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Confidential Note Color
Summary Colors your confidential notes
Mod Updated 18 may 2020
Download link Confidential Note ColorV12.0.2.3b
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Author(s) Michel Kirsch
Homepage Racines luxo-hennuyeres
Mod Support TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer MyMail
Latest Mod v for TNG v12
Min TNG V n.c
Max TNG V v12+
Files modified
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Purpose of the Mod

Ce Mod colore vos notes confidentielles afin d'attirer votre attention et les distinguer des notes grand public.
Grâce aux idées de Rob, les listes de notes pour l'Administrateur sont colorées également, le titre est paramétrable.

This Mod colors your private notes to attract your attention and distinguish them from the general public notes.

Thank's to Rob's ideas, the notes listing for Administrator are now colored too, the title is configurable.

Mod Developer

Written by : Michel Kirsch from Charleroi - Hainaut - Belgium


A TNG V12.0.2 installation in working order.

IMPORTANT : Before installing

Before installing, it is judicious to make a backup copy of the file that will be modified by this mod.

TNG Modules Impacted

You can click on the [Expand] link on the right to display the list of TNG Modules change and the [Collapse] link to hide this section again.

The following TNG Modules are modified, and should be backed up prior to installing this mod:



  • Unzip the received file directly in the "mods" sub directory of your TNG installation.
  • Via Mod Manager, install the Mod.


  • Uninstall and eventually Delete the current Mod.
  • Proceed as for an installation with the new Mod.

Known Problems

Problems of installation with the mod Display Private Notes. Problem solved with version

In the event of a problem

  • Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  • Copy the backup of the affected files back to your TNG directory
  • Retry. If the problem persists, open an issue in the TNG Community Forums or on the page of Michel Kirsch. At worst, send a mail to MyMail

Historic of modifications

- Version Release Date Contents
V12.0.2.3b 18 may 2020 Choix "Titre souligné" ne fonctionnait pas - Ajout d'une espace après le titre
Choice "Underlined Title" was not functionning. Add a space after the title..
V12.0.2.3a 15 may 2020 Choix pour la couleur, choix pour le titre (gras, souligné, sur la même ligne que la note ou au-dessus)
Choice for the note color, choices for the title (bold, underlined, on the note's line or above).
V12.0.2.3 14 may 2020 Testé avec TNG v12.3. Colore les notes confidentielles de la liste des notes (Administrateur).
Tested with TNG v12.3. Colors the private notes intthe list of notes (Admin) too.
V12.0.2.2 13 may 2020 Testé avec TNG v12.3. Modification du code pour éviter des problemes d'installation avec d'autres mods. Ajout d'un titre "CONFIDENTIEL" en début de note confidentielle.
Tested with TNG v12.3. Modifying code to avoid incompatibility with others mods. Add a title "PRIVATE" in front of the private note.
V12.0.2.1 11 jan 2020 First online version.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:
If you have any problem to do it, send me a mail...

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Racines luxo-hennuyeres Michel Kirsch Developper of the Mod V12.0.2.3b V12.3 FR/EN/NL/D/SP
Genealogy of a Dutch East-Indies Family Rob Severijns Private V12.0.2.3a V12.3 NL/EN
Our Family History Rob Roy V12.0.2.1 12.2 EN
Site FifthEditon V12.0.2.1
Généalogie des Malvache Cmalvache V12.0.2.3a 12.2 FR
Solem Genealogy JTS V12.0.2.1 12.2 EN/NO
Our Family History Marcirish V12.0.2.3b 12.2 EN
Strona Rodu Kielaków Janusz Kielak V12.0.2.1
Startside Jaroho V12.0.2.3 12.2 EN/NO
Les Lapierre d'Amérique NLapierre V12.0.2.3b 12.3 EN/FR
Amana Family Tree Heimstatt V12.0.2.1 12.0.2 EN
Our Family History LotharAtAFT V12.0.2.1 12.0.2 EN
Barta-Joggele Online aus Mauren, Liechtenstein Geraldomeier V12.0.2.3b 12.2 DK/DE/EN/ES/IT/POR
Pittman Whitted Ancestry Rajncajn V12.0.2.1 12.2 EN


Confident Notes

Confidential note after colouring. You can change the color via the Mod Manager

Confident Notes3

Partial view of the list of notes for Admin