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Ambox notice.png The Mods for TNG v13 category contains articles on changes made to the TNG software to change the behavior or the resulting page display specific to TNG V13.

Since some of the mods include cust_text.php changes, you should not delete the English folder, which also contains the Admin Help files. For several TNG v13 mods, you also need to have updated your cust_text.php files using the Recommended Updates tab in the Mod Manager.
You should update the TNG Sites Using section of the mods you download and install on your site.
Please read the TNG Mod Version Numbers for Beginners for an explanation on the mod version number meaning before downloading mods. You only need to download the mod that applies to your TNG version.

TNG 13.0

The following are TNG Mods that work with
TNG 13.0

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The following are newly added or updated mods in the Mods for TNG v13 category:

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Note that the table will be cleaned up periodically to remove entries added over 90 days ago.

 Date Added  Mod Name Status Version Description Developer
15 Jan 2021 Relocate Person Photos Update Updated for TNG 12.3 and TNG13.0+ by Ron Krzmarzick Jeff Robison
15 Jan 2021 Add Person Siblings Row Update Updated for TNG 12.3+ by Ron Krzmarzick and Ken Roy to
  • add option to highlight the current person in the list of siblings if the option is set to include the current person
    1 = highlights the whole row (default)
    2 = highlight the current person name only
    3 = highlight the current person name with a $sibnote text string
  • add option to display gender if set to true ( defaults to false)
Jeff Robison
Ken Roy
14 Jan 2021 Submit Photo/Document Form Mod Update Updated for TNG 13.0.1+ by Ron Krzmarzick Jeff Robison

13 jan 2021 Hide events Update Downgrade the version number from 13.0.2 to 12.0.2 and change the location to complies with TNG 12.0.2.
Vous permet de cacher, sur la page getperson.php, les événements que vous désignez dans les paramètres du Mod.
Allows you to hide, on the getperson.php page, the events you have designed in the parameters of the Mod.
11 jan 2021 Confidential Notes Color Update Colorize notes for users too (browsenotes.php) - Colore également les notes pour les utilisateurs (browsenotes.php) Michel Kirsch
11 jan 2021 Watermark Update Upgrade : Internal changes to avoid Mods conflict and PHP warnings/notices. Secure users list (array).
Modifications pour éviter conflits avec Mods et warnings/notices PHP. Liste utilisateurs sécurisée.
10 jan 2021 Alternate spellings Update Affiche et rend "cherchables" les orthographes alternatives. Displays and makes searchable the alternate spellings.
Update :Dutch or French folders are no more needed - Fix compatibility with Regroup Person Profile Mod - Fix a max lenght error for table key
9 Jan 2021 Count Ancestors n Descendants Update Corrected French, thanks to Michel Kirsch's suggestions. Corrected Dutch suggested by Peter Buyk.
NOTE! the TNG12+ cust_text files update guidelines (see top of page)!
Erik Hoppe
22 Dec 2020 Mobile Site Enhancements Update Added support for 13.0 Ken Roy
22 Dec 2020 Source Occurrences Mod Update Added support for 13.0 Majdan
21 Dec 2020 New Account Validation Update Improved slash-quoting of the mod options. Fixed a PHP error that showed up only occasionally. Robin Richmond
21 Dec 2020 Place Edit-Cemeteries Upgrade Modified to cover 13.0 - 13.0.2 Robin Richmond
21 Dec 2020 Mod Manager Compare Update Fixed a PHP error that doesn't usually occur!?! Robin Richmond
21 Dec 2020 Regroup Person-Gender Before Birth Update Changed a mod location to remove an incompatibility with the Associate Names mod Robin Richmond
21 Dec 2020 Admin Places Geocode Upgrade Modified to cover 13.0 - 13.0.2 Robin Richmond
19 Dec 2020 Add GOV-ID Mod Update Updated for TNGv13.0.2 Carlos Heuser
9 Dec 2020 OpenStreetMap Update Required parameter for Geocode in Edit Place was changed giving error message. Now updated. Erik Hoppe
08 dec 2020 Associate names Update Les noms associés au nom de la personne courante peuvent être affichés sur getperson.php.
The names associated with the name of the current person can be displayed on getperson.php.
4 Dec 2020 Unlink private notes New Independently from the setting 'Allow to view private individuals' hide or show private notes Rob van Rij
3 Dec 2020 Admin Media Thumbnails Update Handled change made in the post-TNGv13.0.1 patch file Robin Richmond
3 Dec 2020 Placesearch-More Info Update Handled change made in the post-TNGv13.0.1 patch file Robin Richmond
3 Dec 2020 Regroup Person-Child2Parent Update Removed an pointless popup dialog box. Robin Richmond
30 Nov 2020 Switch Mobile or Standard New New mod for TNG version > 12.3 Enables Switching Mobile and Standard Views, header or footer, or both. Ron Krzmarzick
30 Nov 2020 Admin Media Predefined Search Upgrade Upgrade to TNGv13 Robin Richmond
30 Nov 2020 Admin Media Search Update Added some whitespace to the search form. Robin Richmond
29 Nov 2020 Fixed Family Tab Update
  • Multiple marriages are supported
  • The Individual Tab resets the Family and Family Tab to the first family
  • No conflict with Robin Richmond's Regroup Person Profile mod v13.0.0.19e
  • PHP Notes removed
Erik Hoppe
29 Nov 2020 Public Access Control Update Resolves conflicts with Robin Richmond's mods Erik Hoppe
28 nov 2020 Sosa
Update Now integrates the name particle (de, la, van, ...) as part of the lastname for Sosa lists
Maintenant, intégre le préfixe (la particule) comme partie du nom pour les listes de Sosa.
28 Nov 2020 Regroup Person Profile Update Establishes compatibility with Fixed Family Tab v13.0.0.2b and Public Access Control v13.0.1.4 Robin Richmond
26 nov 2020 Admin menu link New Adds a link to your Admin page to your menu bar. The link is visible only for the site's Administrators.
Ajoute un lien vers votre page Admin sur votre barre de menu. Le lien n'est visible que pour les Administrateurs du site.
23 Nov 2020 User Sorting Update Fixed bad targets and updated to TNG v12+ Standards Russell Strong
23 Nov 2020 No Headstone Photo Report Update Fixed Bad Targets and added French, German, and Dutch text changes and updated to TNGv12+ standards. Russell Strong
23 Nov 2020 Married Name in Search Mod Update Fixed Bad Targets in template 13 and Search.php and added templates 19 and 20. Russell Strong
22 Nov 2020 List Media Update Fixed Bad Target, updated browseowner.php and browseyear.php files. Russell Strong
20 nov 2020 Each Tree Its Template Update Plusieurs arbres ? Assignez un template différent pour chaque arbre. More than one tree? Assign a different template for each tree.
V 2 : Fix for "blank screens" - Fix pour "écrans blancs"
20 Nov 2020 Admin Branches Update Reset button wasn't working. Code cleanup. Robin Richmond
20 Nov 2020 Admin Branches Queue Update Coordinates with the new Admin Secondary Processes mod; Fixes some display glitches Robin Richmond
20 Nov 2020 Admin Media Search Update People linked to directly and through a citation were showing up twice in the "Linked to" column Robin Richmond
20 Nov 2020 Admin Secondary Processes New Improves the workflow of the Secondary Process menu, and displays information about the dilemma associated with the "Relabel Branches" process Robin Richmond
19 Nov 2020 Admin Languages Upgrade Upgraded to work in TNGv13.0.1 as well as TNGv13.0 Robin Richmond
17 nov 2020 Age at marriage
Age at marriage/fr
Update Adapatations pour langues germaniques
Add German - You can now add 'old', 'oud', 'alt' at end of line (She was 23 years old)
16 Nov 2020 Default Photo Preview Update Updated by Ron Krzmarzick. Popup preview position as in original mod, and due to overlay issues the family chart box preview is disabled. Jeff Robison
16 nov 2020 OSM Automatic Geocoding Update The "Geocoding" tab is now visible everywhere. Automatic geocoding is working again. Dutch translations
L'onglet "Geocodage" est visible partout, le géocodage automatique fonctionne à nouveau, traductions en Néerlandais.
Michel Kirsch
15 Nov 2020 Larger PDF sizes New New mod for TNG v13.0, Enables larger page size options for PDF reports. Brent Hemphill
08 Nov 2020 Rip Challenge Mod Update Update mod for reCAPTCHA errors and HTML5 validation. Also added French translations thanks to Katryne Chauvigné-Bourlaud. Brent Hemphill
08 Nov 2020 Rip Prevention Mod Update Updated for TNG 13. Added the ability to delete the table, fix issues with the messaging system, updated the good indexer list, updated to HTML5 validation, and make the text customizable language strings. Thanks to Steven Davis. French translations thanks to Katryne Chauvigné-Bourlaud. Brent Hemphill
06Nov 2020 Regroup Person-Map Children Retired Replaced by version of Event Map add children mod, from which it was first derived. Robin Richmond
06 Nov 2020 Admin Places Search Update The Tree column was not being hidden when there was only one column, and didn't toggle correctly when TreeID-One Column was installed Robin Richmond
06 Nov 2020 TreeID-One Column Update Simply fixed the internal version number, which didn't match the filename Robin Richmond
06 Nov 2020 Template Switch New New mod for TNG v13.0, Enables Switching Templates on all TNG pages. Ron Krzmarzick
4 Nov 2020 Event Map add children mod Upgrade updated to
  • use the getStdExtras function to get the extended event data
  • relocate the mod anchor to allow the mod to work with his Regroup Person mods by Robin Richmond
  • eliminate PHP notices on Undefined index by Ken Roy
Wendel Voigt
Robin Richmond

Ken Roy

3 Nov 2020 Cemetery Burials Table Update Fixed an undefined subscript error that was not breaking the program. Robin Richmond
03 Nov 2020 Display dates US/EU New Display dates as Oct 05, 2020 according to your choice for "Numeric Date Preference" (2 digits for days/months - format US)
Visualisez vos dates comme 05 Oct 2020 suivant choix de "Preference de date numérique"(2 chiffres pour jours / mois - format EUR)
3 Nov 2020 Gedcom Import Purge Update Changed a target location search string to accommodate a change in TNGv13.0.1. The mod works in both TNGv13.0 and TNGv13.0.1 Robin Richmond
2 Nov 2020 Signature Display Update Updated to fix PHP notices and warnings. Ken Roy
2 Nov 2020 Geocode Assistant Update Updated to fix PHP notices and warnings. Also renamed the mod from Geocode Assist Mod to match name in Mod Manager list Ken Roy
2 Nov 2020 Same Person Link Update Updated to prevent mixed collation sequence error when creating TNG Same Person Link table. Thanks to Brent Hemphill for providing the code. Also includes the language custom text files. Ken Roy

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