No Headstone Photo Report

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No Headstone Photo Report
Summary This mod will copy no_headstone_report.php and add a few custom texts.
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TNG 10.1.0
TNG 10.0
TNG 9.0
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Author(s) Jeff Robison
Homepage Robison and Blythe Genealogy
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Contact Developer My Mod Support
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Min TNG V 9.0
Max TNG V 10.1
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See Custom Text Additions if you are using multiple languages.
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Purpose of the mod

This mod will add the file no_headstone_report.php to your root directory. The report displays individuals who have an assigned burial place but no headstone photo.

A separate mod which adds links (add_nohsreport_link_v9.0.0.0) is included in the .zip file for those who are unfamiliar with php code within TNG.
After installing add_nohsreport_link_v9.0.0.0 click on 'Edit' in the listing for this mod in Mod Manager.
Options offered are..............
Add to Find drop menu (After Cemeteries)
Add to Media drop menu (After Headstones)
Add to Info drop menu (After Reports)

Note: The add_nohsreport_link_v9.0.0.0 mod has been incorporated into version v10.0.0.0 of this mod.

  • If you choose to use version v10.0.0.0+, be sure to remove/delete nohsreport_link_v9.0.0.0 if installed.

Please notify me of conflicts at My Mod Support


This mod was developed by Jeff Robison.
* View all mods by Jeff Robison
Database query for 'headstones' instead of the 'BURI' event suggested by Bart Degryse.


  • A working TNG installation. The automated installation release was tested at TNG Version 9.0 +.
  • An installed current version of the Mod Manager.

Automated Installation

  1. Download the appropriate. Upload and Extract to the mods folder.
  2. Follow the normal automated installation for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install.

Custom Text Additions

Note that config file only includes the English language changes, so if you support multiple languages you can modify the config file to add the custom text for those other languages, or manually add the following custom text to each of your other languages with appropriate translations.

// For No Headstone Photo Report V9.0.0.1
$text['hsneeded'] = "Headstones Needed";
$text['nohshdr'] = "Headstone Photos Needed";
$text['enterfpname'] = "Enter all or any portion of the name";
$text['searchFAG'] = "Search Find A Grave";
$text['hsattached'] = "Headstone attached - ";

In the event of a problem

TNG User sites using this mod

Please add TNG site that you have found that utilize this modification