Census Plus considerations when importing GEDCOM

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If you import GEDCOM files to manager your TNG database, then you need to consider the impact of:

  • merging persons
  • assigning census events
  • adding people

Merging Persons

The Census Plus International mod has a modification against the TNG person merge. However it has no clue that you merged the person in an external software package and imported a new GEDCOM to replace any existing database.

If you manually merge someone in your desktop database, you will need to do the same merge in TNG so that when you import a new GEDCOM you don't have isolated census table entries.

When you do the import, TNG does not do a merge, but replaces the people table with the imported merged data. Thus if you did not do the merge, in TNG at the same time you did the merge in your desktop genealogy you are likely to have isolated census link records.

Census Events

When you Link Person IDs using the Census Plus International mod, it creates a Census event if one does not exist, but when you import a new GEDCOM that census event will disappear, unless you create the Census Event in your desktop database at the same time you imported or added the Census Plus Transcript to TNG.

If you use a GEDCOM to replace your TNG data, you need to create the census events in your desktop genealogy program.

Adding People

You may not want to use the capability of the Census Plus International mod that allows creating new people when you link PersonIDs to new members of a household. If you create new people when linking IDs, the personID number might not be the same as what your desktop genealogy program will assign.

It is best to create new members of a household discovered in the census in your desktop genealogy program and then import a new GEDCOM after which you can then use the Link IDs tab and link the IDs after import.

Census Plus link persons.jpg

You can activate the Census Plus International - Options to display all members of a household. Those without surname links are those that need to be either linked to a person or more likely need to be added to your desktop genealogy database and then linked to the new person after an import.

Showing Household

With the Census Plus International mod, you can set an option in the Mod Manager Edit screen that allows you to Return all members of household even though PersonIDs are not linked by changing the default n option to y

This option allows you to see all members of a household, whether a PersonID has been linked or whether the person exists in your TNG database. These latter two situations are identified by the lack of URL link to the person page.

Census Plus opt return all.jpg

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