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This article is being presented to provide awareness, since it may not be obvious that Google Earth can be used with the TNG generated Google Maps.

Download Google Earth

The user or visitor to your site must first download Google Earth, which is a local computer application before they can use the Google Earth option to view the individual event maps.

Google Earth Download site

The link provided at the bottom of the Events list is also a Google Earth download link.

Google Updater

Google Updater download and install

When you click on the Agree and Download button, Google will download the Google Updater to your computer. After the file is saved on your computer, when you click to launch the Google Updater, it may download and install Google Chrome as well as Google Earth.

Using Google Earth

Using Google Earth icon

Once the Google Earth application is installed, you can click on the Google Earth icon to the right of the event to view that location using Google Earth.

Open with default application

Once you click on the Google Earth icon, it will prompt for opening Google Earth. So click the OK button to launch the Google Earth application on your local computer.

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