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Cust Menu Extension
Summary Adds option to restrict menu items to logged-in users.
Mod Updated 9 Aug 2018
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Author(s) Rick Bisbee
Homepage Bisbee Family Connection
Mod Support Support for Cust_Menu_Extension
Contact Developer As above
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Min TNG V 10.1.1
Max TNG V 12.0.1
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Mod adds additional flag -- 'user' -- to the customconfig.php menu item definitions, which will restrict a TNG drop down menu item to logged-in users. Casual visitors to the site will not see the item in the menu.

The flag must be added to the menu item definition in the site's customconfig.php file. See Custom_Menu_Hook for complete details on how to define drop down menu items.

The syntax is as follows:

$LINKTYPE['link_nr]['user'] = true;

Where $LINKTYPE is one of the following, depending on which menu should contain the item:

$custommenulinks  /*custom menu defined by webmaster*/
$findmenulinks    /*Find menu*/
$mediamenulinks   /*Media menu*/
$infomenulinks    /*Info menu*/

Example Customconfig.php File Definition

After installing this mod, the following definition in customconfig.php will insert an item into the TNG Info drop down menu -- in this case, "Submit Family" -- which when clicked will open an empty Family Group Worksheet for the registered user to submit family information. It will only be visible to logged-in users.

$link_nr = 0;
$infomenulinks[$link_nr]['target'] = "fgw/index.php";
$infomenulinks[$link_nr]['sprite'] = "";
$infomenulinks[$link_nr]['icon'] = "fgw/img/families.gif";
$infomenulinks[$link_nr]['label_text'] = "Submit Family";
$infomenulinks[$link_nr]['user'] = true;


Mod Tested With Following TNG Versions
Ver 1011 - 1201

*green: compatible   red: not compatible   white: not tested

See Multisite Testbed for information on how this mod is tested and managed.


  1. Download the mod zip-file from the top of the page
  2. Unzip the file and place the *.cfg file in your /mods folder.
  3. Click on Mod Manager in the Admin panel, find and click on the mod's line item and install it.
  4. There are no options to set