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Private Media Mod
Summary This allows media - documents, photos etc. - to be declared private and allows the administrator to decide which users can see them.
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Author(s) Chris Moss
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TNG allows people to be declared private, and protects media for living people (together with all documents) with several options, but you may want to restrict other items on the internet. Documents in particular can be sensitive. There may be copyright involved or agreements with relatives on who can see them. Reproduction of quality photos to the world may similarly be impossible. Often too there are intimate family documents or photos that people don't want on the open web.

The net effect of this is often to "lock down" the website and prevent others from viewing genealogy information that would otherwise be displayed.

So the mod provides "Private" tags for media (photos, documents, headstones, histories etc) and albums, which when activated keep them from the public eye. It also provides an extra permission for registered users, to allow them to read private media.

Note: the option to make reports private in the first version of this mod has been removed because the same functionality is achieved by not making a report active.

Please note: If you've upgraded to 11.1.1 you will need the new version (5).


  1. Download the file from the download links in the mod summary area in the upper right.
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to your 'mods folder.
  3. Open the Mod Manager and you will find a note that says:
    Important: Before you install this mod for the first time, you must change the database by clicking here.
    Clicking on the link will activate a small program that allows you to add the necessary fields to the database. Once you've added them you can forget about this program. You shouldn't need to change these again if you remove, reinstall or update the mod. If you do remove them, any setting you have made with the mod will be permanently forgotten. There is little if any overhead involved in having these fields in the database.
    Follow the instructions.
  4. Now follow the installation procedure for Mod Manager, as shown in the example Mod Manager - Installing Config Files to install the appropriate Private Media Mod.cfg file.
  5. Whilst within the administration area, go to "Users" and give yourself privileges to read private media. In the table this is represented (in English) as PMedia. Do the same for all users you want to be able to access them.
  6. Finally it is important that you provide a web page: thispagedoesnotexist.html in your root tng directory. This is triggered by many modules. For example, if a user is inspecting a photo (showmedia) and logs out, then if you don't have this page, the screen will just go blank, which isn't very professional. An example of this page on my website is shown here. You could easily download and adapt that to your site or start from the source of a page with your template.

Post Installation

You will need to go round your site and make private any items that shouldn't be public and load up those files which you haven't previously put on the site for any reason connected with visibility. It may also be that you can relax some of the privacy constraints that you had to impose because these privacies were not possible.

Caution: if you decide after installation that you definitely don't want to use this mod, then you are advised to go through the procedure for changing the database again and remove the changes it makes. The reason is that it may make some other code invalid: the one known instance is in the "most wanted" area, but others may occur in future.

Mod Compatibility issues

Because of the large number of files affected by this mod, it hasn't yet been possible to check all the possible conflicts. The following modules have given problems and updates are in some cases being prepared so you might need to update them:

TNG User sites using this mod

If you download and install this mod, please add your TNG sites to the table below.

URL User Note Mod-Version/TNG-Version User-language
Your Roots are Showing Harold Craswell Template 12 EN
Moss Family Tree Chris Moss Template 5 EN, FR, DE
Wonson Genealogy Mark Wonson Template 5 EN
MOTYER Family Genealogy John Mark Motyer Template 2 see here EN, DE, RU
From Tea to Tumbleweeds Trudy Lusk Template 8 English
Racine d'Alsace J-Louis Valory Public/Private - Template 1 French

Revision History

Version Date Contents / 11 June 2017 change anchor in cust_text files 6 June 2017 Updated for TNG 11.1.1 4 Jun 2017 corrected a problem in What's New-files didn't show when logged in ok 11 Aug 2016 corrected a problem with setting users rights to trees 5 July 2016 Added an exclusion for headstones.php which showed thumbnails 9 Apr 2016 Internal changes: reduce search terms in cfg file to avoid several v11 revisions to existing code 25 Jun 2015 Corrects a problem with most wanted (thanks Harold). Note this has been tested on both 10.0.3 and 10.1.1 so keeps the earlier number. 20 May 2015 Corrects a problem with the database installation; removes private reports; puts admin strings in cust_text.php rather than admintext.php.