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Some people like to write twp where there is a township mentioned. This query changes that to Township. This query is intended if you already have everything set to Township but you import a gedcom where there are still twp's. In case you want to change the whole database you will have to replace the DELETE statement with UPDATE tng_places REPLACE (place, 'Twp.','Township'); in the first set of queries and to UPDATE tng_places REPLACE (place, 'Twp.','Township');

Copy and paste the text between the lines into the MySQL section of your MySQL admin, IMPORTANT: Make a backup before you try anything and use this at your own risk!

UPDATE tng_families SET marrplace = REPLACE(marrplace,'Twp.','Township');
UPDATE tng_families SET divplace = REPLACE(divplace,'Twp.','Township');
UPDATE tng_people SET birthplace = REPLACE(birthplace,'Twp.','Township');
UPDATE tng_people SET altbirthplace = REPLACE(altbirthplace,'Twp.','Township');
UPDATE tng_people SET deathplace = REPLACE(deathplace,'Twp.','Township');
UPDATE tng_people SET burialplace = REPLACE(burialplace,'Twp.','Township');
UPDATE tng_events SET eventplace = REPLACE(eventplace,'Twp.','Township');
DELETE FROM `tng_places` WHERE `place` like "%Twp.%";

in case you use NO dot in Twp

UPDATE tng_families SET marrplace = REPLACE(marrplace,'Twp','Township');
UPDATE tng_families SET divplace = REPLACE(divplace,'Twp','Township');
UPDATE tng_people SET birthplace = REPLACE(birthplace,'Twp','Township');
UPDATE tng_people SET altbirthplace = REPLACE(altbirthplace,'Twp','Township');
UPDATE tng_people SET deathplace = REPLACE(deathplace,'Twp','Township');
UPDATE tng_people SET burialplace = REPLACE(burialplace,'Twp','Township');
UPDATE tng_events SET eventplace = REPLACE(eventplace,'Twp','Township');
DELETE FROM `tng_places` WHERE `place` like "%Twp.%";