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! Description
! Description
! Developer
! Developer
| 8 Aug 2018
| 8 Aug 2018
| [[OpenStreetMap]]
| [[OpenStreetMap]]

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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v11 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V11.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.
Please read the TNG Mod Version Numbers for Beginners for an explanation on the mod version number meaning before downloading mods. You only need to download the mod that applies to your TNG version.

TNG 11.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 11.0

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The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v11 category:

Please add new mods and major revisions at the top of the table using a push down list.
Please mention each mod only once to avoid the list becoming too long.

Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

Date Added Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
8 Aug 2018 OpenStreetMap Update MouseWheel Zoom is OFF by default. Added to MM Edit options - Sugg. by Steven Davis
Eight new maps added for selection via MM Edit options - Sugg. by Katryne
Erik Hoppe
11 Jun 2018 Male Female and Parent Lines Update v11.0.0.8 Corrects error in the new file created by the mod (lines.php) Graham Chamberlain
28 Apr 2018 Citation Master Update v11.1.2.8a
Corrects an issue that caused duplicate citation entries under certain circumstances and fixes a compatibility issue with the Display Private Notes mod. Bill Herndon
7 Apr 2018 Citation Master Update v11.1.2.8
Major update that adds page references (a formatted reference that can be copied by other genealogists when they wish to reference a page on your TNG site), the ability to prepend and append text to citation/source fields, the ability to turn the Citation Master formatting engine on/off for citations, sources, references, and internationalization for 12 languages. This version is recommended for all TNG 11 Citation Master users. Bill Herndon
31 Mar 2018 Add DNA Test Results Update v11.1.1.9a Updated to fix following:
  • Goes to edit test after adding a new test as it did before TNG v11.1.1
23 Mar 2018 Change coding new v11.1.0.1 Change database and settings to use UTF-8 (or the opposite) Chris Moss
23 Mar 2018 Change prefix new v11.1.0.1 Change person prefix from e.g. I23 to P23 in database and settings Chris Moss
8 Mar 2018 Tree ID Mod Update v11.0.0.4 Updated to resolve conflict with Search Show Branch. Code provided by Robin Richmond Ken Roy
4 Mar 2018 Geocode Assist Mod Update v11.0.0.3 Updated to include the geocode_assistant function in the search.php results page. Code provided by Teresa Goatham. Moved the geocode_assistant function from personlib.php to globallib.php Ken Roy
4 Mar 2018 Display Private Notes New v11.0.0.1 New mod to display Private Notes instead of Notes if the notes are marked private, that is have the secret flag checked Ken Roy
24 Feb 2018 Forum for TNG Update v11.0.1.5 Read the Install instructions at the Wiki page!
Create new forums w/o a starting thread. No "sticky" thread needed. Forums can be empty (you can delete also the last thread in a forum). Add person or family ID to all posts. Align image left/center/right. Reported errors corrected (thanks to Dave Cole). Other errors found and corrected.
Erik Hoppe
18 Feb 2018 Search w/o Asterisk mod New v11.1.2.0 If a First name is stored including an asterisk (in Sweden it's quite common to mark the "calling name" like that), it is removed before the search so the search-string doesn't need to contain it.
Search = "John Adam" will find "John* Adam", "John Adam*" and "John Adam"
Erik Hoppe
11 Feb 2018 Simple SEO Update v11.1.1.6
New feature that supports adding any custom event as a meta keyword in HTML headers using a list of GEDCOM tags in mod parameters. HTML encoding of special characters for names, nicknames, aliases, and custom event values when written to headers. This version is optional but will be the final version prior to the release of TNG 12. Bill Herndon
22 Jan 2018 Show PHP Error Log Update v10.0.3.5
  • Renamed from Show System Errors Log Mod and updated by Ken Roy to fix overlay of Mod Manager clearlog text in languages other than English
  • Added cust_text.php for French-UTF8
  • Added cust_text.php for Czech-UTF8, German-UTF8, and Spanish-UTF8 provided by Ron Krzmarzick
  • Added cust_text.php for Swedish-UTF8 provided by Erik Hoppe
Ken Roy
21 Jan 2018 Burial Website Media Import Update v9.0.0.10
  • Change to new URL for Find A Grave. This includes adding "/memorial/" in the match_url
  • Expanded the search for existing media by matching IDs for media and burial citations instead of just the media URL. This allows for updating older links even if the URL structure changes.
Wendel Voigt
7 Jan 2018 Flat and Squared mod Update v11.1.2.1 Mod Maternal Paternal Lines (if installed), Modmanager styles (both thanks to Jean-Louis V.) and Mainphoto for templ #2 are included.
Borders in the left menu of template #9 are removed.
Erik Hoppe

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