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Construction This mod is useful only in conjunction with the "Old style" option for Gedcom Import, and I have not been able to get "Old style" Gedcom Imports to work in TNGv12+. If that problem is universal (that is, not unique to me), then then mod does no good in TNGv12. On the other hand, if you can do "Old style" Gedcom Imports in TNGv12, I'd love to know about it. :-).

Robin Richmond


Gedcom Import Monitor
Summary Provides options to monitor the status of the Gedcom Import in more detail.
Mod Updated 15 May 2018
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TNG 12.0
TNG 11.0
TNG 10.1.0
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Author(s) Robin Richmond
Homepage Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database
Mod Support My Mod Support form or TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer My Mod Support form
Latest Mod v10.1.0.3p & v12.0.0.4
Min TNG V 10.1
Max TNG V at least 12.0
Files modified
admin_dataimport.php, admin_gedimport.php, gedimport_people.php, gedimport_families.php, gedimport_misc.php, English/data_help.php, English cust_text.php
Related Mods

Purpose of the Mod

To provide more thorough and accurate monitoring of the Gedcom Import process. The progress bar that pops up during the Gedcom Import process hides error messages, and provide some inaccurate or misleading counts. And the "old" method that doesn't hide errors produces too much information. This mod provides

Mod Parameters

admin_dataimport.php (the Gedcom Import kickoff form) has two parameters:

  1. $oldstyleimportParam (defaults to false) is a flag that tells the Gedcom Import process whether to use the pop-up dashboard (which kind of spoils the point of this mod) rather than the more detailed Import Monitor log.
  2. $frequencyParam (defaults to 'low') indicates how often progress messages should be logged to the screen.

Compatibility And Dependencies

This mod is compatible with all known mods that affect the same programs (listed as Related Mods)

Related Mods


  • A working TNG installation.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  • You should backup files listed in the panel on the right.


  1. Remove and delete previous version of this mod.
  2. Backup the files updated by this mod. They are listed in the panel at the upper right.
  3. Download the .zip file, and extract its .cfg file to the mods folder.
  4. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files.

In the event of a problem

  1. Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  2. Contact me through My Mod Support form.

Visualization of this Mod

Admin>>Import/Export - The Gedcom Import Kickoff Form BEFORE INSTALLATION:

Gedcom import monitor before.png

Admin>>Import/Export - The Status Progress Screen BEFORE INSTALLATION:

There are two status options; a pop-up "dashboard" with a progress bar, and the "old style import, without the progress bar. You can click on each image to reads its notes.

Import media using gedcom-dashboard.png Import media using gedcom-old.png
Admin>>Import/Export - The Gedcom Import Kickoff Form AFTER INSTALLATION:

Gedcom import mods-after.png

Admin>>Import/Export - The Status Progress Screen AFTER INSTALLATION:
You can still use the pop-up dashboard monitor, which looks essentially identical to the old dashboard shown above, or the "Scrolling Progress Listing" that has three frequency choices.
  1. Low (the default) shows a different set of counts than the old scrolling progress listing. It just shows scrolling counts of zero-level records in the Gedcom file, and then some summary counts.
    Gedcom import monitor-after2.png
  2. Medium shows essentially the same listing as the old scrolling progress listing, but only shows every 100 tags of a given type.. It also breaks up that list each time the import transitions to a different kind of zero-level record. (Gedcom files essentially always put all INDI records first, then FAM, NOTE, SOUR, REPO, and OBJE records.)
  3. High is identical to Medium, except that, like the original scrolling status listing, it shows every 10 tags of a given type.

Revision History

      • The latest version of the mod is at the top of this table ***
Mod Version TNG Version Date Note 12.0+ 15 May 2018 No functional changes; made compatible with TNGv12. 10.1+ 10 Jun 2017 Added some counters. Show Mod Names is now optional. 10.1+ 07 Nov 2017 Removed the second line from the cust_text.php target location search string 10.1-10.1.3 6 Feb 2016 New mod.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your site to the table below.

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database - admin function; not visible. Robin Richmond Mod developer 11.1.1 English
Hooley Family Links Rick Hooley Public/Private See Here See Here EN