Having Multiple Gedcoms or Trees on your site

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Setup - Tree

Your purpose and aim at putting a tree online will determine whether you want to separate it into multiple sections or Gedcoms. As a tree expands it has a growing number of unrelated people. If you are sharing your tree without expecting any substantial contributions then one tree should be sufficient; however, if you are seeking help and input from your many relations you may find some benefit in separating it among the common lines of your cousins.

Points to Consider for Separate Trees or Gedcoms

  • Allowing others to submit a gedcom and control it
  • Researched lines you have yet to connect into your tree
  • Descendants of an ancestor that share cousin relationships

When searching for people, media, places, etc. you can view your complete database or individual Trees.

When using multiple Trees there will be some duplicates of names. The only way to show a connection on the view screens is to use a hyper-link between the duplicating individuals as an event or in the notes.

Browse Trees

The following TNG script can be used to browse the tree(s) on your site:


You may want to put a hyper-link on your homepage so others see a list of your numerous trees