Google Maps - Getting Started TNG v6-8.1.3

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Ambox notice.png Starting with TNG V9.0, it is no longer necessary to get a Google Map API Key.

TNG version: 8.1.3
TNG version: 6.1
The Google Map API key applies only to
TNG 9.0

Get a Key

TNG version: 8.1.3
TNG version: 6.1
Get Google Map key

You must have a User ID on Google in order to get a key. If you are already signed up for Google Mail, you can use that User ID, otherwise you will need to create a User ID.

It is recommend that you not use the www in your URL when requesting a key, so that the key will also work with subdomains, such as
You do have to supply the

Setup Map Settings

Setup you Map Settings

Google Maps in TNG are controlled based on your mapconfig.php which is created / updated by going to Setup >> Configuration >> Map Settings

TNG version: 8.1.3
TNG version: 6.1

You should save the Google Map API key you obtained for your web site in the Map Key field of Map Settings.

You can set the Map Type display to

  • Map
  • Satellite
  • Hybrid (Satellite with location names)

You can also set the Default Zoom for the initial map display.

Save your Google Map API

Google Map key for localhost

Set option for Hide Admin Maps to Start:

  • No - means the Admin Place Edit will show the map
  • Yes - means the Admin Place Edit will show the Show / Hide Clickable Map button

Set option for Consolidate Duplicate Pins:

  • No - means each event will get a separate pin number
  • Yes - means that events at the same place location will be combined to a single number

Localhost key

TNG version: 8.1.3
TNG version: 6.1

If you run a local web server on your desktop, such as WampServer, XAMPP, or IIS and you want to test Google Maps on your local web server, you will need to get a 2nd Key for your localhost

Google Map key for localhost

Latitudes and Longitudes

With TNG 7.0, there are basically two ways to add latitude and longitude to your Place location names:

With TNG 9.0, you can also use the new Geocode Function that allows you to geocode 100 places at a time.

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