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Relationship Reference Message Mod
Summary Clarifies the relationship of each person in a tree to the designated reference person
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Download link for TNG V7 only
See Relationship Display Mod for TNG V8
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Author(s) Gerald Leehan
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Latest Mod 1.0
Min TNG V 7.0.0
Max TNG V 7.1.2
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Related Mods
Both the Personalized Login Mod and Relationship Reference Message Mod mods can be run concurrently if desired.

Purpose of the Mod

This mod displays near the top of each individuals's information page a message relating that individual to a reference individual that has been designated by the administrator for the particular tree shared by the two individuals. Clicking on the message results in the display of a relationship chart linking the two individuals. eg, It is then possible for people viewing John Doe on a tree featuring Alexander Hamilton to see a message like "John Doe is the fourth greatgrandnephew once removed of Alexander Hamilton."

The mod requires that the administrator designate a reference individual for each tree on his site and enter that designation into his customtext.php file.

Note that this mod has not been reworked for TNG V8. See Relationship Display Mod for TNG V8

Note that with TNG V8, the User record contains a column for the treeID and personID. So in reworking this mod, it should no longer be necessary to include the modifications for step 2 and 3 above.


This mod clarifies the relationship of each person in a tree to the designated reference person, usually a founder, family head, or site owner.

This mod is derived from and compatible with the Personalized Login mod described elsewhere in the TNG modification section. The Personalized Login mod portrays the relationship of the visited individual to the logged in registered visitor. Both mods can be run concurrently if desired.


This mod was developed by Gerald Leehan and utilizes the ‘relationship.php’ code of Darrin’s original TNG.

TNG modules Involved

This mod modifies the cust_text.php, and getperson.php files and introduces a new script, knowchief.php

Getting the File

Download and unzip the attached script and place it in the same directory that contains your getperson.php script

Modifying the existing scripts

  • Next Edit getperson.php to include the know4.php script. i.e. edit getperson.php and find the line:
    echo tng_DrawHeading( $photostr, $namestr, getYears( $row ) );

    Insert the line:

    @include($cms[tngpath] . "knowchief.php");

    directly below it. (if both the Personalized Login mod and the Relationship Reference mod are used, the knowchief.php file should be included immediately AFTER the know5.php file.

  • Designate a reference person for each tree on you site and modify the final line(s) of the following test appropriately- Add these statements to the customtext.php file in your language folder.

    //the following added to facilitate personalized login mod aka know5.php
    $text[times] ="times";
    $text[first] ="first";
    $text[second] ="second";
    $text[third] ="third";
    $text[th] =" th";
    $text[the_fatherinlaw_of] ="the fatherinlaw of";
    $text[the_motherinlaw_of] ="the motherinlaw of";
    $text[the_parent_of_the_spouse_of] ="the parent of the spouse of";
    $text[the_father_of] ="the father of";
    $text[the_mother_of] ="the mother of";
    $text[the_parent_of] ="the parent of";
    $text[clickforrelationship] ="Click_to_see_relationship_chart";
    $text[clickforviewerrelationship] ="Click_to_see_relationship_chart";
    $text[referenceperson] = "This Person is the Reference for relationships shown on other pages";
    //create a statement like the following to assign a reference id to each tree
    $refper[NWPa] = "I03000";

Ok, you're done. Go back to your root beer and the let your users enjoy themselves.

My site operates at TNG version 6.2 and is highly customized, but I see no reason why the code should not work on version 7.0. [The site that provided the screenshot and examples below is running TNG 7.0.3]

All of this code has obviously been cobbled out of the relationship.php script with appologies and thanks to its author.

Visual of mod


TNG User sites using this mod

Site List
A site dedicated to the folks whose relatives settled in the townships and boroughs that roughly now comprise the Northwestern School District of Erie County, Pennsylvania.