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| download_link = for {{Tv100}}[http://voigtworld.com/ccount2/click.php?id=9 Place_map_v10.0.0.2.zip]
| download_link = for {{Tv100}}[http://voigtworld.com/ccount2/click.php?id=9 Place_map_v10.0.0.2.zip]
| download_stats = [http://voigtworld.com/ccount2/click.php?action=stats&groupid=4]
| download_stats = [http://voigtworld.com/ccount2/index.php?action=stats&groupid=4 Download Stats]
| mod_author = Wendel Voigt
| mod_author = Wendel Voigt

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Summary This mod displays a map with all of the geocoded places in the TNG database. Options include showing pins, clusters, or heatmaps of places. Places can be shown by Place Type or by Event Type. In addition, places can be displayed over set time intervals.
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TNG 10.0
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Author(s) Wendel Voigt
Homepage Place_Map
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Latest Mod for TNG V10 and up
Min TNG V 10.0.0
Max TNG V 10.0.0+
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Inspired by TNG Forum Topic:Map showing all locations of events, this is updated code in a mod format. While similar to World_map_mod, this mod provides more flexibility in the way data can be displayed.

Some of the features include:

  • Custom sub-title
  • Custom map height (it uses the full width of the screen)
  • Custom initial Latitude, Longitude, Zoom of Map. Chose to display these values or not on the map.
  • Custom pin display. Pins, clusters, heatmaps (based on number of events at locations)
  • Custom year interval for display. You can select all, or year intervals such as 20, 25, 40, 50, etc.
  • Can overlay the map options on the map, or have them separate below the map.
  • Can have a sidebar with the names of the currently selected places. The place names can also be clicked to show the location information. Name information can be either shown Small to Big (e.g., city, county, state, country) or Big to small (e.g., Country, state, county, city).
  • Sidebar display, size, and location are customizable.
  • Design is intended to scale with size of screen. So still useable on phones.

Revision History

Version Date Contents
V10.0.0.2 05 April 2015
  • Original release



This mod was developed by Wendel Voigt

Sites using this mod

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URL User Note Mod-Version TNG-Version User-language
[1] ... Wendel is the developer of the Place_Map Mod 10.0.3 English

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TNG Modules Involved

In TNG V10 and above, this mod modifies the following files:

  • genlib.php