How TNG builds a page

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Some of the information on how TNG builds a page can be found in the Genlib Functions This "roadmap" of php files and functions that are used to create TNG web pages might be better as a picture or flow chart...

  1. begin.php
    1. subroot.php
    2. config.php
      1. customconfig.php
    3. templateconfig.php
  2. [optional files depending (mapconfig, cmsevents, etc.)]
  3. genlib.php
  4. getlang.php
  5. text.php
  6. connect to database - nothing in the previous files can refer to things in the database, because it has not yet been connected, errors will result
  7. checklogin.php
  8. [log.php, personlib.php, functions.php]
  9. [variables and scripts for this file]
    note that up to this point, only variables have been created, the web page has not yet been started
  10. tng_header
    1. version.php
    2. create doctype and xmlns lines - this is the beginning of the actual web page
    3. <head>
    4. title, keywords, description, scripts
    5. css files
    6. $custommeta => load your custom meta file as defined in Admin Setup
    7. </head>
    8. $customheader => load your custom header file as defined in Admin Setup
    9. <body>
    10. tng_icons (the three button menu that you put on left or right)
  11. [stuff in the file]
  12. tng_coreicons (links enabled in Admin Setup - home/login/search/print/bookmark)
  13. [stuff in the file]
  14. tng_footer
    1. $customfooter => load your custom footer file as defined in Admin Setup
    2. load some scripts
    3. end.php
      1. </body>
      2. </html>

tng_header, tng_icons, tng_coreicons, and tng_footer are all functions defined in the file genlib.php