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The following shows a list of enhancements and changes made to the Mod Manager

TNG 10.1.0

TNG version: 10.1.0
  1. Mod Manager: The Mod List was changed to display a single line summary of the mod which can be expanded by clicking the arrow in the status column or clicking anywhere on the line.
  2. Mod Manager: The Expand All option on the Mod List can be used to display the status screen with fully expanded information as it was previously. This option is useful when looking at Partially Installed or Cannot Install filtered list to find the errors.
  3. Mod Manager: The Remove button was changed to Uninstall to avoid confusion.
  4. Mod Manager: View Log was changed to show a mod transaction completion summary and optionally allow collapse / expand of the log entries.
  5. Mod Manager: The Affected Files List is now displayed by hovering over the + plus sign in the Files column.
  6. Mod Manager: Even though %fileoptional was specified, errors were returned if the file could not be deleted. Code was updated to not flag the mod as Partially Installed if the optional file was not removed and to allow the mod to be installed if the optional file is still on the system. This resolved an issue with font files used by the web server on Windows environments.
  7. Mod Manager: The Batch Updates capability introduced in TNG 10.0.3 was merged into the Mod List to allow the same action against multiple mods. You should have a good back up of your site before using the batch capability.
  8. Mod Manager: Syntax checking was further tightened from what was deployed in TNG 10.0.3 and now prevents mods with syntax errors from being installed. The %trim... directives should now only be used when changing a single line of code.
  9. Mod Manager: Edit parameter code was updated to fully support Edit parameters in multiple modules. The Update and Restore Default button now change only a single parameter.
  10. Mod Manager: New options were added that allows the user to Delete previous versions of mods that are in Installed status and to delete multiple mods that are in Partially Installed status.
  11. Mod Manager: A jQuery option was added to Adjust Fixed Headers if they do not display correctly on your screen.
  12. Mod Manager: A Mod Analyzer tab was added that allows users to view how different mods change the modules listed. The Analyzer tab is optional and defaults to not being displayed.
  13. Mod Manager: The row in Mod List is now high lighted when hovering over the row and expanded when you click on the row. On smart phones and tablets, the first tap expands the row and the 2nd tap collapses the row and shows it high lighted.
  14. Mod Manager: Alternate row colors (striping) can now be used to help readability. The user can specify how many rows to display before alternating the background color. 3 rows are used to provide a ledger type striping.
  15. Mod Manager: More reliable algorithms are used for installing and removing mods, making it more user friendly and resulting in fewer errors.
  16. Mod Manager: The View Log is returned when errors are encountered when processing the transaction. This can optional changed to return the View Log for All Transactions.

TNG 10.0.3

TNG version: 10.0.3
  1. Mod Manager: Users were able to delete installed mods without removing them causing confusion and sometimes problems. Code changed to hide the Delete button until the mod is Removed.
  2. Mod Manager: Action log was intermixed with the Admin Log. Code changed to incorporate the Mod Manager Log mod that created a separate Mod Manager log which is now accessible from View Log tab.
  3. Mod Manager: Users were not always able to tell what TNG modules were affected by a mod. The Affected Files List mod was incorporated into the Mod List display which can be controlled in the new Options tab. The Affected Files List is also displayed in the More popup on the Batch Updates screen.
  4. Mod Manager: User not able to tell that a section was bypassed because  %fileoptional was specified. New message now tells the user the section was bypassed on Mod Install and Removal.
  5. Mod Manager: Sections bypassed on installed when using the %fileoptional directive were reported as Missing File errors on Remove. Code changed to bypass these sections on Remove.
  6. Mod Manager: User not always able to easily find mod names. The equivalent of the Mods Sorted by Name mod was incorporated which allows the user to select how to Sort the list. The Config File Names are set to all lower case when sorting by this column. A temporary column sort was also implemented.
  7. Mod Manager: Several individual actions were required to remove, clean up, or install all mods. A new Batch Updates tab was added that processes the same action against multiple mods.
  8. Mod Manager: Errors in mod constructions were not always caught. Code was changed to catch several mod construction errors and prevent the mod from being installed.
  9. Mod Manager: Edit parameters were only possible on one module. Code was changed to support Edit parameters in multiple modules.
  10. Mod Manager: Log was not easily readable since the messages were in last issued to first issued order. Mod Manager Log was redesigned to buffer the messages so most recent action is still first shown but individual messages are now in the order the would have been issued to the screen.
  11. Mod Manager: New options were added that allows the user to bypass the Confirmation screen and the Action message screen in Mod List. The message are still logged.
  12. Mod Manager: Fixed Headers were implemented that allow the Mod Manager tabs to always remain viewable.

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