Mods regressed by TNG 8.0.2

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The following mods are regressed by TNG V8.0.2 upgrade. If you do not uninstall the mods prior to installing TNG V8.0.2, some of the mods will be completely regressed but others will only be partially regressed. You will need to use the Mod Manager Clean Up to remove the mod from the other TNG scripts that were not replaced by TNG V8.0.2.

Note that Customized Logs Mod will not Cleanup according to the TNG Community Forums entry nor does the Event Place Search Mod as reported by Jerry Liebowitz on User2 List

The following mod needs to be updated for TNG V8.0.2, the others can simply be re-installed:

The following mod does not Cleanup in TNG V8.0.2:

  • Event Place Search Mod English/cust_text.php continues to show Installed as reported by Jerry Liebowitz on User2 List
Note that looking at the source of the .cfg file, it only includes the cust_text.php for English so it could be returning the unable to Cleanup on the English text if you are running English-UTF8. This mod needs to be updated to include the custom text for both English and English-UTF8 folders. --Ken Roy 13:19, 17 October 2010 (UTC)

Other mods may be impacted but those were the ones regressed on my site or based on the modules identified in the TNG Wiki article on the mod --Ken Roy 14:14, 16 October 2010 (UTC)

Action Required

No cleanup was required for the Signature Display since it was simply removed by the new genlib.php file.

For all other mods, you should click the Cleanup button in the Mod Manager status page to clean up the partial installs for each of the regressed mods

Once all mods have been cleaned up. You should be able to click the Install button to get the mods re-installed, except for the Customized Logs Mod which must be updated for the source changed in Location 6 in the log.php file.