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(TNG User sites using this mod)
(TNG User sites using this mod)
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| [http://www.craxford-family.co.uk/indexred.php The Extended Craxford Family Geneaolgy Magazine]
| [http://www.craxford-family.co.uk/indexred.php The Extended Craxford Family Geneaolgy Magazine]
| [[User:Alan D Craxford|Alan D Craxford]
| [[User:Alan D Craxford|Alan D Craxford]]
| ...
| ...
| V8.1.5/8.1.0  
| V8.1.5/8.1.0  

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Change Language Droplist
Summary Adds a fourth droplist menu as an alternative to the language drop down box.
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Download link change_lang_droplist_v8.1.5.zip for TNG V8.1
change_lang_droplist_v8.1.3c.zip for TNG V8.0
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Author(s) Jeff Robison
Homepage Robison and Blythe Genealogy
Mod Support TNG Forums
Contact Developer My Mod Support
Latest Mod 8.1.5
Min TNG V 8+
Max TNG V 8.1.0
Files modified
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Ken Roy has tested with all templates and reports that all looks fine!

Purpose of the mod

  • This mod replaces the language drop down box with a fourth drop list menu.
  • It also adds a folder (droplist_icons) to your mods folder for storing your preferred language icons.
  • Note: Ken Roy has tested with all templates and reports that all looks fine!


This mod was developed by Jeff Robison.


  • A working TNG installation. The automated installation release was tested at TNG Version 8.0+.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  • The included folder 'droplist_icons' must be present in your mods folder. This is where you place your preferred icons.

Revision History

Version Date Description
v8.1.5 - v8.1.3c 16 January 2011 Fixed Change Language Droplist to work in subfolders.
v8.1.4a - v8.1.3b 12 January 2011 Sorry folks. I forgot to put the icon folder and read me file in v8.1.4 - v8.1.3a .zip files.
Now included.
v8.1.4 2 January 2011 updated by Ken Roy for TNG V8.1
V8.1.3a 28 December 2010 This version allows both Change Language Droplist and Site Menu Mod to be installed without conflict.

View both mods installed here.... Robison and Blythe Genealogy

V8.1.3 19 December 2010 With this version the language drop down box is replaced and not just bypassed.
V8.1.2 17 December 2010 Now uses the TNG class assignment for drop list menu icons.
V8.1.1b 16 December 2010 Custom text addition removed. The variable '$text['icontitle']' for text display on icon hover is still available for custom text addition.
V8.1.1a 13 December 2010 As with previous versions there is now no need to change 'Dynamic Language Change' in Admin/Setup/General Settings/Language.
V8.1.1 11 December 2010 Add your personal icon for each language. For example, ancestral country of origin flags
V8.1.0 05 December 2010 Introduction.

Automated Installation

  1. Download the appropriate file for your TNG version from the download links in the mod summary area in the upper right.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your 'mods folder.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the appropriate change_lang_droplist.cfg file.

In the event of a problem

Custom Text Additions

Note: There is no custom text added by this mod but the variable $text['icontitle'] is present within this mod.

If you want text displayed on icon hover you could, for example, add to the English/cust_text.php or the English-UTF8/cust_text.php

//  Added for Change Language Droplist
$text['icontitle'] = "Ancestral origin";

Visualization of this mod


TNG User sites using this mod

Please add TNG site that you have found that utilize this modification

URL User Note Mod-Version/TNG-Version User-language
Robison and Blythe Genealogy Jeff Robison Mod developer V8.1.5/8.1.0 EN, FR, GER
Our Roy and Boucher Family Ken Roy ... V8.1.3a/8.0.2 EN, FR
German TNG-Demo-site Olaf Teige Demo-site V8.1.5/8.1.0 D,NL,GB
The Extended Craxford Family Geneaolgy Magazine Alan D Craxford ... V8.1.5/8.1.0 D,FR,GB,PR/BR
... ... ... ... ...