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Ambox notice.png The Change Language Droplist was added as a standard feature to TNG version 9, moving the language pull down to the same line as the other pull down menus. This mod is therefore obsolete or not needed with TNG V9.
The TNG V9 of the mod supports the use of a flag icon display.
TNG 8.0

Change Language Droplist
Summary Adds a fourth droplist menu as an alternative to the language drop down box.
Validation V8.1.6 of the mod is XHTML compliant.Valid-xhtml10.png
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TNG 11.0
TNG 10.1.0

See "v9.0.3.3" Visualization Below‎

TNG 10.0

See "Complete-version" Visualization Below‎

TNG 10.0

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TNG 10.0

See "v9.0.0.1" Visualization Below

TNG 10.0

See "v9.0.3.3" Visualization Below‎
For TNG V9.x Langdroplist2.jpg
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For TNG V9.x Langdroplist1.jpg
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For TNG V8.1 Langmenu2.jpg
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For TNG V8.0 Langmenu2.jpg
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For TNG V8.0/1+ Menushot.jpg
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No Icons V8.0 Langmenu2.jpg

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Author(s) Jeff Robison
Secondary Author(s)
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Latest Mod 8.1.6c
Min TNG V 8+
Max TNG V 8.1.3
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Ken Roy has tested with all templates and reports that all looks fine!

Purpose of the mod

TNG version: 8.1.3
TNG version: 8.0
  • This mod replaces the language drop down box with a fourth drop list menu.
  • Included is a folder (droplist_icons) for storing your preferred language icons.
    Icon folder is not necessary for versions v8.1.3d and v8.1.6d
  • v8.1.6c places the current language icon on the language menu droplist. Menushot.jpg for TNG V8.0/1+.

TNG version: 9.0
  • The v9.x versions offer two different options for menu title appearance.


This mod was developed by Jeff Robison.
* View all mods by Jeff Robison


  • A working TNG installation. The automated installation release was tested at TNG Version 8.0+.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  • The included folder 'droplist_icons' must be present in your mods folder. This is where you place your preferred icons.

Revision History

Version Date Description
v10.1.0.4a 31 August 2015 Corrects error that caused HTML validation to fail (code corrected by Jeff; cfg file provided by Graham)
v10.1.0.3a 31 March 2015 Provides compatibility with TNG v10.1.0 for visualisation in v10.0.0.3 (cfg file provided by Graham Chamberlain)
v10.0.0.3a 1 April 2014 Provides menu label missing in v10.0.0.3
v10.0.0.2/v10.0.0.3 29 March 2014 Fix to copies of v9.0.0.1 and v9.0.3.3 to correctly display flag icons from pages not in the root directory. This fix only applies to TNG 10+.
v10.0.0.0/v10.0.0.1 4 March 2014 Add new ISO-3166-versions of the language droplist. (Demo at

See also infos at the Talk-site of this

v9.0.3.3 7 October 2012 Adds style change that corrects format of the drop down list for all templates.
v9.0.3.2 1 October 2012 Places the current language icon in the language droplist menu title.Langdroplist2.jpg
Developed with the aid of Oname.gif, Carlos Heuser, Rick Bisbee and Graham Chamberlain.
v9.0.0.1 1 October 2012 Update by Graham Chamberlain. Corrects problem when viewing files in subfolder and TNG is not in domain root.
v9.0.0.0 14 February 2012 Initial developer is Jeff Robison.
This update by Oname.gif
I am sincerely happy to convey all rights to this mod to (Secondary Author) Oname.gif as long as I am listed in all future versions as the initial developer.
3 April 2011 No frills version. Simply replaces the language drop down box.
v8.1.6c 2 April 2011 This version places the current language icon on the language menu droplist.Menushot.jpg
Developed with the aid of Oname.gif and Graham Chamberlain.
v8.1.6 3 February 2011 XHTML Validated.
Customize width/height of language icon without interfering with TNG icons.
16 January 2011 Fixed Change Language Droplist to work in subfolders.
12 January 2011 Sorry folks. I forgot to put the icon folder and read me file in v8.1.4 - v8.1.3a .zip files.
Now included.
v8.1.4 2 January 2011 updated by Ken Roy for TNG V8.1
V8.1.3a 28 December 2010 This version allows both Change Language Droplist and Site Menu Mod to be installed without conflict.

View both mods installed here.... Robison and Blythe Genealogy

V8.1.3 19 December 2010 With this version the language drop down box is replaced and not just bypassed.
V8.1.2 17 December 2010 Now uses the TNG class assignment for drop list menu icons.
V8.1.1b 16 December 2010 Custom text addition removed. The variable '$text['icontitle']' for text display on icon hover is still available for custom text addition.
V8.1.1a 13 December 2010 As with previous versions there is now no need to change 'Dynamic Language Change' in Admin/Setup/General Settings/Language.
V8.1.1 11 December 2010 Add your personal icon for each language. For example, ancestral country of origin flags
V8.1.0 05 December 2010 Introduction.

Automated Installation

  1. Download the appropriate file for your TNG version from the download links in the mod summary area in the upper right.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your 'mods folder.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the appropriate change_lang_droplist.cfg file.

In the event of a problem

Custom Text Additions

//  Added for Change Language Droplist
$text['icontitle'] = "Language icon";

Image Border

A 1 pixel border is added to the menu icon image in v8.1.6c for clarity.
You can change the attributes for .dropflaggif in the .cfg file or add the following to your
templates/template#/css/mytngstyle.css folder replacing the border attributes with your preferences.
An attribute of '0px' will remove the border. #cccccc is a light gray. Change to suit.
For template 8 Graham Chamberlain suggests #b99852. This color also looks nice in template 6.

.dropflaggif {
        border: 1px solid #cccccc;

Visualization of this mod




Change Language Droplist V9 0.png




Language droplist ISO-3166.png

Language droplist ISO-3166 light.png


TNG User sites using this mod

Please add TNG site that you have found that utilize this modification

URL User Note Mod-Version/TNG-Version User-language
My family Oname.gif (no public site) see here D,(NL),(GB)
The Extended Craxford Family Geneaolgy Magazine Alan D Craxford ... V8.1.5/8.1.0 D,FR,GB,PR/BR
De Calonne Family Website Dennis de Calonne Integrated with WordPress V9.0.3.3/9.1.2 EN, NL
Neptis: Belgian families Olivier Marquet ... V8.1.5/8.1.0 D,FR,GB,NL,SP
Chamberlain & Eidenbenz Genealogy Graham Chamberlain ... V10.1.0.4a/11.0.0 GB,DE,FR,ES,NL Janusz Kielak ... V9.0.0.0/9.0.1 PL,EN,DE,ES
Nordic Ancestry Mogens C. Fenger ... V9.0.3.3 / 9.1.1 EN, DA
Brad and Kathy's Genealogy Brad Mohr ... V9.0.3.3 / 9.1.2 EN
Farnham & Paradise Ohana Barbara Paradise login: tngguest, pwd: tngguest V10.0.0.2 / 10.0.1 EN
Family Klein-Landgraf Michael Klein (no public site) V10.0.0.2 EN, DE, FR, IT
Familie van Seeventer Sandor van Seeventer Public site V10.1.0.4a / 11.0.1 DE, EN, NL
Our Family History Tor Lund Public site V10.1.0.4a / 11.0.0 NO, EN, DE, FR
The Collateral Families Of Castelnuovo di Porto, Italy Rich Falzini Public Site 10.1.3 EN
Wortelboer Genealogy Bernard Wortelboer V10.1.0.4a / 11.0.0 NL,EN
Our Family History Jean Pichette V10.1.0.4a / 11.0.0 FR,EN
Brabantse Genealogie Rob van Rij Public Site / 11.0.1 EN,FR,NL