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With the Census Plus International mod, you can add census transcripts for:

  • US Federal Census
  • UK Census
  • Ireland Census
  • Scotland Census
  • Census of Canada
  • Acadian Census
  • New France Census
  • Lower Canada Census
  • US 1890 Veterans Schedule
  • German Census
  • Other Census

Add Transcript Steps

To Create a blank census transcript form:

  1. Select the Series or Collection
  2. Select a census year from the drop down box above
  3. Enter a location as Town, County, State, USA eg Albion, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
  4. Enter a National Archives Item ID if you are making a transcript using the National Archives nomenclature as seen on National Archives.gov m-t###-### etc *:
  5. Select the Tree to be used
  6. Select the Census Event to be used
    • the Select Event to be used is to accommodate more than one census event for the same year as well as users defining their own census events.
    • Census Events normally show in the Custom Events Table as CENS
  7. Click on the Create New Transcript button

You will be presented with an editable blank transcript for the year and location you indicated, where you should

  1. use the auto-fill for the starting Line Number
  2. use the auto-file for the Household Number
  3. enter the Number of Lines
  4. click the Add Detail Line(s)

Census Plus add step-2.jpg

Note that if you do not click the Add Detail Line(s) button, you will receive the following error message

No lines passed to process. Click the Back button and Add Detail Lines

at which point you need to click the Back button and enter the number of lines you want to add and click the Add Detail Lines button

Note that you need to

  • enter a Household number on each line that you create
  • add all the line numbers needed for the household, since you cannot add later
    • you don't need to necessarily enter the information, since you can use the Update function to update and / or complete the transcript later
    • you can also use the Edit tab to delete unwanted lines later

When you finish entering data in that transcript by clicking the Create New Transcript button which appears at the bottom

Adding A Related Page

With v9103 and above of the Census Plus International mod, to add a related page to an existing transcript:

  1. Follow the steps in the previous section entering the data from the existing transcript (Series, Tree, Event, Date etc.) .
  2. You will then need to copy the existing transcript ID and paste into the existing transcript ID input field. Only manually created transcripts are valid.
  3. In the next field enter 1 or 2 depending on whether you want to add page 1 (insert above) or page 2 (insert below) in relation to the existing transcript.
  4. Click on the Create New Transcript button.


If the existing transcript ID does not have the CPI unique transcript identifier, you will be given the opportunity to update it.
Without unique transcript identifier example - dbid=9999&iid=136.
With unique transcript identifier example - dbid=9999&iid=wqjp_136.
The unique identifier is necessary to insure the page you are adding is attached to a specific existing transcript only!
Without it, the new page can be attached to numerous other transcripts when displayed on the Individual (getperson.php) page.

  1. After updating the transcript ID, simply copy the new ID and close the window.
  2. Then replace the old ID in the 'existing transcript ID' input field with the new one.
  3. Click on the Create New Transcript button again.


Note: After the page is created and links assigned, the transcript will display as a single transcript for all persons in the same household.
Since the added page is a separate transcript, it must be edited/updated from the individual's page who are linked to it.
The transcript image for the added page may be assigned to the new transcript ID.

Other Census

You can use the Other Census collection to add other census that are not supported directly by the Census Feature mod. For example, it could be used to add

  • 1930 Census of Mexico transcripts
  • New Brunswick Special census that covers both sides of the border between Maine and New Brunswick

In the Add, Other Census you can select the Format for the census line you are adding, for example if you were to add a

  • State Census then you might choose the US Full format for a detailed display or the US Summary for a household summary type of state census
  • parish census then you might choose the Other Summary for a household summary type of census

Census Plus add other census.jpg

but don't ask us to include columns other than what are shown


Census Plus add step-1.jpg

Census Plus add step-2.jpg

Census Feature add transcript step-2.jpg

Census Feature add transcript step-3.jpg

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