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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v10 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V10.

With TNG V8 and above the preferred method for modifying TNG is to use the Mod Manager cfg files to install the Mods.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.

TNG 10.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 10.0
See TNG V10.1 Mods for mods that were changed for
TNG 10.1.0

The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v10 category: (Note that you can click on the Collapse link on the right to hide this table)

Please add new mods and major revisions at the top of the table using a push down list.
Please mention each mod only once to avoid the list becoming too long.

Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

Date Added Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
22 Feb 2016 Bug Fix-Showreport PersonID Update v9.2.0.2 Fixes a bug in showreport.php, where SQL queries using the fieldname personID can't move past the first page of results. The bug exists in (at least) TNGv9.2 through TNGv10.1.3 Robin
21 Feb 2016 Show Mod Names New v10.0.0.2 Utility mod - now used by many of my mods - to output a list of mods that affect the running program. Robin
21 Feb 2016 Blue Info Button New v9.0.0.1 Utility mod - now used by a few of my mods - that defines CSS to format a little blue information button. Robin
21 Feb 2016 Admin Media Search Update v10.1.0.8 Added thumnbnail search options, and a missing thumbnail message. Displays media key. Also now depends on Show Mod Names. Robin
21 Feb 2016 Admin Media Predefined Search Update v10.0.3.3 The predefined strings dropdown list now maintains its selection after search and page operations within a search. Also now depends on Show Mod Names. Robin
21 Feb 2016 Gedcom Import Mediatype New v10.0.0.1 Provides a value for the mediatype of all new Media records created by a Gedcom import. Probably useful only for Gedcom Imports from applications like Family Tree Maker that are restricted to a single media folder for all mediatypes. Robin
21 Feb 2016 Gedcom Import Monitor New v10.1.0.1 Provides options to monitor the progress and status of the Gedcom Import process. Robin
21 Feb 2016 Gedcom Import Purge New v10.1.0.1a Purges Medialink records (and fewer Places) at the beginning of the Gedcom Import Process. Robin
21 Feb 2016 New Account Validation New v9.2.2.1 Adds optional required fields, related messages, and "better" form validation to the New Account Form. Was part of New Account Warning Robin
21 Feb 2016 New Account Warning Update v9.2.2.4 Removed features that are now in New Account Validation. Focuses on message about lack of login form encryption. Uses Show Mod Names. Robin
21 Feb 2016 Regroup Person Profile Update v10.0.1.15 To establish compatibility with Citation Master, moved some features into Regroup Person-Sources. Also fixed a couple of bugs. Uses Show Mod Names. Robin
21 Feb 2016 Regroup Person-Sources New v10.0.1.15 Controls the level of source citation detail shown in the Sources section of the Person Profile. Enhancement to the features that were removed from Regroup Person Profile Robin
21 Feb 2016 Regroup Person-Date_Place, Move Media, No Living Data, Parent Rel Update v10.0.1.15 Minor update to use Show Mod Names. Robin
14 Feb 2016 Citation Master Update v10.0.2.6, v10.1.0.6 Adds support for TNG's short source titles and a new parameter that instructs Citation Master to substitute short titles for long titles when the latter are empty. Disambiguates some duplicate function code to support compatibility with the Regroup Person Profile series and other similar mods. v10.1.0.6 and v10.0.2.6 are recommended for all Citation Master users. Bill Herndon
1 Feb 2016 Suppress Surname Links NEW v10.1.0.0 Disables specific individual surname links generated by the various Surname files unless the user is logged in.
This prevents bots from 'harvesting' individual pages via the Surnames pages.
20 Jan 2016 Family Chart Mod Update v10.0.3.2d, v10.1.0.3c Tighten 10.0.3 version to prevent SQL injection attacks. For 10.1.0 use built-in TNG protection. Chris Moss
26 Jan 2016 Spouse Partner Label NEW v9.0.0.2 Replaces the 'Family' text label with 'Spouse/Partner' on the individual page Graham
25 Jan 2016 Randomphoto for Templates mod Update v10.0.1.3 Mod for template 11 added. Other template mods unchanged Graham
23 Jan 2016 Customized Logs Mod Update v10.0.0.8 This version adds an option for 4 different time formats for the timestamp on log entries. Thanks to Bernard Wortelboer for the suggestion and some of the code for this feature. This version also corrects an error in the cust_text modifications in some languages. Bryan
11 Jan 2016 Add Parents Children Row Update v10.1.0.0b Fixed the link '+' attached to children who have children (When Family Indicators Mod is installed).
  • This mod adds a 'Children' row to the parent section on a person's page.
  • Collapse option is available in Mod Manager after installing.
  • Will show a person preview if Family Preview Mod is installed.
  • Will show family indicators if Family Indicators Mod is installed.
9 Jan 2016 Burial Website Media Import Update v9.0.0.7 Updates:
  • Various updates to accomodate BillionGraves updated website.
  • Added $BWMI_mod['web']['x']['match_name'] for better name extraction from each site's title
13 Dec 2015 Showfolio Admin Mod New v10.1.1.1 Mod adds panel to TNG admin page to create and maintain folio control files. Rick
07 Dec 2015 Expand Collapse All New v10.0.0.0 This mod adds a toggle to the innermenu bar on an individual's page that will expand/collapse all collapsible fields. Jeff
20 Nov 2015 Cemeteries Columns Update v10.1.0.8 Updates v10.1.0.7 to add Tablet compatibility Graham
19 Nov 2015 Cemeteries Columns Update v10.1.0.7 Updates v10.1.0.5 to add Smart-Phone compatibility Graham
18 Nov 2015 Media Preview Auto Height Update v10.1.0.1 Updated for TNG 10.1.2+ Jeff
7 Nov 2015 Show Nicknames Update v10.1.0.0 Confirmed to work with TNG 10.1.3 with no changes Niels Kristensen
2 Nov 2015 Simple SEO Update v10.1.0.2 Corrects a compatibility issue with Living Color Mod and fixes an empty meta keyword that was being added to each page header. This release is recommended for all users of this mod. Bill Herndon
2 November 2015 Same Person Link Update v10.1.0.5a Updated cfg file to resolve conflict with Simple SEO mod Ken Roy
30 Oct 2015 Public Access Control Update V10.x.x.2b
(All versions)
The MM-parameters had %end:% tags. Removed.
The WhatsNew page was only protected in the DD menu. NOT protected at all now.
Both noted by M. Pannier. Thanks.
(For the 19 Oct update to v2, see below.)
Erik Hoppe
30 Oct 2015 Open My Page Update v10.0.0.3 The link is added to the leftmenu bar also, as suggested by M. Priestley and code provided by M. Pannier.
Added Dutch translation by M. v.d. Heuvel
Erik Hoppe
25 October 2015 Exclude Secret Notes Update v10.1.3.2 Updated for TNG 10.1.3 Ken Roy
25 October 2015 Census Plus International Update v10.1.0.3g
Updates were made
  • for the US Census Import for 1920, 1930, and 1940 variations
  • for the UK Census Import for 1881 variations
  • for the person linking so it will use the correct tree and not overlay an existing census event
  • for the transcript update to update the location in both the cpbase and cpdata record
  • for importing the location in new DOM source. It still allows you to specify the location before doing the import
Ken Roy
20 Oct 2015 Maternal And Paternal Lines Update v10.1.0.4 The Family pages displayed ugly under TNG v10.1.2 and several templates. (Esp. #12 as reported by Hendrik. Thanks!) Corrected.
Please note that the accompanying file folder is a replacement (rev. named).
Erik Hoppe
19 Oct 2015 Public Access Control Update V10.x.x.2
(All versions)
Protected DD-menu items are now removed from the menus.
If Media is protected, there is no Media DD-menu. See Visualization of this mod.
An error involving multiple Albums when Media is protected, is corrected.
Erik Hoppe
18 Oct 2015 Collapse Family Children Update v10.0.0.1b This mod collapses the children section on a person's page.
  • Notes attached to the parent's 'Name' were displayed. Fixed.
14 Oct 2015 Identity search fix New v10.0 Fixes a bug in the pulldown search box when inputting an ID, where all strings starting with those characters are returned. Chris Moss
11 Oct 2015 Remove Modifier Name NEW v9.2.2.0 Disables display of the modifier name in the Last Modified column on the What's New page. Graham
24 Sep 2015 Mobile Site Enhancements Update v10.1.0.4b Fixes the site title for templates that do not have a maintitle, like Template 8. Provided by Bryan Larson Ken
16 Sep 2015 Add Person Siblings Row Update v10.1.0.2 This mod NOW adds a 'Siblings' row to the info (top) section on a person's page.
  • Collapse option is available in Mod Manager after installing.
  • Include current individual option is available in Mod Manager after installing.
  • Will show a person preview if Family Preview Mod is installed.
  • Will show family indicators if Family Indicators Mod is installed.
14 Sep 2015 Newwindow Slideshow Bug NEW v9.2.0.1 Fixes a TNG bug that prevents the slideshow link associated with Person Profile media items from working if the first media item has its newwindow attribute set. Robin
14 Sep 2015 Deceased Indication Update v10.1.0.2 Now works with TNGv10.1 and above. Robin
14 Sep 2015 TextPlus Charts Update v10.0.2.10b & v10.1.0.10b
Languages v10.0.2.10c
Added annotation to make the Chart Formatting Form and help text easier to find and use, especially on the pretty-print page. Also fixed a bug that prevented non-English language installations from saving printer formatting settings to a cookie. Updated some German, Dutch, and Norwegian language strings. Robin
12 Sep 2015 Admin Languages Update v10.1.0.2 Pretty significant update. Combined the Edit Language form into the screen with Search and Add New Language. Added logic to come up with suggestions for the Language Display Name and Character Set when the user selects a language folder. Robin
04 Jul 2015 Family Edit Links Mod Update V10.1.0.2 Changed location modifications so there is no interference with Family Indicator icons. Jeff
5 Sep 2015 Submit Headstone Photo Mod Update v10.1.0.1 Fixed SMTP mail issue. Jeff
5 Sep 2015 Submit Photo/Document Form Mod Update v10.1.0.1 Fixed SMTP mail issue. Jeff
5 Sep 2015 Census Plus International Update v10.1.0.3f Updates were made
  • for the US Census Import for 1910 variations
  • for the UK Census Import for 1871 variations
  • for missing location in DOM source, Import screen now allow you to specify the location before doing the import
Note that updates were not retrofitted to the previous version of the mod for TNG 10 to 10.0.3

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