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Gedcom Import Second Name
Summary Imports secondary name components (e.g. suffix, prefix) that are subordinate to a Gedcom NAME tag by adding them to the name that is stored as a secondary event value.
Mod Updated 15 May 2018
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TNG 12.0
TNG 11.0
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Author(s) Robin Richmond
Homepage Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database
Mod Support My Mod Support form or TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer My Mod Support form
Latest Mod v11.0.0.xx & v12.0.0.1
Min TNG V 11.0
Max TNG V at least 12.0
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Purpose of the Mod

Technically, Gedcom (and TNG) really can't support secondary name name components (First, Last, Suffix, etc) because there can be only on Name fact for a person. However, if you define NAME as a custom eventtype, TNG can also import secondary NAME facts and store the name as a single value - but without subordinate fields. This mod allows you to define secondary name **component** tags (listed below) and present them as second-level records subordinate to a secondary NAME tag.

Just as with a primary NAME value, the secondary NAME value is parsed into its components (as local variables, not database fields), and then, any name components that the process finds in subordinate tags are placed in variables for the name component. Then, the components are all strung together into a single name value that is stored as the value for the secondary NAME event. The secondary name component tags are not represented as separate entities in the TNG database; they just become part of the name value.

For example, a secondary name defined as
1 NAME John /Doe/
2 LAST Doe
2 FRST John
2 PFX General
2 NICK Old Hoss
would be stored as "General John (Old Hoss) Doe" in the new NAME event.

When a name has subordinate components, it is common, but not necessary, for the first and last name to be duplicated in component tags. Or, the NAME tag might be left blank, to be filled in completely by the subordinate tags.

The name component tags are:

  1. NPFX - Prefix - Judge, Dr, General, etc.
  2. TITL - In Gedcom, this is defined as a separate Event Type (or Fact) - not part of the NAME sub-structure, and issupposed to be reserved for nobility titles such as Earl, Duke, etc. I think that 'Sir' would be a Name prefix, not a Title. But in TNG, TITL is a "built-in" event that is part of the name structure like the other tags in this list.
  3. GIVN - Given name (and middle name)
  4. NICK - Nickname
  5. SPFX - Surname prefix (Van, von, etc.)
  6. SURN - Surname; family name
  7. NSFX - Suffix (Jr, Sr, Ph.D, etc.)

Compatibility with other Mods

This mod is compatible with my other mods that affect the Gedcom Import process. It does not have any affect on the Gedcom Import kickoff form, the only mod that also changes files that this changes is my Gedcom Import Monitor mod

Related Mods

This mod saves data that can be used by the Show Mod Names utility mod, but is not dependent on that mod. There are no strict dependencies on other mods.


  • A working TNG installation.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  • You should backup files listed in the panel on the right.


  1. Remove and delete previous version of this mod.
  2. Backup the files updated by this mod. They are listed in the panel at the upper right.
  3. Download the .zip file, and extract its .cfg file to the mods folder.
  4. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files.

In the event of a problem

  1. Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  2. Contact me through My Mod Support form.

Visualization of this Mod

No visualizations, because it doesn't change any web pages.

Revision History

      • The latest version of the mod is at the top of this table ***
Mod Version TNG Version Date Note 12.0+ 15 May 2018 No functional changes; made compatible with TNGv12. 11.0+ 10 Jun 2017 New mod.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your site to the table below.

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Robin Richmond's Genealogy Database Robin Richmond Mod developer 11.1.1 English
Familienforschung SCABELL Helga Scabell Public/Private 12.1 DE, EN, PT