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(Removed possible sequence conflict with Table Of Descendants mod.)
(TNG User sites using this mod)
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| EN, FR, DE, ES, NL
| EN, FR, DE, ES, NL
| [http://www.rintoulbowman.com/ Rintoul/Bowman Family]
| [[User:Adrintoul|Andrew Rintoul]]
| Public/Private
| 11.1.1
| EN, DE, ES, FR

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Male Female and Parent Lines
Summary shows male and female descendants lines, as well parental ancestor lines.
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Download link For
TNG 11.0
Male female direct lines v9.2.2.zip
TNG 10.0
TNG 9.1

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Author(s) Ian Fettes (Founder), Graham Chamberlain
Homepage Male Female and Parent Lines
Mod Support TNG Community Forums
Contact Developer TNG Community Forums
Latest Mod for TNG 11+
v9.2.2 for TNG v9.2 through TNG 10.0.3
Min TNG V 9.1
Max TNG V 11.0.0
Files modified

  • verticalchart.php
  • pedigree.php
  • pedigreetext.php
  • ahnentafel.php
  • extrastree.php
  • descendtext.php
  • tngdblib.php
  • lines.php (created)

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Might be useful in conjunction with the TNG and DNA Tests capability of TNG V11

Purpose of the mod

This mod adds

  • a link to the ancestors Tab called "Parent Lines"
  • links to the descendants Tab called "Male Lines", "Female Lines"
  • Parent Lines showing male and female ancestor lines
  • Male Lines showing all male to male descendants
  • Female Lines showing female to female descendants


This mod was developed by Ian Fettes.


  • A working TNG installation. The automated installation release was tested at TNG Version 10.0.1.
  • A backup of your all mentioned php files at the right (please click expand).
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager

The Male Lines and Female Lines tabs are only added to Text descendant chart

So you may want to go Administration: Setup >> Configuration >> Chart Settings >> Descendancy Chart - Initial Display: should be set to "Text Only"

TNG version: 10.0.3
TNG version: 9.2.2

The Notable Descendants option is only available from the v9.2.2 version of the mod. To be able to see "Notable people" it is needed to create a custom event type called IMPO.

Administration: Custom Event Types >> Add New Event Type
  1. Associated with: Individual
  2. Select Tag: EVEN - Event
  3. Type/Description: IMPO
  4. Display: Notable
  5. Display Order: 0
  6. Event Data: ignore
  7. Collapse Event: no
When editing an "Notable" Individual, the IMPO event should be activated by entering any character into the field.

Automated Installation

  1. Download files from the the Download link at the right
  2. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install.

In the event of a problem

  • Try using the Mod Manager Remove capability
  • Or copy your backup of genlib.php back to your TNG install directory

Visualization of this mod

Male descendants


Female descendants


Parental Lines


Notable descendants

TNG version: 10.0.3
TNG version: 9.2.2

The Notable Descendants options was removed from the v11.0.0.2 version of the mod and re-added in Version removes possible mod sequence conflict with Table Of Descendants mod.


TNG User sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG site to the table below

URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
Families all over the World Hans Weebers 9.2.2 10.0.1 English and many others
Leo's Genealogics Website Leo van de Pas 11.0.2 English and many others
Chamberlain & Eidenbenz Genealogy Graham Chamberlain 11.0.0 EN, FR, DE, ES, NL
Rintoul/Bowman Family Andrew Rintoul Public/Private 11.1.1 EN, DE, ES, FR