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TNG V8 incorporates Bret Rumsey's Image Viewer Mod thereby making the capability available to all TNG web sites. The TNG Image Viewer provides an easy way to view large images on your TNG website. This is particulary useful for images such as census records, which are unreadable if shrunk to fit on the screen. You can see an example on Bret's site.


TNG V8 provides a couple of controls over the Image Viewer. If you do not want to use the Image Viewer for all your media collections, you can limit it to Documents only. See Setup - Media for the new parameters used in General Settings to control the Image Viewer. Note that the Documents only option also means any user media collections that were setup to behave like documents, for example Census


The following was extracted from Bret Rumsey's web site on the Image Viewer.

Thanks to Nicholas B. Flint who posted the original implementation on which this Image Viewer is based, and to, from which Bret took the magnifier concept and adapted it for his own use in the Image Viewer.


The following image shows some of the controls that can be used with the Image Viewer to enlarge or shrink an image, move the image around to see a particular section, and display it in another window.

Image Viewer.png