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Nine Maps To Choose From (mod v3 and above)

NEW: Satellite view for mod v4 and above

The below mapimages are cut outs from screenshots of placesearch.php at my TNG12 testsite.

Try a map:

  • Click the name/link. The map will open in a new tab/window.
  • Drag the map to cover an area you are familiar with and/or are used to geocode.
  • (Click inside the map) Zoom in with "+" key and out with "-" key. (Press Shift = 5 steps)
  • Note the placenames at different zoom levels. (English/Local, displayed or not and how...)
  • Check details a/o how correct it is where you know what it's like.
  • Check that it serves your needs and how you can work with it.
  • Try several areas if your places are spread out.

Link to the mod: OpenStreetMap

All images below are Zoom = 16 if not otherwise noted.
Left image: Rural area.    Right image: City area.

NOTE! There may be discrepancies between OSM basic maps and the real world!
See left side images:
The eight top images cover the same area at the same scale! Compare...
I know (because I live close to this place) that the three "different" maps below (Esri World Street Map, Esri World Topo Map and Esri Satellite View)
depict this place correct and in more detail, while all other maps (based on the OSM basic tiles) do not.
Note how the road "Y901" / "Sunnersta" joins the road "335" in the lower left corner.
In the OSM maps it's vertically and inside the image, while in reality it's more like a diagonal and off image, like the Esri maps.
The pin is placed at:
Latitude: 63.15388231902514
Longitude: 17.72459506988525
Here is an official Swedish map for this area, so you can compare: Lantmäteriet, Sweden (The two brown roads are "Y901" / "Sunnersta" and "335")
If you zoom in once (top left) you can adjust it to be quite like the Esri maps.
If you zoom out you can compare to the penultimate map image below.




Max zoom: 19MM Edit Opt Key: OSM MOD Default

OpenStreetMap France



Max zoom: 20MM Edit Opt Key: OSMFR French names where applicable.

Open Map Surfer Roads



Max zoom: 20MM Edit Opt Key: SURF

Esri World Street Map



Max zoom: 19MM Edit Opt Key: EWSM

Esri World Topo Map



Max zoom: 19MM Edit Opt Key: EWTM

Esri Satellite View
NOTE: Only available from mod version 4
Any other map you select can be toggled with this map by default.



Max zoom: 17(-18)MM Edit Opt Key: SAT No Names or other labels

Hydda Full



Max zoom: 18MM Edit Opt Key: HYDDA




Max zoom: 19
Min zoom: 1
MM Edit Opt Key: WIKI

Mtb Map
Left map: Zoom = 13



Max zoom: DifferentMM Edit Opt Key: MTB Only Europe.

Left map: Zoom = 13 + 14
(Shows where max zoom 13 and 14 differ)



Max zoom: Different (<=17)MM Edit Opt Key: TOPO