Gedcom Export Example

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This is a Gedcom-Example of TNG V8.1.2.1

In the "Profile-View" you see the last Occupation and "my" genealogy-program reads the right (last) occupation out of the Gedcom-Export.
So both doesn't match!
Why are there different Gedcom-exports?

Profile-View Gedcom-Export (Profile) Gedcom-Export (Admin-area)
Resi occu educ profil.png Resi occu educ profil gedcom.png Resi occu educ profil gedcom all.png

Second try, but I guess it doesn't matter, what you use for tag - it is in TNG not important... TNG sorts only to the rule "the first one in, is the first one out"...

Profile-View Gedcom-Export (Profile) Gedcom-Export (Admin-area)
OCC RESI EDUC profile.png OCCU RESI EDUC profile gedcom.png OCCU RESI EDUC gedcom all.png