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Expand Statistics
Summary Stats pages to go into greater depth in analyzing and searching the tng database
Mod Updated 3 June 2020
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Expand Statistics Version 8a

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Author(s) A. S. DuPree
Homepage Expand_Statistics (this page)
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Min TNG V 12
Max TNG V 13
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This expands the tng statistics page


Display statistics about your data.

  1. Overview - A variety of old and new statistics broken into pages for individuals, families, media and other.
  2. Surnames - Statistics about surnames.
  3. Occupations - Statistics about occupations. (Only shows up if you have Display_Jobs_Facts installed)
  4. By Century - Statistics about individuals by century. (Can be used with Sosa )
  5. Veterans - Statistics about veterans (must be configured following one or two systems explained in options).
  6. Data Issues - A data validation page. (Must be a logged in user with admin edit priviledges)

If you are using Expand Statistics version 7 or above along with Expand Search, you need to update Expand Search to version 7 or above

Expand statistics creates different views and incorporates new statistics for family data. It replaces the built in statistics page with a series of pages following the logic above. It provides the ability to filter this data by specified places and surnames. It adds a magnifying glass next to some statistics to see the specific individuals in the tng search pages if Expand_Search is installed. The example shows folks by century in my database in California.

Screen Shot 2019-07-20 at 9.50.26 PM.png

The screenshots below give examples of pages from the statistics menu.

Overview page

The Overview page provides all the statistics that come with the tng statistics page and adds a few extra ones:

  • Most: occurring surnames, year of most births, places of most births, baptisms, deaths and burials
  • Total children who died before age 5
  • Average number of children in families, largest family size and average number of identified parents in a family.

The page is reformatted to give four different views: individuals, families, media and other (sources, citations, places and events). In the individuals and families views a search displaying individuals and families in a filtered category is provided if Expand Search mod is installed. In the media and other view a search for media in the filtered category is provided as part of the mod.

Surnames page

Incorporates tables developed in mod Surname_Statistics. Thanks to Jeff Robinson for permission.

Occupations page

Page shows up if you have Display_Jobs_Facts mod installed.


By Century page

Page gives data by century or decades. Includes stats on age at first marriage and lifespans.


Veterans page

Page requires updating the fields you use for veterans in the mod options. The mod works either by identifying veterans with codes in your events or identifying them under one event where their particular service is entered at the front of the field and followed by a comma (or separator of your choice), such as, "World War I, served in Egypt and Montenegro.... "


Data Issues page

Only shows up for logged in admins. The page offers data validation on the front end. It is largely built from the Data Validation page in admin. The difference is that it allows data to be filtered, adds search for individuals with no sources, adds an overview page to show what issues exist, slightly revises some of the queries and gives a differently organized table of results.

Data issues.png


This mod was developed by A.S. DuPree (a novice, happy for any help on improving it)


Automated Installation

  1. Download the zip file in the status area in the upper right.
  2. Extract the Expandstats_v7.zip to your mod folder.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files .

In the Mod Manager you can enable a number of options. Please be aware of how the following dependencies work:

  • Search links - appear as a magnifying glass next to statistics only if you have Expand_Search installed.
  • SOSA Filter - if you have sosa installed a sosa filter will appear as a checkbox in the filter bar.
  • Occupations Page - if you have Display_Jobs_Facts installed the Occupations page will appear. Otherwise it cannot be enabled.
  • Veterans Page - The veterans page requires that you are entering military service as different events (i.e. "World War II"). If you are, you need to collect the event ids for all these events and add them in the mod options.

In the event of a problem with your TNG site

  1. Try using the Mod Manager to Remove the mod

Customizations in Mod Manager

  1. Choose pages to show


v8a - Expands filter to more pages, adds in media, source, citations, places searches to show records in these categories, adds option to only display filter to logged in users, speeds unfiltered queries in the overview pages. v8 - Adds alternative way to check veterans continued to fix coding issues.
v7 - Adds a data validation section - data issues, took out search page changes
v6 - All changes below and corrects for pooled places and improves searches (if Expand Search installed)
v5d - Adds exact surname search to title bar.
V5c - Fixes formatting issues with templates, adds in a few statistics and search links. Thanks particularly to Ron who not only did most of the troubleshooting but helped find the solutions.
V5a/V5b - Adds under 5 year old deaths, fixes All-USA issue, slight reformat to page, fixes to search page links
V5 - Adds surnames with permission to incorporate parts of Surname_Statistics. Fixes All Trees issue. Adds All-USA choice as an option (needs to be chosen on setup). V4b - Fixes wrong stats for media files for some people.
V4a - Adds surnames into the filters, search magnifying glasses next to some of the states and fixes some incorrect stats V4 - Added lifespan by century or decade, fixed some query issues.
V3 - Added filters for places and Sosa (if installed)
V2 - Added tree switching
V1b - Fixed a missing $ in cust_text file.
V1a - Adds new stats to the main stats page, some refinements on the other pages.

Language Customization

Mod currently works in English and French (Thanks Katryne and Ken). If you want to customize for another language a text file called "Language Strings" is included in the folder for this mod. To customize for your language, translate the words in quotes after the equal signs. Then include in the cust_text.php files for the appropriate languages.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below:

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Adupree.com A.S. DuPree Mod Developer 13.0 English
vanheerden.net Emile Administrator 12.1 English
Roots & Relatives Remembered Ron Krzmarzick Public & Private See Here See Here EN,DE,CS
Journeys in Genealogy Patrick Thrush Public WordPress/TNG bundle 12.1 English
Racine d'Alsace J-Louis Valory Private - T17 customized 12.3 FR
Our Roy and Boucher Family Ken Roy Currently on TNG 12.3 test site only. Thanks for the alternate Veterans approach 12.3 EN, FR