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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v12 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V12.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files. For several TNG v12 mods, you also need to have updated your cust_text.php files using the Recommended Updates tab in the Mod Manager.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.
Please read the TNG Mod Version Numbers for Beginners for an explanation on the mod version number meaning before downloading mods. You only need to download the mod that applies to your TNG version.

TNG 12.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 12.0

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The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v12 category:

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 Date Added  Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
17 Sept 2018 Married Name in Search Mod Update Visual corrections to template 13 and genlib.php and index.php XHTML ver 1 Transitional compliant. Russ Strong
17 Sept 2018 Fixed Family Tab New This mod makes the Family tab stay active after selection, and navigating family pages is done in the innermenu (like ancestors or descendants pages). Erik Hoppe
16 Sept 2018 Media Share Mod New Modification adds metatags to media pages which allow Shares to social media (currently Facebook) to include currently displayed images within social media's feed (ie: Facebook's timeline). Standard Share button provides all data needed. Lee Herron
16 Sept 2018 Fan Chart Fix New Makes several fixes to the Fan Chart. Brent Hemphill
16 Sep 2018 Census Plus International Update v12.0.0.7d v12.0.0.7d added ne CP Labels for 1841 and 1891 UK census import
v12.0.0.7c fixed Import Secondary Process, Check Census Links to detect missing Census Events after an import
v12.0.0.7b fixed upgrade instructions in mod cfg file.
v12.0.0.7a fixed syntax error in cpcreate.php (Add tab)
V12.0.0.7 was updated for TNG v12 to save the CP Settings file across mod updates
Ken Roy
14 Sept 2018 Comments NEW Adds a Comments event for user comments on getperson, familygroup, placesearch and showmedia. Adds a page with a list of pages with comments. Erik Hoppe
14 Sept 2018 Rip Prevention Mod Update update mod to fix an issue with the Show Access being unreadable in Templates 9, 13, and 14. Also fixed a possible issue with the Click Counter II Email Notify mod. Brent Hemphill
8 Sep 2018 Citation Master Update v11.1.2.8b Corrects an issue that prevented trailer punctuation (usually periods) from being displayed in page references and fixes a compatibility issue with the Relationship Display Mod. Bill Herndon
4 Sept 2018 Rip Challenge Mod Update Updated to work with reCAPTCHA v2 keys in TNG 12 settings. German and Danish translations by Hendrik Martius and Mogens Fenger. Brent Hemphill
8 Aug 2018 OpenStreetMap Update Googlemaps Key message removed from admin_main.php - Sugg. by Steven Davis
MouseWheel Zoom is OFF by default. Added to MM Edit options - Sugg. by Steven Davis
Eight new maps added for selection via MM Edit options - Sugg. by Katryne
Erik Hoppe
17 Jul 2018 User Footer Copyright Update v12.0.1.8 Updated to handle 2 different versions of genlib.php (original TNG 12.0.1 and fix merged into zip file)

added a GDPR version of the mod that puts the Data Protection Policy link in a separate line and adds an Imprint link if activated.

Ken Roy
12 Jul 2018 Add GOV-ID Mod Update v12.0.1.1 Choice of the wikipedia language is better handled - Mod documentation rewritten Carlos Heuser
07 Jul 2018 Public Access Control Update v12.0.0.1 Corrected error in register.php. Thanks to Hans W for the alert. Erik Hoppe
30 Jun 2018 Secret Notes for Admin Update v12.0.0.2 Updated for TNG 12 to add conditional processing if the Display Private Notes mod is installed Ken Roy
28 Jun 2018 Scrollbox mod New v12.0.1.0 New version to work with the latest TNG 12.0.1. Thanks to Ron for the alert. Erik Hoppe
27 Jun 2018 Ancestor map Update v12.0.0.5 v12.0.0.5 updated to fix several single-quoted variable syntax errors.
Added restriction to TNG Wiki mod page that latitude and longitudes must use decimals and not commas which cause javascript variable errors.

Addon mods updated on 30 Jun 2018 to support v12.0.0.5 changes
v12.0.0.4 updated by Erik Hoppe to support both Google Maps and OpenStreetMap TNG v12. Use add-on mod for TNG v10 and v11

Erik Hoppe
Ken Roy
26 Jun 2018 Show Nicknames Update v12.0.1.0 Compatibility with TNG v12.0.1 (removed double nick name in search listings), and option 2 now working properly (square brackets around nickname) Niels Kristensen
17 June 2018 Restrict Access mod Update v12.0.1.6 Updated for TNG v12.0.1 beta 2 ( with showsource.php in TNG v12.0.1 Graham Chamberlain
16 Jun 2018 PersonID Note Mod Update v12.0.0.1 Updated to extend the personID column to the admin_notelist.php in TNG v12 Ken Roy
31 May 2018 Revert $tmp variables to TNG v11‎‎ New v12.0.1.1 New mod that reverts the $tmp (Template variables) back to begin.php so users do not need to rework all their user-created pages that have been created during the last 12 years Ken Roy
20 May 2018 Template Manager New v12.0.0.0 Supports loading, unloading, saving, and erasing of template data to/from the TNG database. The mod can be used to preserve templates across releases and is necessary for installing new templates into TNG 12. Bill Herndon
15 May 2018 Person Map

Mobile Individual Page Map - Person Map

Update v12.0.0.7


Updated to fix TNG v12 version issue when Map Settings is saved Ken Roy
12 May 2018 Redundant Person Tabs Update v12.0.0.0 Updated for TNG v12 Jeff
10 May 2018 Suppress Surname Links Update V12.0.0.1 New version for TNG v12. Graham Chamberlain
10 May 2018 Search w/o Asterisk mod Update V12.0.0.0 New version for TNG v12. Is also neglecting * in Nickname. Erik Hoppe
10 May 2018 Collapsible Standard Events Update V12.0.0.0 New version for TNG v12 Erik Hoppe
8 May 2018 Scrollbox mod Update V12.0.0.1 New version for TNG v12 standard templates 1 - 18. Thanks to Ken for suggestions!
Remember to read UNINSTALL instructions!
Erik Hoppe
2 May 2018 Unused Media Update v12.0.0.0 Updated for TNG v12 changes. Warren Gilbert
2 May 2018 NearD Support Update v12.0.0.3-rc1 Release candidate for early TNG 12 adopters. This version is only for users upgrading to TNG 12. A new mod (under development) will be needed for TNG 12 users wishing to install the NearDark and NearDawn templates from scratch. Bill Herndon
1 May 2018 Ancestor map Update v12.0.0.3 Updated for TNG v12 to use new Mod Manager %note to indicate requirements. Associated mods also updated to v12.0.0.1. No code change. Ken Roy
1 May 2018 Mobile Site Enhancements Update v12.0.0.3 Updated for TNG v12 changes in dna_test_results_lib.php Ken Roy
1 May 2018 Tree ID Mod Update v12.0.0.5 Updated for TNG v12 changes that display branches in the Tree Name column Ken Roy

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