Gender Image Replacement

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Gender Image Replacement
Summary replaces the generic gender image with a smaller image
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Author(s) Larry Voyer
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Latest Mod V9.0.0.0 for TNG V9
Min TNG V 9.0.0
Max TNG V 9.0.0
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Purpose of Mod

This mod changes the size of the generic male and female image icons next to a Person's name, where no photo is available if you keep the TNG default for Use default thumbnails: as Yes, to a smaller size compatible with the photo thumbs that TNG previously generated as 50 x 50.

This mod does not change the original male.jpg and female.jpg images delivered with TNG v9, but, instead use two different one (thumb_male.jpg, thumb_female.jpg). As a result this mod is free from affects of future size changes to the TNG gender images.

Note that this mod is not needed if you:

  • use the new thumbnail size of 80x100
  • change the Use Default thumbnails to No

Mod Developer

Larry Voyer


  1. Download the mod from the Mod Summary in the upper right hand corner
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file in your mods folder, or upload the extracted file to your mods folder
  3. Install the mod using the Mod Manager install capability


Before the Mod Gender Image before

After the Mod Gender_Image after

Sites Using

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG Site to the table below:

URL User Note Mod-Version/TNG-Version User-language
Voyer & Bedard History and Genealogy Larry Voyer V9.0.0.0/TNG V9.0. EN, FR