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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v11 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V11.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.

TNG 11.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 11.0

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The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v11 category:

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Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

Date Added Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
11 Feb 2017 Burial Website Media Import Update V9.0.0.8
  • When just doing updates (i.e., $BWMI_mod['update'] = 0), only print out results of added entries. This reduces the displayed clutter.
  • Allow mod to follow website redirection
  • Print error information when having trouble getting a URL
  • Changed default Find-A-Grave to be https instead of http
9 Feb 2017 Citation Master Update v11.1.0.7 Compatible with TNG 11.1 and includes all the mod's version 7 functionality. In addition adds support for moving the extensions directory (a TNG 11.0.2 feature). This update is required for TNG 11.1 users. Bill Herndon
9 Feb 2017 Citation Master Update v11.0.0.7 Adds support for three additional citation fields, _CDSC (database field 'description'), _CTXT (field 'citetext') and _CDTE (field 'citedate'). Also adds a new formatting option, 'format' which can be used with date fields stored in the DB or in custom events. (See the documentation and examples.) This update is optional for 11.0 users. Bill Herndon
07 February 2017 Family Chart Help Update v11.0.0.2a Rationalisation of Help texts; Visualisation added. Graham
06 February 2017 Customized Logs Mod Update v11.1.0.4 This version has been updated to support TNG V11.1. Bryan
05 February 2017 Add DNA Test Results Update v11.0.0.7a Updated for TNG V11.1
  • Removed needed code from the mod that is now present with TNG v11.1
  • Fixed mod conflict with Family Indicators Mod
  • DNA groups table will now optimize/back-up on batch optimize/back-up.
  • Moved all DNA related settings to Admin Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >> DNA Tests.
  • Input fields were added in Admin Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >> DNA Tests for column heading background and text colors on the Y-DNA comparison page.
    To initialize the column heading colors go to Admin Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings >> DNA Tests and then click 'Save' at the bottom of the page.

Clicking the 'Update DNA Tests Table' button in Mod Manager for this mod is required after installation.

4 Feb 2017 Simple SEO Update v11.1.0.4 Now compatible with TNG 11.1 and adds support for changing the extensions directory (a TNG 11.0.2 feature). This version is required for all Simple SEO users who have upgraded to TNG 11.1.0. Bill Herndon
18 Jan 2017 Show Husband or Wife mod Update v11.0.1.1 Added Partner if both persons are of the same sex (proposed by Ken Roy)
French translation by Ken Roy.
Erik Hoppe
18 Jan 2017 Public Access Control Update v11.0.0.3 Did not protect PDF in familychart.php. Thanks to Glenn for the alert. Erik Hoppe
16 Jan 2017 Randomphoto for Templates mod Update v11.1.0.2 Template4 only Mod for template 4, v11.1 only added. Other template mods unchanged Graham
11 Jan 2017 Broad Search mod Update v11.1.0.2 Update for TNG v11.1 with some formatting cleanups Chris

08 Jan 2017 01 Jan 2017

Place_Map Update

v10.0.0.8 v10.0.0.7

  • update place_map.js to be more robust in ignoring invalid event types
  • Fixed problem with map keys not being loaded for google maps
  • Removed &sensor=false in calling google maps since it is no longer needed and was giving a warning.
01 Jan 2017 Collapse Family Children Update v11.0.0.0/v11.0.2.0 Updated for TNG v11 Jeff
29 Dec 2016 Tables of Descendants Update v10.1.3.3 Where cousins have become spouses or partners and have had children then these children no longer appear twice in the tables.

In previous version when a person's name was clicked on an optional setting allowed you to choose between displaying the person's record or the tables of their descendants. In this version that option is removed and if a person has children then an extra link is shown beside their name to allow the descendants tables to be displayed.

Jim Graham
15 Dec 2016 Broad Search mod Update v11.0.0.1d make search efficient in large databases and correct numbering in subsequent result pages Chris
11 Dec 2016 Broad Search mod Update v11.0.0.1A correct numbering for multiple solutions and minimise conflict with Married Name in Search Mod Chris
10 Dec 2016 Mouse Wheel Zoom Update v11.0.2.3 Fix the mod version number issue when saving the Map Settings Ken
9 Dec 2016 Broad Search mod New v11.0.0.1 Allows quick search for a name using nicknames, aliases, married names Chris
01 December 2016 Family Edit Links Mod Update v11.0.0.1 Mod conflicts with Spouse Partner Label and Show Husband or Wife mod resolved by Ken. Jeff
1 December 2016 Spouse Partner Label Update v9.0.0.4 Adds wiki link and improved Dutch translation; corrects %name directive Graham
30 November 2016 Bot-Trap Mod Update v10.1.0.3 Fixes validation problems caused by older version of mod, also fixes missing check for .htaccess from v10.1.0.2. Bryan
25 November 2016 Census Plus International Updated v11.0.2.5c
  • version 5a Corrected the Check Census Links counts in the Import Secondary Processes
  • version 5a Changed 1825 Census of Canada to a summary type census
  • version 5a Added support for new DOM source generation
  • version 5b Added support for yet another variation of new DOM source generation
  • version 5c Added support for new URL structure that impacted the DOM source generation
19 Nov 2016 Search Form Help mod Update All versions Provides an updated Help file (v3) that is compatible with SSL and corrects an invalid link to the TNG Forum Graham
08 November 2016 Media Preview Fixed Update v10.1.2.1 Added media 'Title' and 'Description' to the preview. Should work with TNG V10.1.2+. Jeff
7 Nov 2016 Restrict Image Preview Update v10.1.2.5 Compatible with TNG v10.1.2 and removes conflict with latest version ( of Media Preview Fixed Graham
30 Oct 2016 NearD Support New v10.1.0.2 Initial release. Supports installation of v10.1.0.2 of the NearDark and NearDawn templates by adding the necessary templateconfig.php variables, language support for Spanish and German, and the code that does left-side icon/link clustering. Bill Herndon
29 Oct 2016 Mapplace To Link mod Update v10.1.3.2 Option to open pages in new tabs added. Thanks to Michael for the suggestion. Erik Hoppe
14 Oct 2016 Descendtree Counter mod Update v10.0.0.1b The word "tree" changed to "view" ("Ansicht" / "vy") - excellent suggestion by Willem van O. Erik Hoppe
09 Oct 2016 Simple SEO Update v11.0.0.3 Adds internationalization for family titles on the familygroup.php, familychart.php, and suggest.php pages (8 languages are supported, per the Wiki). Also supports family titles in PDF reports. Family IDs are now optional on pages and controlled by a Mod param This update is recommended for all users of the Mod. Bill Herndon
04 Oct 2016 Add GOV-ID Mod Update v11.0.2.0 Fixed to work with TNG v11 by Carlos Heuser Ulli Heist / Martin Pannier
28 Sep 2016 Similarity search mod Update v11.0.2.0 Fixed to work with TNG v11.0.2 Carlos Heuser
27 Sep 2016 World Map Mod Update v11.0.2.0 Fixed by Ken Roy to work also with sites that use https - Tested by Ken, Michal Papousek and Roger Moffat Carlos Heuser
23 Sep 2016 Ancestor map Update v11.0.2.3 Updated for TNG v11.0.2 to fix issue with v11.0.2.2 only showing innermenu for Admin if PDF not allowed and to support https Roger Moffat
19 Sep 2016 Verticalchart Photos mod New Adds photos to the ancestors diagram in verticalchart.php Erik Hoppe
18 Sep 2016 Signature Display
Wikipedia Link Mod
Media - Census Plus International
Tooltip Mod
Image Map Message Mod
Updated v11.0.2.2
Updated to use the $extspath variable for the extensions folder target now used by the Mod Manager changes that will allow the user to rename the extensions folder.
Note that not all mods have been updated to support the rename. For example, the Census Plus International mod has not yet been updated.
17 Sep 2016 Count Ancestors n Descendants Update Added Spanish, Dutch and French translations, kindly provided by Graham Chamberlain. Erik Hoppe
16 Sep 2016 Scrollbox mod Update
Slow Scrolling will leave the Tabs visible. Maternal & Paternal lines mod pages are modified if present. Reserves space for Descendtree Counter mod text if present. Erik Hoppe
15 Sep 2016 Disable MySQL Strict Mode New v11.0.0.1 Added changes made in TNG v11.0.2 to disable MySQL Strict Mode in TNG v11.0 and v11.0.1 Ken

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