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V9103 and above of the Census Plus International mod now supports the capability to document your Census Source citations.

The following are offered as examples of source documentation for different census. If a field is left blank, it will not be displayed below the Census Transcript on the Individual page if you leave the Mod Manager Edit option for Displays the Transcript Reference on the Census Transcript row set to y.

Note that not all the fields in the CP Display footer are displayed on the Individual Page. For example, the following will be displayed for

  • the UK Census -- PRO Class, Piece, Folio, Page, Microfilm and Image no
  • the US Federal Census -- NARA Pub: T9 Roll: 477 Page: 385A ED: 216 Sheet 4A Microfilm: FHL 1254477 Image: 44

if those fields are filled in.

US Federal Census

The NARA Pub is the US National Archives and Records Administration microfilm series. The Page number is the page within the microfilm, where as the Sheet number is that within the Enumeration District. Heritage Quest for example with show Series: T625 Roll: 638 Page: 259 on Ancestry.com you may need to scroll down their Tools, View Source to find the NARA Microfilm Series.

Census Plus reference US Census update.jpg

The fields entered in the above CP Update screen will be display on the left below the Census Transcript

Census Plus reference US Census.jpg

UK Census

The following was extracted from Roots UK Research Guide:

  • Public Record Office (PRO) Class = The National Archives class reference number
  • Piece number - The enumeration books are bound into volumes containing up to 200 sheets for archiving. The bound volume is referred to as a Census Piece and given a unique number
  • Folio number - As each book making up a Piece has identical pre-printed page numbers and there can be many books bound in a complete Piece, page numbers reoccur. To uniquely identify every sheet making up a Piece, it is stamped with another number in the top right hand corner, next to the page number.
  • Page number - As the Piece and folio numbers are unique, it is not really necessary to record the page number. The combination of the Piece and Folio numbers provide reference to a single sheet containing no more than 50 people, so the page number only narrows it down to one side of that sheet, or 25 people.

The following is an example of what Rick Hooley has done for the 1911 UK Census reference:

RG14PN21394 RG78PN1272 RD443 SD5 ED9 SN228

As the transcript is based on the Census Schedule rather than the Enumerator's Summary I have mapped the Schedule reference details to the main fields and put the Full reference including the Enumerators Summary ref in the Transcript Comments field.

PRO Class: RG14
Piece: 21394
Folio: 443/5 (which is combination of RD & SD)
Enum. District: 9 (which is ED)
Page: 228 (which is SN)

Census Plus reference UK Census update.jpg

Census Plus reference UK Census.jpg

Lower Canada Census

Census Plus reference Lower Canada Census update.jpg

Census Plus reference Lower Canada Census.jpg

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