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With the Census Plus International mod, you can update the imageurl field to indicate where Census Plus International should find the image associated with this transcript.

You can continue to use the images named dbid=8054&iid=4193966-00294.jpg saved directly in the census folder.

If you want to manage your census image names, you can also use the Census Plus International Image tab to update the location of the image. For example, you could use census\Ireland\1901_ORegan_John_family_Ireland_census_Carrignavar.jpg for the imageurl

or you could use a TNG media collection link that will use the TNG Image Viewer to display the image. For example, showmedia.php?mediaID=313&medialinkID=523

The v9101 logic for the Image link in the Census Plus transcript display on the Individual page (cpinclude.php) is to set the Image link as follows:

  • to Image URL, if the user used the Census Plus - Image tab to update the imageurl to
    • a different image name
    • a showmedia.php link
    • an alternate site for the image
  • to local site if the image file name is dbid=nnnn&iid=xxxxx.jpg
  • to point to the Ancestry web site for the image

Default Image Names

If you save the image to your census folder, the image must be named using the Transcript ID, unless you update the Image URL.

The easiest way to save images from Ancestry to census folder is:
  1. First import the transcript and link at least one individual
  2. Go to the individual's information page and copy the Transcript ID (dbid=###&iid=####) that appears under the census display
  3. Click on the Census Plus image link for the Census to return to the ancestry page
  4. Right click the image and save as to your census folder, pasting the Transcript ID into the file name

Simply store the file in your census folder. It can be accessed from the Image link that will appear whenever data from the transcript is displayed on an info page. It can also be accessed by clicking on the word Image in the upper part of the transcript when it is displayed.

Alternate Image Names

With Census Plus International the Image tab provides a URL update capability, you can now name the census images using any name you want and also save them in a subfolder to the census folder. For example
Census Plus image alt name.jpg

Media Collection

To update the imageurl associated with a specific transcript:

  • select the Census Plus International, Image tab in a separate browser tab
  • copy the Transcript ID from the Individual page shown under the Census Plus Display as dbid=nnnn&iid=nnnnn_nnnnn
  • paste the copied Transcript ID in the input field
  • find the URL for the showmedia.php for the census or the name of the file you want to use
  • Copy and Paste it or enter the file name in the in the Media URL input field

Census Plus image media collection.jpg

Alternate Site for Image

With Census Plus International the Image tab provides a URL update capability that allows you to point to an alternate web site where the image can be found, such as FamilySearch for example
Census Plus image alt site URL.jpg

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