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Gendex Search
Summary Adds a GENDEX Direct Search form to the TNG searchform.php
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Author(s) Brian McFadyen
Homepage Gendex - Searchform Mod (this page)
TNG Gendex Search for history
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Latest Mod 8.1.0
Min TNG V 7.1.0
Max TNG V 8.0
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Please update your additional language cust_text.php files with translations based upon the Custom Text Additions for this mod.


This TNG mod adds a simple/integrated way for your users to access the TNG Gendex Search by integrating a gendex search form to the advanced TNG search form.

The TNG Gendex project is a single searchable index of genealogy records from contributing users that link back to their TNG web sites.

At this writing, it includes indicies from over 1500 databases, and contains over 8.7 million names.

See the TNG Wiki article on Gendex provides some of the reasons why you might want to use the TNG Network Gendex.

The Gendex_-_Creating article shows you how to create your own gendex, the Gendex_-_Posting article shows you how to post it as part of your Import Data secondary process, and the Gendex_-_TNG_Network_(Importing) article show to upload it to the TNG Network Gendex site.


The TNG Gendex Searchform Mod was developed by Brian McFadyen.

Revision History

Version Date Contents
Revision 8.1.0 June 12, 2010 Updated during the TNG V8 release. This form will now autologin and submit the search criteria based upon the revised TNG Gendex search site.
Revision 2.2 Dec 4, 2009 Renumbered to gendex_form_v2.2.cfg to more closely match revision history and updated link to point to TNG Wiki. Other than the version number in the gendexform.php it is the same as the gendex_form_v1.4.cfg that was included in the Mod Manager zip file, but will soon be eliminated from the bundle.
Revision 2.1 Jul 3, 2008 corrections to the customized text
Revision 2.0 Jul 2, 2008 updated for TNG V7, now self updates the title
Revision 1.4 May 18, 2009 TNG 7.1, gendex_form_v1.4.cfg support for this mod is now included in the Mod Manager Package
Revision 1.3 Jul 11, 2007 minor html validation correction
Revision 1.2 May 14, 2007 no changes required, valid for TNG V6.1
Revision 1.2 Oct 25, 2006 updated with Multi-language support(contributed by Jean Deslauriers)
Revision 1.1 Sep 30, 2006 minor cosmetic adjustment to line up the field entry boxes


  • A working TNG installation.
  • A backup of the TNG searchform.php
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.
  • Ensure the gendexform.php is readable by all and writeable by owner and group. This script will automatically re-write itself with new information at predefined intervals, so the script gendexform.php must be writeable. The permission may have to be set to at least 664 or 775 depending on your server operation.

Automated Installation

  1. Download the current revision of the mod from the link in the status box in the upper right of this page.
  2. Extract to ./admin/mod_folder for TNG V7 or your ./mods folder for TNG V8
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the gendex_form_vN.N.N.cfg.

Custom Text Additions

The following custom text will be added to your English/cust_text.php file by this mod. If you are using other languages, you must add these lines to each of your language cust_text.php files with appropriate translations of course.

//Gendex Search Form Text
$text[gen_databases] = " TNG GEDCOM databases and ";
$text[gen_lastnames] = " Last Names";

Update Every 10 Days Option

The gendexsearch.php will periodically retrieve Darrin's TNG Gendex search page to determine the current number of databases and surnames currently in Gendex. Upon successful retrieval, it will modify this script and update the variables with the current values.

The frequency of update is managed by the gen_check_days variable in the gendexsearch.php, which can be edited by changing the default of 10 days using the Mod Manager Edit capability to a different frequency of days to be used for the update.

Manual Installation

No longer recommended and may not be current.

Although this mod is now distributed under the Mod Manager, the manual instructions for this package for earlier TNG versions is still available on Brian McFadyen's site.

Side effects

As with most source code modifications, these changes will likely be overwritten during your next TNG revision upgrade and will need to be re-implemented. (Using the Mod Manager greatly simplifies this process).

Visualization of this mod

The image on the right shows the resultant addition made to the TNG advanced search page.

Gendex searchform.jpg

TNG User sites using this mod

  • Please add TNG site that you have found that utilize this modification

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