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Census Event Types

TNG and the GEDCOM standard allows for two Census event types:

  • The Individual Census event is displayed in the Individual section of the Individual (getperson.php) page.
    Its purpose is to list for the relevant census event(s) the person who is the subject of the Individual (getperson.php) page.
  • The Family Census event is displayed in the Family and Parents sections of the Individual (getperson.php) page.
    Its purpose is to list the members of a family household for the relevant census event(s).

Census Plus International support

The Census Plus International mod was designed principally to deal with the Individual Census events. Normally it requires that you link every individual in the family but it can display every member of a household if you enable the Return All Individuals option.

The mod does offer the possibility to define Family Census events. For both of the individual and family census events Census Plus International either imports a census transcript from a website such as Ancestry or enables you to manually add the transcript of census data.

Normally, each individual in a census transcript is linked to their TNG record using their personID when linking to the Individual Census event.

In the Census Plus International mod, to link to a Family Census event

  • spouse(s) must be linked using the appropriate familyID
  • Children should not be linked, UNLESS you are importing a GEDCOM (see next section).

This will result in the transcript data being associated with an existing Family Census event or will create a new Family Census event in the database and will be displayed in the appropriate Family section of the Individual page. In order to see all members of the family, you need to enable the Return All Individuals option.

Family Event in Individual Section

If the other members of the household in an Family Census event are linked using their personID, in the Census Plus International mod this results in a problem where a Family Census event is created and displayed in the individual section of the Individual page.

There are two ways for users to currently deal with this problem:

  • Managing data only in TNG - do not link the individuals other than the spouses (using familyID).
  • Managing data off-line in a desktop genealogy application - reimport the GEDCOM which will result the loss of the 'false' Family Census events previously created

Why use the Family Census event

Considering the two census event types, one way of handling census data is to use the Individual Census ONLY when the individual is living alone or with another family. When an individual is a member of their own family household (spouse or child) they would be listed in the Family Census. Recording census data in this way means creating far fewer census events than, for example, creating a separate event for each individual in a family of, for example, say 10 individuals.

The main advantage for using the Family Census event is for those users who import a GEDCOM. Events must be created in the desktop application so that those created by the mod are not lost when the GEDCOM is imported. Also for GEDCOM importers all members of the household can be linked in the transcript.

Family Census Images

If a household for a Family Census event is split between two census images the mod can not display both images. The 'Image' link in the Census table displayed against the Family Census events will only link to the image for the first page.

A suggested way to work around this problem is to insert a link to the second image in the Notes section of the Family Census event. Visualisations of this method:

This is for a manually-entered transcript, with related images stored on TNG user's server:

Your Image Caption

The text/link entered in the Family Census event Note is:

  Household split over two census pages: click to display <a target="_blank" href="census/dbid=9999&iid=90.jpg"> Second Image</a>

Web link: http://www.katiandgraham.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I1101&tree=kegcTree

This is for an Ancestry transcript, with related images on Ancestry website, so only available to Ancestry subscribers.

Your Image Caption

The text/link entered in the Family Census event Note is:

Household split over two census pages: click to display <a target="_blank" href="http://interactive.ancestry.co.uk/7814/GLSRG13_2419_2421-0277"> Second Image</a>. [Requires 'Ancestry' membership]

Web link: http://www.katiandgraham.com/genealogy/getperson.php?personID=I1022&tree=kegcTree

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