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Edit Options

With the Census Plus International mod, you can use the Mod Manager Edit and change the following options

  • Add USA to US Federal Census place name - defaults to USA
  • Add UK to UK Census place name - defaults to null (no addition)
  • Delete transcript after import - defaults to No
  • Add specified value to US County - defaults to null (no addition) can be changed to "Co." or "County"
  • Add specified value to site URL - defaults to "com"
  • Display search link in Census Plus include (cpinclude.php) - defaults to No
  • Display the DOM Source window in admin_scrapetocensus.php - defaults to No
  • Overlay Census event location name - defaults to No
  • Display Transcript File name on Census Plus Transcript
  • Add new people to your database when importing Census Plus Transcripts - not yet implemented
  • Display all members of the household - defaults to No

Added in v9103 and above

  • Display Reference information under Census Transcript - defaults to Yes
  • Delete Census Events on Unlink PersonID - defaults to No

Preserving Options

To preserve your options across updates, make a back up copy the cp_settings.inc before removing the old version of the mod


The Add USA option defaults to adding USA for the country, but it allows you to control how your US locations are coded. If you do not add USA after the State name, you can clear the option, or you could change it to use United States or United States of America.

Census Feature opt USA.jpg

Add US County

The Add US County option defaults to not adding to the US county, but it allows you to control how your US locations are coded. If you do want to add Co. or County after the US county name, , you could change it to use Co. or County Census Feature opt US county.jpg

Display all members

If you change the option to 'y' to display all members of the household, then the Census Transcript on the Individual page will show all members of the household on pages where a PersonID assignment has been made. For example,
Census Plus opt return all.jpg

When the default option 'n' is used, then only the persons who have been linked or assigned IDs will be shown. For example,

Census Plus opt return all no.jpg

Display Reference

The default is to display the reference information for the census transcript.

Census Plus option display reference.jpg

With the default option a reference to the source information for the census transcript is provided on the left side below the census transcript.

Census Plus display reference.jpg

You can change the default option to 'n' to suppress the display

Census Plus display reference no.jpg

Delete Census Events

The default is to not delete the census event when Unlinking a Person ID.

Census Plus option delete census event.jpg

You can change the default option to 'y' if you want to delete the Census Events when you unlink a person from the census transcript.

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