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TNG version: 10.0.3

The "Mod Manager Config File" described in this article contains settings that allow TNG administrators to tweak how the Mod Manager behaves. It is essentially equivalent to the config files that hold TNG system settings and that are edited by the various forms at Admin>>Setup.

The Mod Manager config file, the mmconfig.php file needs to be saved in the same location you save your TNG configuration files. In other words, if you use the Config Path in Admin > Setup > General Settings > Paths and Folder, the mmconfig.php needs to be moved to that location. The Mod Manager used the TNG Config Path to locate the file that controls its processing options.

Note that this "Mod Manager Config File" is different from each mod's .cfg file, which is effectively a script that tells the Mod Manager how to edit files. Confusingly, the mod .cfg files are sometimes referred to as "configuration files", or even "Mod Manager configuration files". This ambiguity can be intimidating, but, fortunately, the context usually makes clear which type of file is being discussed.

Options Screen

Modmgr options.png

The Mod Manager help file does a good job of describing the options and their default values. See the help file on the TNG demo site.

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