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You must update the person.php file in your wiki/extensions directory after installing the Wiki Language extension.

Note that you must update:

  • the URL to point to your site where you installed TNG
  • the tree= to your treeID
The image on the right shows where you need to make the changes in the person.php file.
  • For a localhost WampServer wiki install, you should use localhost to replace the genealogy/ portion of the URL.
  • For your production domain server, you should enter your domain name or subdomain name for your TNG genealogy.
  • If you installed TNG in a subdirectory such as genealogy and are not using a subdomain to redirect to your TNG installation, you also need to add this to your URL update.
Wiki integration person.php edits.jpg

Incorrectly updated

If you did not update the person.php file correctly, such as forgetting to include your genealogy subdirectory in the URL update, you will get a page similar to the one shown on the right when you click a link included in your wiki page that points to a person or family in your TNG genealogy site.
Wiki integration URL not updated correctly.jpg

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