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The TNG Setup >> Configuration >> General Settings allow you to set the options on how TNG will work on your site.


The Database section provides the parameters needed for TNG to communicate with your database.

See Setup - Database for how to determine what needs to be setup the Database Host field on different hosts. You might also need to get the information from your Hosting Service.

Table Names

The Table Names section shows you the TNG database table names.

You should not have to change your TNG table names.

Paths and Folders

The Paths and Folders section specifies the paths to your TNG folders.

NOTE on the Root Path setting: The value you see here the first time should be the correct value, so you shouldn't have to tamper with this. If you do, you can retrieve the original value by blanking out the value and saving the page. You must then return to the Settings page and save it again.

NOTE on the Config Path setting: This allows you to indicate a path beneath the root for your writable configuration files, that is one not accessible through a web browser. Entering a value here is completely optional. You should enter a path ONLY if you are able to move the files named on the screen to the proper location.

See Move your configuration files for additional details, including what files you must move if you use the Config Path.

Site Design and Definition

The Site Design and Definition section provides several parameters that are key on how you TNG pages are generated.

In TNG V8, the email address was moved to the new Mail and Registration section.

See Setup - Site Design for additional details.


The Media section allows you to set the parameters that are used when processing media.

New in TNG V8 are:

  • Max characters in list notes
  • Enable image viewer
  • Image viewer height

See Setup - Media for additional details.


The Language section allows you to set your site primary language.

New in TNG V8 are

  • the capability to set the Language in the full install readme.html which will also automatically set the appropriate character set
  • Language folder is a pull down selection list
Note that
  • if you are upgrading and were using charset = UTF-8, you need to update your language folder to point to the UTF-8 version, otherwise your foreign language accented characters will get mangled
  • if you are switching charset as part of the upgrade, you might need to also update the charset field

See Setup - Language for additional details.


The Privacy section allows you to control how to treat certain information, such as Living.

See Setup - Privacy for additional details.


The Names section controls how names are displayed on the TNG pages, including the Name Order.

New in TNG V8, is the option to set the Name Order to Surnames first (with commas), thus eliminating the need for the Surname First Mod. The previous Surnames first option was renamed to Surnames first (without commas)


The Cemeteries section controls how the Cemeteries are displayed.

See Setup - Cemeteries for additional details.

Mail and Registration

See Setup - Mail and Registration for additional details.


The Miscellaneous section controls various parameters, such as Numeric Date Preference and Allow new user registrations. You might want to set Allow new user registrations to No during initial setup of your site so that users cannot register for a User ID until you are ready to make your site live.

In TNG V8, the Allow new user registrations was moved to the new Mail and Registration section

The following new options were added:

  • Line Ending
  • Encryption type (defaults to MD5)

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