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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v12 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V12.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files. For several TNG v12 mods, you also need to have updated your cust_text.php files using the Recommended Updates tab in the Mod Manager.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.
Please read the TNG Mod Version Numbers for Beginners for an explanation on the mod version number meaning before downloading mods. You only need to download the mod that applies to your TNG version.

TNG 12.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 12.0

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The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v12 category:

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Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

 Date Added  Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
26 May 2020 Citation Master Update Corrects an issue where source entries with the same identifier across multiple trees could be referenced incorrectly; Adds caching for source format specifications to improve performance and reduce memory consumption. This update is recommended for all TNG 12.0 and later users. William Herndon
23 May 2020 Private Media Mod Update correct omission of private action in descend.php, relationship.php and pedigree.php Chris Moss
21 may 2020 Republican Dates/fr
Republican Dates
Important Update ! Ce Mod traite les dates républicaines, encodées ou importées. v 2 : Mois Brumaire et Frimaire intervertis !
This Mod handle french republican dates.v 2 : Months Brumaire and Frimaire not correctly set !
18 may 2020 Confidential Notes Color Update This Mod colors your confidential notes. 3b "Underlined" was not functionning. Add a space after the title.
Ce Mod colore vos notes confidentielles. 3b Choix "Souligné" ne fonctionnait pas - Ajout d'un espace après le titre
18 may 2020 Numeric dates/fr
Numeric dates
New Ce Mod remplace l'affichage standard par un affichage numérique (24/09/2020). Peut être utilisé avec ou sans le Mod Republican Dates.
This Mod replaces the standard display with a digital display (09/24/2020). Can be used with or without the Republican Dates Mod.
17 may 2020 Forum for TNG Update Thread start date was not displayed in the Forum's thread list. Also checked f. TNG v12.3 Erik Hoppe
16 may 2020 Comments Update Apostrophes in names were not handled correctly (Thanks to Marc Irish and omalleyashe for the alert) Erik Hoppe
16 may 2020 Scroll-xy New Scroll pages vertically and horizontally Steven Davis
6 May 2020 Public Access Control Updated Update for TNG 12.3 by Ken Roy and Ron Krzmarzick. Conflict with Person Media Title fixed by Brent Hemphill. Erik Hoppe
6 May 2020 Person Media Title Updated Update for TNG 12.3. Also fix undefined variable notices. Conflict with Public Access Control fixed. Add Dutch text thanks to Renze Petersohn. Brent Hemphill
4 May 2020 Custom Counters Mod Updated Update for TNG 12 custom text locations. Also fix undefined variable notices and a spelling error. Brent Hemphill
3 May 2020 Expand Statistics Updated UPDATE - Added alternative ways to include veterans - various other fixes. A. Scott DuPree
30 apr 2020 OSM Automatic Geocoding Update Géocodage automatique de vos lieux. Utilise l'API "Nominatim pour OSM". A utiliser avec ou sans le Mod [Open Street Map]
Automatic geocoding of your places. Uses the "Nominatim for OSM" API. To be used with or without the [Open Street Map] Mod.
29 Apr 2020 Show Siblings Update V10.1.0.4c Changed the edit otions to use 1/0 inst. of true/false to overcome a MM bug. Erik Hoppe
10 apr 2020 Direct Edit Menu
Direct Edit Menu/fr
update Installe un menu supplémentaire sur la page getperson.php - Adds a new menu on your getperson.php page.
Update : Fix compatibility problem with "Fixed family Tab" Mod
9 Apr 2020 Source Occurrences Mod Updated UPDATE - Accommodates the "Last Update" column added to admin_sources.php in TNG12.1 Robin Richmond
06 apr 2020 Expand Search Updated Small fixes and an "All-USA" residence search (Type in "All-USA" in the Residence field) that will return people with birth or death in the USA even if no country has been entered (i.e. "Los Angeles, California" or "Detroit, MI") A. Scott DuPree
06 apr 2020 Let See Some Pages
Let See Some Pages/fr
Update Ce mod permet à un utilisateur non connecté de voir certaines de vos pages.
This mod allows an offline user to see your some of your pages. 06 apr: +"Statistics" page + Choose to show or not the pages.
06 apr 2020 Watermark | Watermark/fr Update UPDATE 06 apr 20 : replace mysqli_fetch_all() function with mysqli_fetch_array() function. Michel KIRSCH
29 Mar 2020 Show Nicknames Update Updated for TNG v12.3 by Niels Kristensen, with thanks to Ron Krzmarzick for assistance. Niels Kristensen
15 Mar 2020 Collapse Family Children Update Updated for TNG V12.3 by Ron Krzmarzick and published by Ken Roy. This is the same code version as Ken Roy
15 Mar 2020 Customized Logs Mod Update Updated for TNG 12.3 and includes several new $text variables and updates for TNG 12.3 change log item 11. Logs/Security: Log entries will now screen out attempts to log redirection and other malicious code. This is the same code version as Ken Roy
15 Mar 2020 OpenStreetMap Update Updated for TNG 12.3 and also includes fix for deprecated each() function provided by Michel Kirsch for googlemaplib.php. This is the same code version as the version of the mod. Ken Roy
15 Mar 2020 User Footer Copyright Update GDPR version only updated for TNG 12.3 for https link to TNG site. Non GDPR version of the User Footer Copyright mod does not require any code change for TNG 12.3. This is the same code version as the version of the mod. Ken Roy

07 mar 2020 Place_Map Update
You can click on the [Expand] link on the right to view other recent changes hidden section or [Collapse] to hide the section again.
  • Added setting and support for Open Street Maps as an alternative to Google Maps. Will automatically switch to Open Street Maps if no Google map key is set.
  • Added setting for initial map display type. Can be 'ROADMAP', 'SATELLITE', 'HYBRID', 'TERRAIN'.
  • Added check for place levels that have no entry. Now provides a default.
  • Fixed issue where $subroot was not being used when loading mapconfig.php.

Other recent changes include:

  • Can now configure what if any totals are displayed on the Places and Events legends.
  • Places and Events totals are now for the selected Tree, not all the Trees (unless All Trees is selected.)
  • Event legend can now be turned off.
  • Several new features on the date display. Individual date ranges are clickable. Can set starting date interval (by number or year).
  • Added an option to skip year intervals with no events.
  • Set the lat/lng accuracy to 5 decimal places (1.1 meters).
  • Can now select which TNG tree displays upon page load. If the tree is not found, places for all trees are displayed.
  • Add option to change settings via URL parameters. If enabled, URL parameters can be used to change the map. See config for the URL parameters for each option.
  • Now hide the sidebar controls if the sidebar is turned off in configuration (NOTE: visitors will not be able to turn on the sidebar).
Wendel Voigt
04 mar 2020 Add Cousins Button Update Installe un bouton supplémentaire dans votre liste d'utilisateurs vous pouvez visualiser votre cousinage avec un lui.
Installs a new button into your users list allowing you to see your relationship with a user of your site. Update 04 mar 20 : Compatibility with Watermark Mod.
04 Mar 2020 Similarity search mod Update Was not working with TNG installed in a subfolder (fixed) Carlos Heuser
1 Mar 2020 Prolog Mod Update Adds PHP Rotating Logs for Administrator Rick Bisbee
14 jan 2020 World Map Mod Update Small place markers were not being displayed (fixed). Carlos Heuser
06 jan 2020 Validations Checks Update Ce mod installe une icône supplémentaire dans la liste des anomalies de votre base de données. Il vous permet de visualiser directement les anomalies que vous avez déjà vérifiées par le passé.
This mod installs an additional icon in the list of anomalies found in your database. It allows you to directly view the anomalies you have already checked in the past.
04 jan 2020 Add View Button to validation reports Update Ajoute un bouton "Voir" à la liste des problèmes rencontrés lors d'une validation de données - Add a "View" button to the list of the problems encountered when making a data validation. Michel KIRSCH
09 Dec 2019 Rip Prevention Mod Update v12.0.0.0e update mod to fix some PHP 7.4 notices. Also updated the ban and warning screens to HTML5 stylizing thanks to Randal Squire. Brent Hemphill
08 Dec 2019 Connections Counter Update Installe une petite table (tng_hits) pour compter les connexions sur votre site. Le résultat est montré sur votre page d'accueil.
Installs a little table (tng_hits) to count the connections to your site. Result is showed on your home page.
04 Dec 2019 Add Cloud of Names New Ce mod installe un nuage de noms sur votre page d'accueil. Le nuage est paramétrable via l'interface Easy Edit
This mod installs a surnames cloud on your home page. The cloud is configurable via Easy Edit interface
27 Nov 2019 Add Attachment Link Update Corrected file encoding of the Updated French text translations. This mod allows users to add an Attachment to their suggestion. Russell Strong

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