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Geocoding is the process of coding a latitude and longitude that then allows the display of Google Maps in TNG. The TNG Admin interface to Places provides a geocoding capability.

In order for the Google Maps to display on your Individual pages, you must

  • First get a Google Map API key, see Google Maps - Getting Started
  • Then you must geocode (add latitute and longitude) places, see Edit a Place below

Edit a Place

Edit a Place

To Edit a Place:

  • Go to Admin >> Places
  • Enter a location name in the Search for box and click the Search button
  • Select a place that you want to geocode from the returned list
  • Click the Edit icon

Geocode a Place
  • TNG should have populated the Geocode Location field
  • Click the Search button to find latitude and longitude for the location
  • Google Maps should return the latitude and longitude in the appropriate TNG fields

Location Not Found

Geocode a Place

If Google Maps returns a not found, then you need to find out why it is not found.

For example a placename+hospital may be too specific and therefore the reason why it is not found

Update Geocode Location

Edit the Geocode location field

Remove the specific location, such as Place+hospital and try the search again

Note that editing the geocode location field does not change the TNG place location.

Paste Coordinates

Sometimes Google will not be able to find a location because it was a military location during a war, as shown in the image on the right for Output Queen, Korea
Location not found
If you happen to know the geocode coordinates from some other site, such as the Korean Educator Grid Coordinates, you can paste the coordinates in the Google Geocode Location window and click the Search button.

Google will then position the map to the correct location and TNG will be updated with the correct latitude and longitude, even if you entered the coordinates in degrees, minutes, and seconds, as shown in the image on the right.

Paste Geocode coordinates

Adjust Zoom and Set Placelevel

Geocode location returned

Once found:

  • Adjust the Zoom and
  • Select the PlaceLevel that describes this Place name

Save and Update all References

Update all referenced locations

Leave the Make changes to place name in existing events box checked and Save the updated Place record. This will update all references to this location.

Test Update Location

Test updated Place

Test the update Place page display by clicking the Test icon highlighted in the image displayed.

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