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Ambox notice.png The NuCaptcha Add-on should work with any TNG version since TNG V6 when the conditional include for the TNG_captcha.php was added to the suggest.php and newacctform.php.
If you currently are using a different version of TNG_Captcha.php, installing this mod will overlay the TNG_captcha.php script, so you might want to rename your existing TNG_captcha.php as a backup before installing this mod.
Note that this add-on does not use the Mod Manager for installation but rather it works when the appropriate files are uploaded and a key is entered in customconfig.php.

NuCaptcha Add-on
Summary Adds a captcha using easy to read moving letters to TNG contact pages.
Validation n/a
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Download link
Download stats statistics for v10.0.0.2
statistics for v9.0.0.1 Note: stats are incomplete and start on 19 Feb 2013.
Author(s) Bryan S. Larson
Homepage NuCaptcha Add-on (this page)
Mod Support Support for NuCaptcha Add-on
Contact Developer Bryan S. Larson
Latest Mod
Min TNG V 6.0.0
Files modified
TNG_captcha.php, customconfig.php
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Add-on should work with any version of TNG that supplies a dummy TNG_captcha.php.


This Captcha display consists of an animated message moving across the screen and 3 numbers/letters which the user types in. The letters are easy to read, but because of the way they are moving, they are difficult for a bot to decipher. Those already logged into the website as registered users will not be presented with the Captcha, but will be given direct access to the page.

While the nuCaptcha add-on does not modify any TNG files, it does replace the empty TNG_captcha.php file that is provided with TNG for this purpose. It has been tested with TNGv9 and TNGv10, but it should work with previous versions that supplied the TNG captcha file. To use the nuCaptcha add-on, you will need to register for a free account to create a key. Once you have obtained your key, you will enter the following in your customconfig.php file replacing "EnterLeapKeyHere" with your key (keep the quote marks).

$leapkey = "EnterLeapKeyHere";

This is similar to the process for using reCaptcha. NuCaptcha provides support for languages other than English only for paid Enterprise accounts.


NuCaptcha screenshot001.jpg

Revision History

Version Date Description
v10.0.0.2 7 Jul 2014 This update adds a feature 'remember' if a visitor has successfully completed a nuCaptcha challenge, no further challenges will be presented to that visitor during the visit. Credit goes to Jeff Robison for this feature. This update also includes the latest code from nuCaptcha.
v9.0.0.1 13 Sep 2012 Minor update to fix an error in the instructions
v9.0.0.0 28 Mar 2012 Initial release


The nuCaptcha add-on does not need to be installed using the download manager. Download and unpack Place the contents of the folder in your TNG website's top level or root folder. Add your key as described above and that's all there is to it.


The nuCaptcha will work with all the TNG forms that have a captcha capability built into them. To use it on a custom page you must insert the following statement in the code where you want to present a challenge:

@include($cms['tngpath'] . "TNG_captcha.php");

NOTE: The code above should be placed within <?php ?> tags. If your custom page requires 'POST' information (like a form processor), the 'POST' information will be lost and the page will likely fail. To make it work, your page would have to save the POST data externally and retrieve it after the challenge has been answered.


No particular problems have been encountered with this add-on, but as always, use it at your own risk.

Sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG Site to the table below:

URL User Note Mod-Version/TNG-Version User-language
Our Family Histories Bryan S. Larson Mod Developer V10.0.0.2/TNG 10.0.2 EN
Robison & Blythe Genealogy Jeff Public Site V10.0.0.2/TNG 10.0.2 EN
Our Mayflower Connection Fred Public Site V10.0.0.2/TNG 10.0.2 EN