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Cemetery Edit
Summary Makes workflow and presentation changes to the Cemetery Edit form and "Add New" tab.
Mod Updated 15 May 2018
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TNG 12.0
TNG 11.0

See older versions in the #Revision_History
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Author(s) Robin Richmond
Homepage this page
Mod Support My Mod Support form or TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer My Mod Support form
Latest Mod v11.0.0.8b & v12.0.0.8b
Min TNG V 11.0
Max TNG V at least 12.0
Files modified
admin_editcemetery.php, admin_updatecemetery.php, admin_cemeteries.php, admin_newcemetery.php, admin_addcemetery.php, cemeteries_help.php, English cust_text.php, English-UTF8/cust_text.php, genstyle.css. installs rrbranch_timestamps_dbsetup.php, rrbranch_timestamps_status.php, rrbranch_timestamps_ajx.php, rrbranch_timestamps_dequeue.php, rrbranch_timestamps_tester.php
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Purpose of the Mod

This mod is intended to improve the workflow of the Cemetery Edit form and clarify some confusion about the form and its fields. It was motivated by trouble I had adding cemeteries, and my inability to recognize

  • which matching cemetery is most appropriate for use as the associated cemetery, and
  • whether I need to copy Geocode information from the Cemetery to the Place, from the Place to the Cemetery, or neither.

I was also initially confused about the relationship between Cemeteries and Places.

Changes made to the Cemetery Edit form include:

  • It adds a lookup tool that helps the user lookup the Associated Placename. The tool
    • Displays a list of matching Placenames
    • Displays each Place's Cemetery name, Location, and Geocode, which can automatically be copied to the Cemetery form,
    • Displays other potentially useful Place data, including the number of Burial events associated with each matching Placename.
  • Some form fields can (optionally) be moved above and below the map where I think that they fit better.
  • It adds annotation to the form, and some help links, including new inner menu entries,
  • Based on a mod parameter, the Edit page can be sure to open the Google map when the page loads if the Geocode fields do not have values, or the Edit page can hide the Google map as the page loads if the Geocode fields do have values.
  • It provides 7 mod parameters, as described just below.

See a detailed list of changes in the Visualizations below.

This mod also changes the "Add New" tab so that the "Add New" tab invokes the Cemetery Edit form instead of the nearly-identical (in pristine form) Cemetery Add form. As a result, the changes this mod makes to the Cemetery Edit form do not need to be made to the Cemetery Add form.

Mod Parameters

  1. Default country for new cemeteries
  2. Location of Image Fields in the Cemtery Form - The pristine code put the Cemetery Image fields at the beginning of the form. This parameter allows them to be placed there, or at the end of the form, just above the image itself.
  3. Location of Geocode Fields in the Cemtery Form - This parameter allows the Geocode fields to be below the map, where the pristine form places them, or above the map, where they are closer to the controls that display Placename geocodes and copy geocodes.
  4. Is there a Space in the Placename Delimiter? - A flag that determines whether spaces should be added after each comma that separates place components. This is important when the Associated Place field is constructed from the separate City, County, State, and Country names in the Cemetery table.
  5. Do Placenames reveal empty Placeparts? - If there is, say, no county in a placename, should represented in a form such as "Bethel Cemetery, Erie, Ohio, USA" or "Bethel Cemetery, Erie, , Ohio, USA". (The final format, of course, depends on the "Space in Placename" parameter, too.)
  6. Place Fields to Copy from the Placename Lookup & Copy pop-up - This parameter initializes checkboxes that determine which data elements are copied from the Place record that is selected as the Associated Placename.
  7. Count Burials in the Placename Lookup & Copy pop-up - The mod normally displays the number of Burial events at each Placename that matches the lookup search, but for some large databases, it may take too long to count burials, so the burial count can be suppressed.

The effects of Parameters 1 and 7 can be adjusted on the Cemetery Edit page. All of the others take affect silently, and their affects can only be changed by editing the Mod Parameters.

New Inner Menu Links

  1. Cemetery Report - This was labeled 'Test', and launches showmap.php, which displays details about a cemetery, including a list of burials there.
  2. Edit Places - This launches the Admin >> Places program in a pop-up window, using the Cemetery Name as a search key, so that the user can edit the Place that is intended to be used as the Associated Placename without having to leave the Cemetery Edit screen.
  3. Options - This link opens a menu that can
    • Launch a pop-up window that opens this Wiki article to the Mod Parameters section
    • Link directly to the Mod Manager page that edits the Cemetery Edit mod options.s Sometimes, it is not clear which place name should match the cemetery, and sometimes, the presence of multiple matching place names reveals a problem that would be resolved by editing, merging, or just looking more closely at the matching places. Therefore, as a convenience, a link that opens the place editor in a new window has been added to the edit form. (See the circled hyperlink in the AFTER visualization below.)
    • 'Cemetery Edit Mod - Opens a pop-up window that displays the Visualization from this article where all of the changes made by the mod are listed.

Related Mods

  • This mod uses the Field Buttons mod to attach small 'field buttons' to several text fields, but it is not dependent on Field Buttons. Field buttons are configurable (and generally one-character) buttons that reduce the typing or mouse movements needed to perform several common editing tasks. (See Field Buttons)
  • My Admin Cemeteries Search mod is a companion to Cemetery Edit. It was motivated by essentially the same purposes as this mod, and focuses on the Cemetery Search/Selection page, whereas Cemetery Edit focuses on the Cemetery Edit page. Aside from changes it makes to the Admin >> Cemeteries Search form and results, Admin Cemeteries Search places a simple "Add New Cemetery" form on the Search page, removes the "Add New" tab, and consolidates the Add New Cemetery form into the Edit Cemetery form.

Note that the changes to the Add New Cemetery form and workflow were moved from this mod to Admin Cemeteries Search with version 8 of both mods, so version 8 (and higher) of Admin Cemeteries Search is not is not compatible with older versions of this mod.

Mod Conflicts

No known conflicts. Admin Cemeteries Search is the only other mod that targets the Cemetery add and edit modules.

[Show Installation Details]


  • A working TNG installation.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  • You should backup files listed in the panel on the right.


  1. Remove and delete previous version of this mod.
  2. Backup the files updated by this mod. They are listed in the panel at the upper right.
  3. Download the .zip file, Extract its .cfg file to the mods folder.
  4. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files.


  1. Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  2. Contact me through My Mod Support form.
[Hide Details]


BEFORE: The unmodified Cemetery edit form, with the Google map hidden. (The mod doesn't affect the Google map, except that it can (depending on mod options) move some fields above or below the map.) The areas in red rectangles are moved or removed by the mod.
Cemetery edit-before.png
After Installation: The Cemetery edit form. Green rectangles mark what's new, and red rectangles mark things that have been moved or changed.

Cemetery edit-after1-full.jpg
Starting from the top:

  1. The "Cemetery Report" inner menu link used to be labeled 'Test'
  2. Three new inner menu links, as described in the New Inner Menu Links section above.
  3. One of several field buttons attached to fields. Each 'X' button clears that field. (Note that the visualizations do not portray the field buttons accurately, since I have updated the Field Button mod since I took the screen shots. The fields actually have two field buttons, X and R. The R button restores the value that the field has when the page was loaded.
  4. A button that opens the "Place Lookup & Copy" sub-form (See the next few visualizations to find out what happens when you do a Place Lookup.)
  5. "name" has been added to the "Associated Place" label and the Fill button to emphasize that the Associated Placename is not necessarily a single Place, with all of that Place's attributes, but that it can match the same Placename in multiple trees in the same database.
  6. The 'Fill Placename' button now observes the Mod Parameters that determine whether Place delimiters have spaces, and whether empty Place components are shown by adjacent delimiters. That is, it can generate names such as 'Huron County,Ohio,USA' (without spaces), 'Peace Cemetery, , Dover County, Utah, USA', and 'Peace Cemetery, Dover County, Utah'.
  7. A duplicate Save button near top of the form, for convenience, especially when the map moves the original Save button off the screen.
  8. The "Delete Selected" button for the Country field is disabled when the new Default Country has been selected.
  9. The 3 Geocode fields in this visualization have been moved from their position below the map, as guided by a Mod Parameter.
  10. The wording of the 'Copy this geocode information...' checkbox has been changed to emphasize that the information might be copied to multiple Placenames in the Places table.
  11. The Latitude and Logitude fields have field buttons. Their values are also rounded to (and saved with) a specific number of decimal digits. The modded program uses the number of digits defined a system parameter installed by the Admin Places Geocode mod, or, if Admin Places Geocode is not installed, it rounds to 6 decimal digits.
  12. The display of the clickable Google Map is affected by a Mod Parameter that allows the map to be hidden as the page loads if the Latitude and Longitude fields already have values - even if the applicable TNG system parameter says that maps should be displayed when Admin pages load.
  13. Changes to the fields that copy and/or select a Cemetery image file:
    • As with the Geocode fields, a Mod Parameter has directed that they be moved - in this case, below the map.
    • They have been reconfigured to more clearly distinguish between the 'Upload Image' process and the 'Select an Existing Image' process.
    • The footnotes at the bottom of the form (a long way from the original location of these fields) that provided help text for for these fields has been eliminated, and new text is now placed among the fields.
  14. The placement of the 'On save' options has been adjusted to improve readability.
The workflow of the "Placename Lookup & Copy" subform: Step 1: Click on the "Placename Lookup & Copy" button

(We'll focus on the upper part of the form, above the Google map.)

Cemetery edit-after-step1.png
Step 2: The Placename Lookup & Copy subform
  • The subform pops up. It contains:
    1. The search string for the lookup, and
    2. A radio button set that controls the type of search:
      • Starts With - The search string looks only at the beginning of a Place value,
      • Contains - The search looks anywhere within a Place value, or
      • 'Contains Each - The search looks for each place component (the comma-pieces) in each Placename in the database. (This option is disabled if the search string consists only of a Cemetery Name.)
  • The user clicks the 'right-arrow' button next to the City field to copy the City value to the search key. (The program uses a Mod Parameter to determine that there should be a space after the comma that it inserts before the City value.)
  • The user then clicks on the "Go!" button to launch the lookup.
Cemetery edit-after-step2.png
Step 3: Placename Search Results
  • The results panel pops up.
  • The user clicks on the Information button to read the help message.
  • The user reviews the data, and confirms that all 3 optional data elements will be copied.
  • The user selects the first result.
Cemetery edit-after-step3.png
Step 4: Close the Lookup & Copy subform
  • The results panel disappears
  • The Place data is copied to fields in the Cemetery form.
  • 'Up' buttons appear on the County, State, and Country fields in case a missing location component in the Placename caused the location components to be copied to the wrong fields.
  • In this case, no data needs to be moved.
  • The user clicks on the red X to close the Lookup & Copy subform
Cemetery edit-after-step4.png
Back at the Cemetery form without the Placename Lookup & Copy subform
Cemetery edit-after-step5.png

Revision History

      • The latest version of the mod is at the top of this table ***
Mod Version TNG Version Date Note 12.0+ 15 May 2018 No functional changes; made compatible with TNGv12. 10.1 - 11.1.2+ 10 Feb 2017 No visible changes on-screen, though the page as printed is different. Specifically:
  • Applied a "don't print on printer" class to the tab menu and inner menu, and the Action and Select columns of the results table.
  • No longer uses the external spreadsheet robinmods.css. Instead, style rules specific to this program are defined in an embedded stylesheet. The rules can be overridden in css/genstyle.css.
  • All links to the TNG Wiki use https 10.1 - 11.1.1+ 9 Sep 2017 Production version. Additional changes include:
  1. A link to the list of Mod Parameters (i.e. "Options") in the mod's Wiki article has been added to the Inner Menu.
  2. A link to the Visualizations in the mod's Wiki article has been added to the Inner Menu.
  3. The link to pop-up an Admin Places window (so that burial places can be created or edited as necessary while a Cemetery Edit page is open) has been moved to the Inner Menu.
  4. The fields that upload or assign a Cemetery map or photo image can be displayed at the top or bottom of the form, depending on a mod parameter.
  5. Several layout changes make the form less cluttered than previous versions of the mod.
  6. The table of matching Places (which supplies candidates for the Associated Place value and values for numerous fields on the form) is now placed in a pop-up LITBox, and uses AJAX so that the list of matching Places can be updated when the Cemetery Name and/or Location fields are updated.
  7. The search key for the table of matching Places is now a visible field that is automatically populated by the Cemetery Name as well as the location fields. It can be changed by the user before doing a Place Lookup.
  8. A new Mod Parameter allows the Map to be hidden (initially) if there are already Geocodes, so that the fields below the map can be more visible.
  9. The 'zoom' field is now numeric, and the checkbox for copying the Cemetery's geocode data to the associated places has been moved next to the zoom field.
  10. The "On save..." radio buttons and the Save button at the bottom of the form are now laid out horizontally. TNGv10.1+ 7 May 2017
  1. Added a border around the Add New Cemetery form
  2. Fixed a bug where a SQL statement used single quotes instead of double quotes and couldn't handle a value with a single quote.
  3. The CopyPlace button copies the City, County, State, and Country from the associated place, and creates database records for the State and Country if necessary.
  4. There is now a Round button that rounds the geocordinates to 6 decimal places.
  5. Renumbered the locations.
  6. The .rrnoprinter style class (which prevents an element from printing on a printer) is now defined locally. This removes a dependency on what is now an obsolete mod. TNGv9.2.2-10.1+ 11 Jan 2015 TNG v10.1 compliance - Changed trimreplace directives to replace, and changed mysql_* function calls to tng_* TNGv9.2.2-10.0.3 04Oct2014 Fixed bug with respect to selection of default country. Added $defaultcountry parameter so that administrators can pick the default country for new cemeteries. TNGv.2.2-10.0.1 05Apr2014 Restored the "Fill Place" button, and allowed users to enter an associated place directly. TNGv9.2.2-10.0.1 14Mar2014 Initial Release

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your site to the table below.

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database Robin Richmond Mod developer 11.1.2+ English
Total Family History Scott Bennett Private Site (For right now) V9.2.0.3 TNG 10.0.1 English
The Dutton's of Vermont Darrin Dutton 10.1.0 EN
MOTYER Family Genealogy John Mark Motyer Public site see here see here EN, DE, RU
R G Strong Family Genealogy Russell G Strong Public Site v11.0.0.0 v11.0.0 EN (DE, FR, NL)
Cole / Tanner Family Tree David Cole Public/Private see here see here English
Woking Family Tree Project Pete Smee Public/Private Brilliant Mod many thanks v12.0.0.8b v12.1 English