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Display Jobs Facts
Summary Adds a person's occupation and/or an interesting fact under the header
Mod Updated 2 Jun 2019
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TNG 12.0


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Author(s) A. S. DuPree
Homepage Display_Jobs_Facts (this page)
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Max TNG V 12
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personlib.php getperson.php
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This mod was intended for jobs and interesting personal facts but it can be used for any custom event field


The mod displays a person's job and/or an interesting fact under the header.

Jobs and facts are drawn from the event tags you identify in the mod options. By default 'OCCU' for job and 'IFACT' for a fact that you want to prominently display.


This mod was developed by A.S. DuPree (a novice, happy for any help on improving it)


  • A working TNG installation.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.

Automated Installation

  1. Download the zip file in the status area in the upper right.
  2. Extract the display_jobs_facts_V12.0.0.3.cfg to your mod folder.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files .

Conflicts and Issues

Mod enters into a crowded area with many other mods around the header. It may conflict with other header modifying mods.

In the event of a problem with your TNG site

  1. Try using the Mod Manager to Remove the mod

Customizations in Mod Manager

  1. Job/Fact after name or after date string
  2. Event tag to use for Job
  3. Event tag to use for interesting fact


2 Jun 2019 - Fixed double display of jobs when option 3 is chosen

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Adupree.com A.S. DuPree Mod Developer 12.0.3 English
theroadtoethel.com Alicia Clemmons User 12.0.3 English