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Media Share Mod.
Summary Makes social share buttons actually share image to social feed with related text.(currently Facebook) Standard Share button provides all data needed.
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Mod Updated 30 Sep 2018
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Author(s) Lee Herron
Homepage Genealogy by Martha
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Min TNG V 12.0
Max TNG V 12.0
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Note that this Mod is built into TNG since TNG 12.1, and so is no longer needed on TNG versions greater than or equal to TNG 12.1

Purpose of the mod

Default results from Sharing a media page from TNG is a static text and image, at best. With this mod, you or your visitors may share an image while viewing its detail page, using the share icon, and that image with related text will be displayed in the shared post on that social media (currently Facebook only).


This mod was developed by Lee Herron.
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  • A working TNG installation. The automated installation release was tested at TNG Version 12.0.1.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.

Automated Installation

  1. Please backup both genlib.php and showmedia.php files before proceeding.
  2. Download Media Share Mod, upload and extract to the mods folder.
  3. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install.

In the event of a problem