image, Person, and Family previews for smart phones Ken
22 April 2015 Mobile Media NEW v10.1.0.2 Adjusts the Image display when not using the Image Viewer, suppresses the Slide Show on Show Media for smart phones and adjusts the Slide Show on tablets Ken
22 April 2015 Mobile Individual Page Map NEW v10.1.0.2 Adjusts the Google Event Map on smart phones and tablets. Also provides a Mobile Individual Page Map - Person Map version of the mod to replace Bart Degrye's Person Map mod Ken
22 April 2015 Life Dates Mobile NEW v10.1.0.2 Adjusts the date displays for smart phones and tablets as an alternative to Life Dates Mod Ken
22 April 2015 Google maps 15 UPDATE v10.1.0.4 Updated Bart Degrye's Google map 15 mod to eliminate the conflict with Mobile Individual Page Map Ken
22 April 2015 Signature Display UPDATE v10.1.0.4 Updated to reduce the size of the signature display on smart phones and tablets Ken
19 April 2015 Admin Thumbnails NEW v10.1.0.2 Provides options to generate thumbnails for selected media types and a selected tree, and shows more information about what was done. Robin
19 April 2015 Family Chart Mod UPDATE v10.1.0.3 Minimizes height of chart, keeps uncles on aunts on same side, shows adopted families, includes dates for christening and burial if necessary, stops robots indexing page, works with Wordpress, handles bookmarks and log file. Chris
17 April 2015 Group Sheet Links UPDATE v9.0.0.3 Adds groupsheet links missing from initial version Graham
17 April 2015 Admin Users-More NEW v10.0.0.2 Adds filters, sorts, and more results fields to the Administration >> Users lookup page. Was briefly v9.0.0.5 of Admin Users Menu Robin
17 April 2015 Burials-More Details UPDATE v9.2.0.11 & v10.1.0.11 v10 - Fixed bug in my modification to headstones.php when a cemetery doesn't link to a place name.
v11 - Found an untranslated string; added Dutch translations by Marco van den heuvel
9 April 2015 TextPlus Charts UPDATE V10.0.2.9 & V10.1.0.9 Now displays christening data if birth data is missing, and burial data if death data is missing. Robin
8 April 2015 Showmap Burials UPDATE V10.1.1.2 Updated for TNG 10.1.1 Ken
5 April 2015 User Footer Copyright UPDATE V10.1.1.3 Updated for TNG 10.1.1 Ken
5 April 2015 Place_Map NEW V10.1.0.2 Adds an interactive map to TNG to explore geocoded places by place type, event type, and date. Wendel
1 April 2015 User Sorting NEW V10.1.0.1 Adds the ability to sort Users in the Admin. Daj
31 March 2015 Contact Us Full Name NEW V10.1.0.1 A very simple mod to auto-complete the Full Name in the 'Contact Us' form, assuming the viewer is logged in. Daj
31 March 2015 Change Language Droplist UPDATE V10.1.0.3a Provides compatibility with TNG v10.1.0 for visualisation in v10.0.0.3 and v9.0.3.3. Graham,
Jeff & Olaf
29 March 2015 Show Nicknames UPDATE v10.1.0.0 Compatibility with TNG v10.1 Niels
29 March 2015 Tweak getperson UPDATE V10.1.0.0 Cosmetic changes for TNG10.1 compatibility *** No longer needed in TNG10.1.1 *** Niels
25 March 2015 Customized Logs Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.6 This version adds code to show the original IP address on sites that use a CDN service (i.e. CloudFlare). Thanks goes to Fred Feldman for the suggestion and the code. Bryan S. Larson
23 March 2015 Showmap Burials NEW V10.1.0.1 Moves the burial location to the All Burials header and displays the death date if the burial date is not available. It also suppresses the Tree Name if you only have one tree. David Beckwith
9 March 2015 WhatsNew Language Texts NEW V9.0.1.1 Replaces 'WhatsNew Text and ColumnWidths' mod that unnecessarily used a column-width directive that was already included in the Media display columns mod. Graham
8 March 2015 Cemetery Session UPDATE V8.1.3.1 Added a 'Copy last' button vs. auto-filling of the cemetery input field when adding headstone images. Jeff
6 March 2015 Bot-Trap Mod NEW v10.1.0.1 The Bot-Trap mod is a new mod which places a link on every page of your site that is invisible to humans, but which machines can see. Clicking on the link automatically blocks the visitor by adding an .htaccess restriction for the offending IP address. If a human is curious enough to find and visit the link, there is an easy mechanism to get removed from the list of banned IP addresses.

The way Bot-Trap works is that is adds an entry to robots.txt (and creates the file if it does not already exist) which instructs bots to avoid the bot-trap directory. If a bot does follow the robots.txt protocol, as good bots do, it will know not to visit the trap. Bad bots that do not follow robots.txt standards will see the link and visit it; thereby getting blocked via an entry to .htaccess.

The mod has optional parameters to allow webmasters to enter an email address and be alerted any time the trap is triggered and/or any time a human escapes from the trap using the escape mechanism.

Bryan S. Larson
2 March 2015 Submit Photo Tab Mod UPDATE V9.1.0.1b Fixed link to submit_photo.php on the family group page in TNG v10.1. Jeff
1 March 2015 Mod User Support Form UPDATE V9.0.0.4c/V9.0.0.5c/V9.0.0.5d
  • Added an option in MM after installation to add SMTP encryption protocol (tls, ssl) if needed.
27 February 2015 Mod User Support Form UPDATE V9.0.0.4b/V9.0.0.5a/V9.0.0.5b
  • Added an input field (required/auto-filled) for email subject line for use when mod name cannot be gleaned from the Wiki URL.
  • Added missing monofont2.ttf to V9.0.0.4b and V9.0.0.5b
  • Added %fileoptional:% for languages after 4:00 pm CST US.
23 Feb 2015 No Captcha reCAPTCHA Add-on UPDATE New, easy to use captcha that uses the latest Google reCAPTCHA tool which is a simple check box for most visitors. This update adds a feature to 'remember' if a visitor has successfully completed a reCAPTCHA challenge, no further challenges will be presented to that visitor during the visit. Bryan S. Larson
22 February 2015 Fix Contact Us Subject‎ NEW v10.0.0.1
mostwanted v9.0.0.1
Fix Subject Line on Contact Us from Info pull down menu for Templates 8 and 12 and added specific entry for Most Wanted page Jeff Robison
Paul Tanner-Tremaine
20 February 2015 Display Social buttons by default UPDATE v10.0.0.1 Small fixes to add wiki link in TNG 10.1 Mod Manager Bryan S. Larson
18 February 2015 Cemetery Disclaimer Update v10.1.0.0 Small fixes to be compatible with TNG 10.1 Rev. Clinton Macomber
17 February 2015 Census Plus International UPDATE v10.1.0.3c
The following updates were made:
  • updated US Census Import for 1920, 1930 and 1940 variations
  • updated Census display on Individual page to correct the display when using the Display All Members of a Household option
  • updated Census display and Media Census display to not display the Years Married and Children Born/Living columns on mobile devices
10 February 2015 WhatsNew Text and ColumnWidths NEW v9.0.1.0 This mod:
  • Allows text displayed by 'What's New' to be in the selected language
  • changes header to save space
  • makes 'Linked-to' column wider.
10 February 2015 Media Preview Fixed UPDATE v9.2.2.2 & v9.2.2.2b This mod changes the position of the media preview popups to a fixed position in your browser.
  • Added Most Wanted media.
  • The v9.2.2.2b version incorporates the functionality of the Restrict Image Preview mod which is not compatible with the standard version of the Media Preview Fixed mod
08 February 2015 Citation Master Basic Mod UPDATE v10.1.0.3 Now compatible with TNG 10.1.0. (Thanks to Roger Mitchell for the initial patch set and testing.) Bill Herndon
01 February 2015 Mod User Support Form Update V9.0.0.4a/V9.0.0.5/V9.0.0.5a Updated for TNG v10.1 Jeff
31 Jan 2015 Me and Whats New Admin Links Mod New This mod adds links on the top of the Admin page menu for "My Page" and "What's New" Roger Mitchell
26 Jan 2015 Event Address Singleline mod Updated Updated for TNG V10.1 Graham
29 Jan 2015 TNG V10.1 Mods Updated various List of mods updated for TNG 10.1. Included is a list of some mods that are now obsolete Multiple
26 Jan 2015 Similarity search mod Updated Updated for TNG V10.1 Carlos Heuser
23 Jan 2015 Family Chart Mod Updated, Minor corrections and updates for 10.0.3 and same for 10.1.0. Chris Moss
19 Jan 2015 Default Photo Not Set on Import New mod prevents the default photo from being set on an import from the _PRIM Y parameter. This is helpful if you are using the Alternate Way of defining the default photo using treeID.personID.jpg. Ken
18 January 2015 UPDATE v10.1.0.0 Updated for TNG V10.1. Jeff
17 Jan 2015 Floating Report Editor New Makes the Report Editor more usable on wide screens. (TNG v10.1-compatible) Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Cemetery Edit Update & TNG v10.1 version Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Cemeteries Admin List UPDATE TNG v10.1-compatible & minor visual updates Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Admin Reports List New Adds columns to the Admin report selection list & adds a Create Report form within the Admin report selection screen. Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Admin Media Search Update & Bug fix; TNG v10.1 version Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Regroup Person Profile Update Major update; splits some functionality out into several new mods to reduce mod conflicts. Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Regroup Person-Date Place New Combines event date, place, and description into one table cell in Personal Profiles. Was part of Regroup Person Profile Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Regroup Person-Move Media New Moves Person Profile medial file display from below the map to above the map. Was part of Regroup Person Profile Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Regroup Person-No Living Data New In the Person Profile, suppress ALL data for living and private people. Was part of Regroup Person Profile Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Regroup Person-Other IDs New In the Person Profile, display child, parent, and spouse Person IDs in a distinve font. Was part of Regroup Person Profile Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 Regroup Person-Parent Rel New In the Person Profile, suppress "natural" relationship between child and parent. Was part of Regroup Person Profile Robin Richmond
17 Jan 2015 FindAGrave-FTM-RR New Facilitates links for Family Tree Maker users. (TNG v10.1-compatible) Robin Richmond
27 November 2014 Relationship Display Mod UPDATE v10.0.0.1 Fixed a couple of issues concerning page navigation when changing language. Jeff
20 November 2014 Show Error Logs Mod NEW v10.0.3.0 Adds an Admin menu item to display and optionally clear, the system error log. Roger Mitchell


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